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Our mission is simple: to help our clients achieve long-lasting #sobriety and overall health, free from #addiction. Call 877-673-4225 for more information.

Alcohol Recovery Center Malibu. Prescription Drug Addiction – Journey malibu. Prescription medications such as opiate pain medications, central nervous system (CNS) depressants (tranquilizers and sedatives), and stimulants are prescribed for a variety of health conditions.

Prescription Drug Addiction – Journey malibu

Opiate pain relievers can be prescribed following pertains to psychiatric care procedures, injuries, or accidents, and are also prescribed for chronic pain conditions. Central nervous system depressants are often prescribed for anxiety disorders or sleep disorders. Stimulants are prescribed in the treatment of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). However, these medications all have the potential to be highly addictive, and once an individual starts misusing or abusing their medication it can be very difficult or even impossible to stop on their own. There is a difference between prescription medication addiction and prescription medication dependency.

Prescription drugs are especially difficult to stop using because of the simple fact that they are initially prescribed by a doctor. Heroin Addiction Rehab – Journey malibu. Journey Malibu’s luxurious, intimate Heroin addiction rehab facility offers a compassionate detoxification phase, followed by a customized program of recovery that is unmatched anywhere else.

Heroin Addiction Rehab – Journey malibu

Your stay with us will begin, if necessary, with our safe, gentle, staff supervised detoxification process for your Heroin addiction. We are committed to getting you started comfortably on your path to recovery. We understand the challenge of “kicking” opiates, and that, for some, the fear of the detox process may keep them from seeking treatment entirely. At Journey Malibu’s Heroin addiction rehab, we believe that the fear of detoxing should never be an obstacle to recovery. That’s why our independently affiliated physician is certified in the most advanced Subutex and Suboxone treatment available.

What Is Heroin? GHB Abuse Rehab – Journey malibu. Journey Malibu Drug, Alcohol, Substance Abse Recovery Center is the most effective place to confront, and overcome, abuse to prescription or “party” drugs like GHB.

GHB Abuse Rehab – Journey malibu

Your stay with us will begin, if necessary, with our safe, gentle, staff supervised detox from the physical withdrawal from GHB, to get you started comfortably on your path to recovery. Gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid (more commonly known as GHB) is a naturally occurring substance found in a variety of plant and animal sources. It is categorized as an illegal drug in many countries, and is regulated in Australia, Canada, most of Europe, and in the US. Nevertheless, GHB has a number of official medicinal uses, and was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2002 for use in the treatment of narcolepsy. Ecstasy MDMA Abuse Rehab – Journey malibu. With a highly-credentialed staff that has a wide range of resources at their fingertips, Journey Malibu’s Ecstasy abuse rehab is well equipped to address the challenges of battling Ecstasy abuse.

Ecstasy MDMA Abuse Rehab – Journey malibu

Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, better known as Ecstasy (or simply “X” on the streets), is a synthetic, psychoactive drug that is chemically similar to the stimulant methamphetamine and the hallucinogen mescaline. Ecstasy produces feelings of increased energy, euphoria, emotional warmth, and distortions in time, perception, and tactile experiences. It is very easy to abuse this drug and thus to require the help of an Ecstasy abuse rehab, like the one you will find at Journey Malibu’s Exclusive RETREATment Center . Ecstasy exerts its primary effects in the brain on neurons that use the neurotransmitter serotonin to communicate with other neurons. The serotonin system plays an important role in regulating mood, aggression, sexual activity, sleep, and sensitivity to pain. POTENTIAL For Ecstasy Abuse. Alcohol Treatment Center – Journey malibu. Drug Detoxification – Journey malibu. Cocaine Addiction Rehab – Journey malibu.

Ambien Abuse Rehab – Journey malibu. Alcohol Rehab Program – Journey malibu. A safe, staff supervised detox + Custom-tailored therapies designed to root out trauma at the core of addiction + A staff of committed, compassionate, highly-credentialed therapists =California’s most effective Alcohol Rehab Program At JOURNEY MALIBU’s Recovery Center, we firmly believe that attending an alcohol rehab program is the most powerful, effective way to disrupt the devastating cycle of alcohol dependence.

Alcohol Rehab Program – Journey malibu

That’s because rehab programs offer more than simply “band-aid” solutions to the problem of alcoholism; programs help the addict or alcoholic get to the root of why and how they became addicted in the first place. But an rehab program won’t simply shed light on your problems; they’ll also help you figure out how to live a free, sober life after you’ve put the “plug in the jug”. JOURNEY MALIBU’s alcohol rehab center is a place where the alcoholic can find peace and healing, surrounded by positive examples of healthier living and support. 1) Alcohol Detoxification. Alcohol Rehab Center – Journey malibu. What are the distinguishing features of Journey Malibu’s RETREATment Center?

