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User Inyerface - A worst-practice UI experiment. How Risky Is It REALLY to Change Your Article Dates for SEO? Fresh content is a powerful currency when it comes to search.

How Risky Is It REALLY to Change Your Article Dates for SEO?

Not only does fresh content keep your brand relevant and help you engage with your audience’s current interests and pain points, but ever since Google’s Freshness update, the more recent and relevant your content is, the better it’s likely to rank in SERPs. But what about the appearance of freshness? What happens when a website tweaks old content or changes the date on an article from 2014 to today? What are the SEO benefits – and the consequences? Most importantly, how do you keep “evergreen content” – content that’s meant to withstand the test of time – current and relevant year after year? In this article, I’ll answer these questions by examining how key influencers in the SEO and digital marketing industry treat date stamps, and I’ll discuss my strategy for combating outdated content.

Why Might You Change Article Dates? Specifically, a cabin listing stamped with the current date had somehow accrued more than 5 million reviews. What Are the SEO Benefits of XML & HTML Sitemaps? A sitemap is (usually) an XML document, containing a list of pages on your website that you have chosen to tell Google and other search engines to index.

What Are the SEO Benefits of XML & HTML Sitemaps?

Google often uses the sitemap file as a guide to the pages available on your website — even though it may decide not to index every page you list on your sitemap. The sitemap also carries information about each page, including when it was created and last modified, and its importance relative to other pages on your site. This speeds up the process of indexing pages. A sitemap is one of those rare things in SEO that Google has given the big thumbs up to. How Does Google View Hidden Content? We can’t discuss hidden content without first returning to the (digital) age-old debate between SEO and aesthetic webpage design.

How Does Google View Hidden Content?

Lately, it seems that ‘read-more’ buttons and ‘click-to-expand’ tabs have been the go-to compromise. Finally, a way to tidy away text neatly but still benefit from keyword opportunities. Or so we thought. Google On GDPR Pop Ups & Notices With Search & SEO. 10 Research Based Tips to Improve Contact Form Conversions. SEO & JavaScript: 6 Things You Need to Know. Knowing the basics of JavaScript has become a vital skill for the modern SEO professional, although until recently the relationship between these two disciplines has been a highly debated subject.

SEO & JavaScript: 6 Things You Need to Know

The crucial question that hovers at the interface of SEO and JavaScript is whether search engine crawlers can perceive a website’s content properly, and realistically evaluate user experience. While HTML, which works with PHP, CSS, etc., can be read directly by a crawler, a JavaScript-based website cannot be accessed right off the bat. Google crawlers first analyze the DOM, and only afterward do they render the website. Basic Definitions. Avoiding the SEO Pitfalls of URL Parameters. URL parameters are the parts of the address of a web page often visible after a question mark (?)

Avoiding the SEO Pitfalls of URL Parameters

, ampersand (&), equals (=) or other attribute. Parameters might also be referred to as “query strings” and are commonly used on e-commerce websites. Numerous websites make use of query string parameters as a core part of their site architecture for tracking session IDs, languages, powering search queries and more. However, query string parameters can often result in multiple variations of the same URL all serving the same content. For example, the following URLs would, in theory, all point to the same content: a collection of bikes. GoogleChrome/rendertron: A dockerized, headless Chrome rendering solution.   Tools for Web Developers   Getting Started Installation To use Puppeteer in your project, run: npm i puppeteer # or "yarn add puppeteer" Usage Puppeteer will be familiar to people using other browser testing frameworks.

  Tools for Web Developers  

Introducing Progressive Web Apps: What They Might Mean for Your Website and SEO. How to turn your website into a PWA. A Progressive Web App, or PWA, uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like user experience.

How to turn your website into a PWA

Any website can be a PWA - here's how to do it. Turning a basic website into a PWA is not that hard and has a lot of real benefits, so I want to take a look at the three main steps necessary to achieve just that. But first, let me address some common misconceptions: 1) Your thing does not have to be an “Application” to be a PWA.A Progressive Web App can easily be a blog, a marketing site, a shop or a collection of cat memes. At its core, a PWA is just a way to optimize your code for better, faster delivery.

Side note: the term “Application” in PWA is heavily debated, since some people feel it communicates the wrong idea. How Does Google Handle CSS + Javascript "Hidden" Text? Subfolders vs Subdomains - Which Should You Use? - Performancing. The organizational structure of your website can affect your search engine ranking in a significant way.

