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- ProfileTree: Digital Marketing Agency. Digital Marketing Tribe (invite only Slack group) Slack vs Facebook group. DocSend: Sales Content Management & Document Tracking Platform. Achieving Engagement with Email Marketing. One of the biggest challenges facing marketers is achieving engagement with email marketing.

Achieving Engagement with Email Marketing

Obtaining someone’s email address is an awesome privilege, but getting that person to open an email can be an impossible task. In this post, we’ll be discussing three steps for achieving more engagement through email, from start to finish. Each step will need to be completed successfully in order to get engagement. For example, if you have a bad subject line, people won’t open the email, and then you’ll have zero engagement. So I’ll provide examples of good subject lines and messages and hope you will be inspired by them. Step One: Headline – Keep It Short to get Attention The headline is the most important aspect of an email. Let’s get into why the first few words are so important and how you can write to invite readers. Step Two: First Few Words (Important for Email Preview) The first line of the email is a key part of the email message.

Why is the first line so important? Gmail:

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How to Ask for a Meeting by Email. The basic idea behind selling by email is to trade emails with the client, thus creating an online conversation that can then be segued into the face-to-face, phone, or web conference that you're trying to get.

How to Ask for a Meeting by Email

In previous posts, I've explained that your initial email to a potential client should never ask for a meeting. Instead, the initial email should ask a simple Yes/No question in order to assess interest. In this post, I'll explain how to ask for that meeting, but in order for the technique to makes sense, here's a quick review. Top 10 Email Marketing Metric Basics. Good Email Marketing can get you quick, easy and repeatable qualified traffic to your website.

Top 10 Email Marketing Metric Basics

With Email Marketing, regardless of your experience, there are some key metrics that you need to understand, report and benchmark against to see if your email marketing is performing. These metrics give you a bigger picture of email performance when analysed month to month or year over year and also offer quick feedback on what is and what isn’t working with your continued testing.

Below I define the top 10 metrics you need to know. 1. Sent number: This is the total count of recipients (email addresses) that were sent the email message. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Open rate is Unique opens / delivered number x 100. 7. Your average CTR should be between 15-30% depending on level of segmentation and type of email message. 8. 9. About Open and Click Rates. Your MailChimp tracking reports include open and click rates, which measure your subscribers' engagement with your subject lines and campaign content.

About Open and Click Rates

These statistics provide key information about your email marketing, and are a great starting point to test and improve your campaigns. How We Calculate Open and Click Rates The open rate is a percentage that tells you how many successfully delivered campaigns were opened by subscribers. Email Click-to-Open Rates. July 2013 Edition Click-to-open rate, or CTOR, reveals the effectiveness of email content.

Email Click-to-Open Rates

With CTOR, unique clicks are divided by unique opens, and then expressed as a percentage. This basically tells you: of the recipients who opened the email, how many clicked. In this way, CTOR indicates how well the design and offers within a message performed. Since CTOR is based on open rate, which is only an approximation, CTOR itself is also a ballpark figure. CTOR depends on many variables, such as industry, type of email, segmentation, and number of links, making it difficult to pinpoint a benchmark. How to Improve SEO Agency Client Onboarding Process. Data Selfie _ About. Data Selfie explores our relationship to the online data we leave behind as a result of media consumption and social networks.

Data Selfie _ About

In the modern age, almost everyone has an online representation of oneself and we are constantly and actively sharing information publically on various social media platforms. At the same time we are under constant surveillance by social media companies and “share” information unconsciously. How do our data profiles, the ones we actively create, compare to the profiles made by the machines at Facebook, Google and Co. – the profiles we never get to see, but unconsciously create? Six Social Media Discovery Questions We Ask Clients. 1) Difference (or positioning): What makes your brand different?

Six Social Media Discovery Questions We Ask Clients

What it teaches us: The story we need to tell on social platforms. The value proposition that matters most to their customers becomes the backbone of our content strategy. Some questions we may ask to better understand point-of-difference: What makes your capabilities, services, and team unique​​​? What separates your product from the direct competitors? Advanta Advertising Leads Brand Evolution & Development Strategy For PDA Delaware Valley. HADDONFIELD, N.J., Jan. 19, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- DELAWARE Valley chapter of the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) has announced their decision to formally endorse New Jersey-based life sciences advertising specialists Advanta Advertising as their premium partner for digital marketing in 2017.

Advanta Advertising Leads Brand Evolution & Development Strategy For PDA Delaware Valley

PDA Delaware Valley is the regional chapter of the PDA – a leading global provider of science, technology and regulatory information for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical community. Looking to modernize, expand, and bring the brand name to the forefront in 2017, PDA Delaware Valley has chosen Advanta to take the lead on a comprehensive brand evolution and development strategy to include digital marketing and website design. As a non-profit organization, PDA Delaware Valley (as part of the wider PDA body) is committed to researching and developing scientifically sound practices and technical information to the global scientific community. Alignable - The Local Business Owner Network. Convince and Convert: Social Media Consulting and Content Marketing Consulting. SumoMe.

Convince and Convert: Social Media Consulting and Content Marketing Consulting

5 Lead Generation Ideas to Help You Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rates. Expected ROI of Inbound Marketing. Nasdaq SEO GUIDE. 10 Ways To Simplify Your Local Marketing Strategy In 2016. Where Social Media Is Headed in 2017: The Biggest Trends to Watch For. What does the future look like for social media?