Alcohol Rehab Center – Journey malibu

• A safe, nurturing environment where your needs will be thoroughly tended to. • Treatment that addresses substance use, alcohol abuse and co-occurring disorders through education about the neurobiology of addiction, guided introspection, and as many of our therapeutic modalities as necessary to ensure sustained Recovery. • Our commitment to your whole recovery – of mind, body, and spirit. • An exceptionally experienced and successful staff that will administer a program custom-tailored to meet your unique needs. • Our gentle, nurturing, staff supervised detox. If you’re reading this page, there’s a good chance it’s because you’re looking for a safe, confidential alcohol rehab center where you or a loved one can receive care and attention for the behavior that may very well be tearing a hole through the middle of your family. Well, rest assured, you’ve landed on the right website. We get it. Alcohol Detoxification – Journey malibu. Safe, Effective, Medically Supervised Alcohol Detoxification – we use the best panel doctors available from our nearby community as consultants to monitor and supervise your detoxification.

Alcohol Detoxification – Journey malibu

We are a non-medical facility that utilizes the best panel medical doctors who act as our consultants who will monitor your individualized alcohol detoxification while receiving care at Journey Malibu. Our experts will eradicate your fears by their expertise and years of experience in formulating the best detox protocol for you. Malibu Rehab. Alcohol Addiction Rehab Treatment – Journey malibu. – Alcohol Addiction Rehab Treatment You Can Count On – Our safe, intimate facility allows for the kind of hands-on, truly customized care you won’t find anywhere else.

Alcohol Addiction Rehab Treatment – Journey malibu

Despite the large number drug rehab programs available in California, many promise similar methods for approaching the problem of alcohol addiction. These similarities include some basic phases of recovery, which, in our opinion, all alcohol addiction rehab treatment should include. Our intimate home environment supports only a handful of select guests who are serious about finding their unique path to recovery and long-lasting sobriety. Learn more about the success of our drug rehab therapists. Alcohol Abuse Treatment – Journey malibu. – Comprehensive, Compassionate, Alcohol Abuse Treatment – Alcohol abuse treatment designed to send our guests home with the tools for recovery.

Alcohol Abuse Treatment – Journey malibu

Alcohol abuse is an affliction that affects a large segment of the American population. A recent study by the National Survey of Drug Use and Health has determined that 46.6% of Americans drink heavily, either in “binge drinking” or daily overindulgence. (Source: While this is a devastating statistic, those who seek treatment may find comfort in the fact that they are not alone. JOURNEY MALIBU offers the most effective forms of treatment available today, in our tranquil, secluded environment dedicated to recovery.

Call Our Helpline Now At (877) 673-4225. Alcohol Withdrawal – Journey malibu. – Overcoming Alcohol Withdrawal At Journey Malibu – Journey Malibu offers a well thought out and approved approach to Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome When heavy or frequent drinkers try to give up drinking all at once, to quit “cold turkey” as it’s known, they will often experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms — which can range from the mildly annoying to severe and even life-threatening.

Alcohol Withdrawal – Journey malibu

The severity of one’s alcohol withdrawal symptoms often depends upon how dependent the chronic drinker, or alcoholic, has become. If you’ve drunk daily and heavily over the course of many years, it’s quite likely you will have developed a high level of dependency. But it’s also possible to develop a chemical dependence upon alcohol if you drink at a lesser rate, in which case the severity of your alcohol withdrawal symptoms may wind up being just as great as the alcohol withdrawal symptoms of someone who drank more heavily than you. Severe Withdrawal Moderate Withdrawal. Journeymalibu.

DRUG REHAB – Journey malibu. Drug Rehab and Treatment – 28 Day Accelerated Rehab, Recovery, Treatment and Rehabilitation Program A safe, staff supervised detox + Custom-tailored allopathic therapies that treat addiction as a “primary chronic relapsing disease” + A wide range of alternative treatments that address the needs of the WHOLE individual + A staff of committed, compassionate, highly credentialed therapists = Journey Malibu, California’s most effective Drug Rehab. At Journey Malibu, we believe that addiction, whether to a substance or a behavior, is a no-fault illness of the brain.

We believe in treating addiction as the “primary chronic relapsing disease” that it is, and treat it from a rigorously applied allopathic model as such. We do not ascribe critical notions of liability, imperfection, or fault to a human being for having this brain disease. Call Our Helpline Today At (877) 673-4225. Therapy At Drug Rehabs You leave here with a thoughtfully developed “graduation plan”, and tools to use. ALCOHOL REHABS – Journey malibu. Other distinctive features of the Journey Malibu approach to Alcohol Rehab include: Our healing environment: Operating out of our spacious and luxurious drug rehab facility, we trust you will feel SAFE AND SECURE here at Journey Malibu.

Friendly and always available staff, combined with our nationally acclaimed, licensed, professional therapists, means you are in capable hands here and will feel well-guided along your Journey to recovery. At larger facilities, where you can be lost in the crowd, your environment is contained, and our low staff-to-client ratio allows us to maintain our focus on you.Our Commitment to Physical Recovery: Journey Malibu utilizes a wide range of specialists, from physical therapists to revolutionary clinicians, to provide a comprehensive analysis of your physical condition. What Is Alcoholism? OUR PROGRAM – Journey malibu. Substance Abuse, Drug, Alcohol, Addiction Recovery and Treatment Programs At Journey Malibu, we make it our mission to offer our residents a variety of current, comprehensive drug recovery and alcohol treatment solutions that is unmatched anywhere else.

Call Now At (877) 673-4225 After your initial assessment, you will have an opportunity to participate in the development of your treatment program, drawn from the most effective and most appropriate modalities we offer. Journey malibu – Malibu Rehab.