Subfolders vs Subdomains - Which Should You Use? - Performancing

Though John Mueller of Google says that subdomains and subdirectories don’t matter much when considering how Google indexes and ranks your website, there is evidence that one is superior to the other for SEO. Using the right architecture for your site can increase your ranking on Google, leading to increased traffic and visibility. Subdomains Versus Subfolders Subdomains and subfolders are two different types of website architecture. Site Structure SEO: Why It Matters. International domain structures and SEO: what works best? Note: There is now a more up-to-date article on this topic: How to find the perfect domain strategy for international SEO Businesses with multiple websites across different countries have a number of decisions to make on how they structure their various sites.

International domain structures and SEO: what works best?

But what are the advantages and disadvantages of each? In this post we’ll look at the different approaches using selected major corporations to show what type of domain structure strategy they use across their family of international sites. How can I optimize my pages for SEO? This on-page Search Engine Optimization guide will help you to optimize your website pages and give you the best chance of being found by your target market.

How can I optimize my pages for SEO?

Remember that completing all of these steps and creating new optimized content on a weekly basis is critical to achieving long-term success with SEO. First, to access the SEO optimizer, navigate to edit any HubSpot website page or landing page, then click the bar graph icon on the left-hand side of the editor. Once you're here, you can begin following the steps below. Step 1: Choose Keywords Read the page’s content and identify two keywords that are most relevant to the overall page content. Canonical URLs in Yoast SEO - Yoast Knowledge Base. Yoast SEO adds canonical URLs to most pages in your WordPress install. It does this automatically and in 99.9% of cases you don’t have to change anything about them. If you do want to change them, there are several ways of doing so: 4 Advanced SEO Features You Cannot Ignore in 2016. How to SEO your WordPress Categories and Tag Pages.

How to clean up your site structure. We all know that moment where your website has grown to this monstrous collection of pages. That moment when you realize that you have too many pages in your menu and the coherence of your website is nowhere to be found. And we also know what a struggle it is to clean this mess up. In this article, I’d like to go over some things we would take into account (at least) when changing your site structure. It’s a tough job, and sometimes it takes a lot of rewriting and perhaps even creating new pages, but as it is a job we have postponed way too long already, why not start restructuring today. Using categories for your site's SEO. At Yoast, we often see that a site’s category / tag structure is completely unmanaged. Even large news sites suffer from over-usage of tags and categories. Tags and categories are both examples of a taxonomy system.

By default a WordPress site has these two, but you can add more. Implement Yoast SEO breadcrumbs - Yoast Knowledge Base. Warning: This guide is written for advanced users and developers. The steps below are a temporary solution as manual edits made to theme files may be overwritten with future theme updates. Please contact the theme developer for a permanent solution. We've written an article about the importance of breadcrumbs for SEO. To implement the breadcrumbs function in Yoast SEO, you will have to edit your theme. How to avoid black bars in Revolution Slider. 13. July 2015.2. March 2017. Rel=canonical: the ultimate guide to canonical URLs. The rel=canonical element, often called the “canonical link”, is an HTML element that helps webmasters prevent duplicate content issues. Online regex tester and debugger: PHP, PCRE, Python, Golang and JavaScript.

Txt2re: headache relief for programmers. RegExr: Learn, Build, & Test RegEx.

Redirects (301, pagination, next/prev, canonical) & 404 Errors

Soft 404 errors - Search Console Help. Usually, when someone requests a page that doesn’t exist, a server will return a 404 (not found) error. This HTTP response code clearly tells both browsers and search engines that the page doesn’t exist. As a result, the content of the page (if any) won’t be crawled or indexed by search engines. Google site search is on the way out. Now what? Google site search is on the way out. Now what? How To Avoid SEO Disaster During a Website Redesign - Top Marketer Concerns - Search Engine Journal.

