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X-Winder_TriFold_Brochure.  DIY smart materials. Conductive Silver Ink from a Ballpoint Pen. On 3D Printing - Tracking the emerging 3D Printing revolution! Making silica aerogel at home. Green eco mineral mgo foam non toxic. Mineral Foam Using mineral foam is the best way to create a long term insulation package, that is a thermally efficient.

green eco mineral mgo foam non toxic

We blend several minerals with magnesium oxide to create true eco foam. It is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic building material providing both strength and insulation due to strong bonds formed between the magnesium and oxygen atoms that create the MGO molecule. Benefits of Mineral Foam • Fire Resistant.• Resistant to mold growth.• Maintains a very high insulation value (R = 3.9 at 2.07 lbs/ft3)• Does not expand, shrink or settle.• Made with bio-friendly minerals. Recycled Plastic Sheets and Boards. Stokbord recycled plastic sheets and recycled plastic boards is manufactured exclusively by Centriforce Products who pioneered the product design and application.

Recycled Plastic Sheets and Boards

Stokbord recycled plastic sheet and board is an extremely tough, durable, value for money board manufactured from 100% recycled plastic waste and finds wide use across many application sectors. Standard Stokbord sheet has a unique embossed surface pattern which provides good scratch resistance. It is readily available from an ever growing range of suppliers/stockists across the UK and, increasingly now in international markets too. Often replacing traditional plywood and wood products, and sometimes referred to as "recycled plastic wood", Stokbord has many benefits including DurabilityMaintenance freeHygienicEasy to fabricateHighly resistant to a wide range common chemicals It is readily available in a range of sizes and thickness and can be custom manufactured subject to minimum order quantities. Cork Wall Coverings, Cork Ceiling Coverings - Decorative, Insulative Cork Walls. Jelinek cork wall and ceiling tiles compliment your imaginative, decorative and functional ideas.

Cork Wall Coverings, Cork Ceiling Coverings - Decorative, Insulative Cork Walls

These cork tiles are available in a variety of patterns and thicknesses. Acoustical cork tiles, cork bark wall tiles, insulation cork wall tiles, standard and tackboard cork tiles, cork wall paper, Jelinek Cork Mosaic. Select a category below for more details including ordering, patterns and images. Cork coverings are a naturally decorative and modern alternative to traditional coverings. These cork wall coverings are available in a wide variety of unique styles, patterns and shades to compliment any décor or furniture style, and will add character and warmth to any room. Besides being decorative, cork coverings are also functional. Application consists of using a water-based contact cement also available from Jelinek Cork. Pressboard. Pressboard is a class of cellulose-based material constructed of several layers (plies) of paper which, when compressed using a combination of heat and pressure, form a stiff, dense material in a range of weights.


Pressboard has been widely used in traditional school and office products such as spiral-bound notebooks and three-ring binders, but its unique physical characteristics lend itself readily to a variety of end-uses, including (but not limited to) document storage, filing supplies (classification and file folders), report covers, folding cartons, tags, labels, and industrial applications. It is commonly used to make the back panels of radios and some televisions. Pressboard may be converted using a number of different techniques (scoring, folding, die-cutting), and accepts a range of value-add decorating techniques (coating, foil-stamping, screen-printing, and embossing).

Kirei Wheatboard - Medium-Density Fibreboard (MDF) Wood Products. Mycelium. Fungal mycelium Microscopic view of a mycelium.


This image covers a one-millimeter square. Another microscopic view of a mycelium. Numbered ticks are 230 µm apart. Mycelium as seen under a log Is this the largest organism in the world? Through the mycelium a fungus absorbs nutrients from its environment. Mycelium is vital in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems for their role in the decomposition of plant material. "Mycelium", like "fungus", can be considered a mass noun, a word that can be either singular or plural. Sclerotia are compact or hard masses of mycelium. Uses[edit] One of the primary roles of fungi in an ecosystem is to decompose organic compounds.

Mycelial mats have been suggested (see Paul Stamets) as having potential as biological filters, removing chemicals and microorganisms from soil and water. Knowledge of the relationship between mycorrhizal fungi and plants suggests new ways to improve crop yields.