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Hand-Crank Marble Climbing machine with Plans! Michael42er's Channel. Rubberband Pinball Machines. Making our own pinball machines was an incredibly satisfying activity.

Rubberband Pinball Machines

I think half the fun was just the chance for Zee and Boo to pound in their own nails, something they don't get to do a whole lot of. The other half of the fun was in the design process. This is a very open-ended toy -- they could pull out their rubber bands and make a whole new game whenever they want. Want to make your own? Just grab yourself a hammer and follow our SUPER easy instructions. MATERIALS: Scrap board Ruler Pencil Nails Rubber bands Marbles.

Paper Roller Gallery. Crafts: Bottle Fish. Can you believe this nice craft was made from trash?

Crafts: Bottle Fish.

It was a simple plastic bottle. Air Surfing Kit Walkalong Glider. This page is out of date!

Air Surfing Kit Walkalong Glider

There's a new generation of designs that are easier to make here. Air Surfing Foam Walkalong Gliders Gallery of Feedback: people surfing foam gliders throughout the world! Buchwald's Bionics: Walkalong gliders that mimic living creatures! Until the foam is available again, step into air surfing with paper tumblewings. Sphericon Pie. Cs. Large driveway, patio or garden sundial. This is a design for analemmatic sundials, large or small, with elliptical dials.

Large driveway, patio or garden sundial

The one I made with my son is twelve feet across, drawn in sidewalk chalk on a level part of our driveway, and you check the time by standing in the spot corresponding to the date and seeing where the middle of your ow shadow falls. Building Rolling Ball Sculpture - M Gaulden. Build a Programmable Mechanical Music Box. Since this project was starting entirely from scratch, I needed to make a flawless design that could be easily worked with, and a good design always reduces waste.

Build a Programmable Mechanical Music Box

I decided to use oak, and at $60 per 10ft plank I didn't want to waste any. Also, its pretty complex and precision is extremely important for everything to work correctly. I started with the idea: a large wood cylinder will hold metal pegs. It will rotate and force the pegs to pluck metal tines, which are tuned to specific notes. I selected 12 notes across, since it seemed like a very flexible number of notes and allowed me to fill it with a simple 8-note scale in the middle, with a few extra high and low notes. Narnia and the North! Yesterday I asked the girls what they wanted to do afterlunch and Jenna said, "crafts" (of course).

Narnia and the North!

So we cut up acorrugated cardboard box and made ships. How To Make A Stick Horse. When I first made stick horses here, I adapted a no-sew tutorial from Family Fun magazine so I could use my sewing machine.

How To Make A Stick Horse

Making The Faraway Tree. Welcome to The Making Of The Faraway Tree!

Making The Faraway Tree

First, let me say that this is not a tutorial. It's more like a behind-the-scenes to its construction. Unlike sewing, which is better illustrated with detailed step-by-step instructions, building with cardboard isn't. Often a person can tell just by looking, how a cardboard thing is put together. Trees. Toraja House Papercraft (Tongkonan) Thursday, 29 July 2010 17:36 Julius Perdana Myth and Culture Tongkonan is a traditional house traditional Toraja community.

Toraja House Papercraft (Tongkonan)

The roof has a boat like shape, comprising the composition of bamboo (to date partially tongkonan receipts the tin roof). Craftmastery's Channel. How to Make an Ornate Beaded Bead. This beaded bead follows similar technique as the crystal ball.

How to Make an Ornate Beaded Bead

Most people use 3 or 4 mm Czech fire polished beads or swarovski crystal beads + seed beads to make this ball. Since I don't have any fire polished or crystal beads at hand, I used hexagon seed beads that are about 3 x 4 mm and size 11 seed beads. How to make a beaded spider. Cloud9science @ Wiki - ~ MOVE FORM ~ Xaplota's Channel. Gtbsteelart's Channel. Build your own paper rocket! Yoda Free Paper Model from

Free Papercraft Decoration with Flower Wreath Papercraft Model. Papercraft « Cut Score Fold and Glue Papercraft. Papercraft Release! Mewtwo Pokemon « Cut Score Fold and Glue Papercraft. Planetary gear calling card by phooky. 12 piece burr puzzles. I like this puzzle for its simplicity of construction, yet difficulty in assembly. Once assembled it holds together well enough that it can be tossed in the air and caught without coming apart. The neat thing about this burr is that it's made out of 12 identical pieces. The geometry of the pieces is very simple. Think of the piece at left as comprised of five cubes with the three middle cubes half cut away. I used 20 mm for the basic unit, so the pieces are 20x20x100 mm in size. Puppetry « The School of the Transfer of Energy.

Puppet Construction. Paper Kestrel « The School of the Transfer of Energy. More paper engineering. This time a paper kestrel puppet in progress. Here is his head. There is a lot of cutting and folding and gluing to develop the shape. The wings; almost ready to be attached to the body. The Russian Jonah now with eyes and hands. Paper Puppet Workshop « The School of the Transfer of Energy.