Last week, I presented at The New Jersey Communications, Advertising and Marketing Association (NJ CAMA) about how to avoid SEO disaster during a website redesign. Which pages to "noindex" Nofollow and ecommerce cart/checkout pages. Search Engine Optimization Blog. Google Downplays Use Of Priority & Change Frequency In XML Sitemap File. Featured snippets in search - Search Console Help. How to Create a Request a Quote Form in WordPress. Search Engine Optimization Blog. The Hidden Power of Nofollow Links. NoIndex for SEO. Using the NoIndex is like saying "Don't remember this page" Generally in SEO we want our pages in the Google indices, because a page that is not indexed cannot be found via search. The NoIndex code snip does exactly what it implies; it tells Google to NOT index the page, so that it cannot be found in search.

How Do I Noindex URLs? - Yoast Knowledge Base. How to Optimize Your Shopify Store for Search Engines Using Screaming Frog SEO Spider 2.30. SEO Spider Configuration. Other Configuration Options URL rewriting The URL rewriting feature allows you to rewrite URLs on the fly. For the majority of cases, the ‘remove parameters’ and common options (under ‘options’) will suffice. However, we do also offer an advanced regex replace feature which provides further control. Remove Parameters This feature allows you to automatically remove parameters in URLs. If the website has session IDs which make the URLs appear something like this ‘

The SEO Spider will then automatically strip the session ID from the URL. Learn about robots.txt files - Search Console Help. The basics of robots.txt files: what they are and how to use them. Robots.txt Noindex: the best-kept secret in SEO - DeepCrawl. Hands up who knew you can add noindex directives within your robots.txt file before John Mueller spoke about it in the Google Webmaster Hangout this week?

Yes, that’s a thing. And it’s not a new thing, either: we know Google have supported this feature for at least seven years, because Matt Cutts first mentioned it back in 2008. Submit your updated robots.txt to Google - Search Console Help. Using Noindex, Nofollow HTML Metatags: How to Tell Google Not to Index a Page in Search. Submit your updated robots.txt to Google - Search Console Help. Create a robots.txt file - Search Console Help.

Learn how to block URLs - Search Console Help. Learn about robots.txt files - Search Console Help. The Web Robots Pages. How to Look at Your Website the Way Google Does. Robots.txt and Meta Robots - SEO Best Practices.

Page-loading Speed, PWA, AMP

How to Properly Implement a 301 Redirect - Bruce Clay, Inc. ManageWP Orion – Manage Multiple WordPress Websites from a Single Dashboard. Google Says Do Not Use Noindex In Robots.txt. Htaccess Redirects & Rewrite Generator for SEO by @aleyda. "This site may be hacked" message - Search Help. Take Your WordPress Website Back To School - WP Shrug. Philadelphia - Girl Develop It. iFrame Generator - Free Online iFrame Code Maker Tool. CcTLDs - Learn SEO. The web is Doom - mobiForge. Subdomains vs. Subfolders, Rel Canonical vs. 301, and How to Structure Links for SEO. Google Says Self-Signed SSL Certificate Won't Work For HTTPS Ranking Boost.

Move a Site (incl. to HTTPS) Head Of Google's Web Spam Team Matt Cutts Is Going On Leave. Cómo configurar el seguimiento de comercio electrónico - Ayuda de Analytics. Analytics. Effects of a long-term holding page/503 http code whilst site is being rebranded? How to Contribute. Web Tools - Google Developers. Create Your First AMP Page.

How Loading Time Affects Your Bottom Line. How to Solve Keyword Cannibalization - SEO Tips. The Vary: User-Agent HTTP header guide. Hobo Best SEO Tools for 2016. Google Pagerank Update History (Last Toolbar Update December 2013) Groupes. Indexing HTTPS pages by default. Canonical URLs in Yoast SEO - Yoast Knowledge Base. What it is and how (not) to use it. Product, Pricing and Plans. Yahoo Mobile Search Gets AMP Support, Twitter Integration, New Image Search & More. Structured Data Testing Tool  

Download the Free MozBar SEO Plugin. Structured Data Testing Tool   Bounce Rate - Analytics Help. Data anomalies in Search Console - Search Console Help. Index Status report - Search Console Help. Updating Our Search Quality Rating Guidelines. Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Updating Our Search Quality Rating Guidelines.

GWMTs: Sitemap XML files Indexed vs Submitted vs Index Status Vastly Different. Should I care? Google Webmaster Tools Index Status is 0 but sitemap URL shows indexed. Google Webmaster tools Sitemap submitted vs indexed vs Index Status. Creating A Sitemap.xml file for an https site query.