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School Library Evidence & Evaluation Toolkit

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For Week 11


Nyla rubric. LMS DANIELSON. EJ1084777. Knowledge Quest Volume 43, No. 3 - Evidence-Based Practice. 2016HighlyEffectiveSchoolLibraryProgramRubric. Library_Data. Skip to main content Create interactive lessons using any digital content including wikis with our free sister product TES Teach.


Get it on the web or iPad! NJASL - Evaluation and SGOs. School Librarian Evaluation and Student Growth Objectives Your District may require you to develop Student Growth Objectives (SGOs) this school year.

NJASL - Evaluation and SGOs

The New Jersey Department of Education does not mandate that school librarians develop SGOs, however, it allows each individual school district to decide whether or not school librarians develop them. ( Many of our districts are opting to require each school librarian to develop two SGOs for the school year. EJ1048950. The january hat. It is January and it’s a new year around the world .

the january hat

And just as Janus, the Roman god after whom the month is named, has two faces to look both forward and back, it’s a time for teacher librarians to do the same. Even though Australian teacher librarians are enjoying the long break between academic years, memories of the year just gone are fresh and they are already thinking of the new challenge that is just over the horizon. There’s time to reflect on what worked well in 2015, identify what could be built on in the year ahead and plan for it to happen. For without reflection there can be no learning and without learning there can be no progress. The reporter’s hat.

As Australia’s school year draws to a close, many are thinking about writing reports, summarising in a few lines all that has happened over the school year so parents can see the learning journey their child has undertaken.

the reporter’s hat

This examination and accountability is occurring in school libraries too as more and more teacher librarians are being asked to report on the individual progress of students (my opinion of the validity of this is for another piece) as well as to the school community as a whole as evidence is required to show where all the dollars have been invested and the new budget is submitted.

In my opinion, the end of the year is too late. Danielson, oh Danielson.