Where Social Media Is Headed in 2017: The Biggest Trends to Watch For

That’s a question we regularly discuss here at Buffer and one we’re not quite sure anyone has a concrete answer to. However, there are some clues out there as to what the future in 2017, and beyond, may look like. As part of our State of Social Media week, it feels like a great time to sit back and reflect on the social media landscape and what may be ahead. REGGIE Awards - REGGIE Awards. Inbound Marketing Pricing & Packages. If your company is looking to generate leads from your online marketing, has a sales team to work those leads, and is willing to think creatively, we’re probably a good fit for you.

We have experience working with all types of lead generating companies, including SaaS and technology companies, business services and consultants, home contractors, and retirement communities. We understand that we’re not a fit for everyone, and if we’re not completely confident that we can help you succeed with inbound marketing, we’ll let you know that upfront. It’s common for people to think that inbound marketing alone will generate an immediate spike in leads. The 5 Stages of the Sales Funnel (And The Tools You Should Be Using) - Ignite Visibility. The 5 Stages of the Sales Funnel (And The Tools You Should Be Using) In digital marketing, your task is to find customers and lead them all the way through the sales funnel.

That’s a step-by-step process involving some combination of advertising, blogging, social media outreach, email campaigns, conversion rate optimization (CRO), search engine optimization (SEO), retargeting, copywriting, SMS marketing, split-testing, and/or a variety of other possible strategies. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools on the market to help you all along the way. Even better: many of those tools are designed for specific points in the sales funnel. 2016 Gartner Hype Cycle for Digital Marketing and Advertising. Inbound Marketing Agency. Free QR Code Generator for SVG PNG - 9 red flags when working with a small business marketing agency - DIY Marketing. The small business marketing industry: Let the buyer beware! As a small business marketing consultant who’s consulted for almost a decade, I have observed one key reality—most marketing agencies that target small businesses aren’t worth hiring. This post will give small businesses a checklist of 9 red flags to watch for when you’re evaluating a marketing agency.

Behind the scenes of small business marketing companies. Tech.Co - Tech & Startup Events, News and Resources. Customer Journey Marketer - Digital Marketing Blog. 20 Ways to Reward Repeat Visitors on Your Ecommerce Site. Many ecommerce businesses neglect the importance of rewarding their repeat visitors while they strive to drive revenue, increase social mentions, and build a loyal following. That is a mistake. Great ecommerce sites reward their recurrent visitors. They influence thousands and get the pick of their sales from loyal customers. Graham Charlton, Editor in Chief at Econsultancy, informed us in a blog post titled “21 Ways Online Retailers Can Improve Customer Retention Rates” that rewards and loyalty programs are the most popular factor in persuading customers to make repeat purchases.

Visitors who repeatedly visit your site signal a level of connection with your brand, so a reward endears the brand to those visitors. Fortunately, there are no obstacles stopping you from taking the leap.

Reputation Management

4 Reasons to Start Planning for the Holiday Email Marketing Rush Now! – Litmus Software, Inc. Black Friday, the unofficial start of the holiday season, is just a little more than three months away. However, the vast majority of marketers haven’t started planning any of their holiday email marketing campaigns yet. Only 20% of marketers plan for their peak-season email campaigns more than three months in advance, according to our State of Email Production report. And the majority of marketers don’t even plan more than two months in advance. Study: The Number of Brands Deploying Holiday-Themed Email Campaigns Grew by 13.4 Percent in 2015. Yes Lifecycle Marketing finds that open rates fell as retailers sent more holiday-themed emails CHICAGO, IL – August 16, 2016 — The proportion of brands sending holiday-themed emails rose 13.4 percent, according to a new study from Yes Lifecycle Marketing.

The study also revealed that the number of holiday-themed emails brands sent increased — nearly doubling for some holidays. Study Shows Business Blogging Leads to 55% More Website Visitors. Free Website Analysis from Boostability. Tips and Tactics for Amplifying Your Content. 10 Tactics to Improve Blog Readership. Your Website is Your Best Marketing Tool. Here’s Why. - Wayne Turner. There’s a lot of advice from so called experts about the best way to market your website floating around the web. App Makers Missing the Mark on Engagement (Infographic) Influencing B2B Tech Purchases: Buyers' Content Preferences by Age and Funnel Stage. 10-benefits-of-quality-web-design. We all know that quality web design is a valuable investment, but what are the real benefits of hiring a professional designer? Why QR Codes Are More Outdated Than Your Pog Collection. 53+ Free Image Sources For Your Blog and Social Media Posts.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Positive Brand Image for Online Reputation Management. Online reputation management is something that most people and businesses only think of when they need it. 5 PR Tactics That Will Make You Look Like A Genius. 60 Amazing Reddit Statistics (February 2016) Details from a new survey give a fresh picture of Reddit. So You Want To “Market On Reddit” The Marketer’s Guide to Reddit. Majority Of Digital Media Consumption Now Takes Place In Mobile Apps. Mobile marketing statistics 2016. Mobile marketing statistics 2016. Are you an analytics leader, student, or skeptic? Google kills Right Hand Side Ads: what does this mean for marketers and users? How Loading Time Affects Your Bottom Line. NextGen Jane. Top 5 Digital Branding Trends for 2015. Angie's List Top Doctors & Dentists.

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For Designers. How to Activate Your Brand. Four SEO payment models you need to seriously question. The Relationship Between Social Media and SEO Is Real. 7 Legitimate Ways That Social Media Impacts SEO. 5 Things You Need to Know About Social Media & SEO. A Digital Marketing Agency to Fit Your Needs.