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Hollywood Yoga Classes. Yoga is the sister Vedic science of Ayurveda. Its practice complements the Ayurvedic lifestyle, assisting in balancing the body, mind and spirit. Since the increasing adoption of Yoga in the West, many people have integrated a yogic practice into their lifestyle. It is broadly accepted the many benefits that Yoga provides such as relaxation, flexibility, strength, balance and good posture. The different asanas (poses) support the function of the internal organs and combined with breathing techniques, it creates the proper flow of energy in the body, resulting in good health and a state of well-being. At JothiVita, we offer diverse yoga techniques that are customized to address your individual needs. Enjoy the harmonious and calmed environment of our boutique studio. Single class ……….…..………..…..………. $ 185-class package …….…….……..…………. $ 7510-class package ……………….…………. $ 1401-month unlimited ….….….………………. $ 160 Private class ……………..….…….……….. $ 90 Annual Membership …………….. $ 79 p/month.

Hollywood Healing. The wisdom behind the ancient healing principles of Ayurveda establishes that complete physical health and wellbeing is achieved through living in harmony with the nature that surrounds us and creating balance between our body, mind and spirit. A very important aspect of such balance is our ability to develop, nourish and maintain positive relationships with every person we interact with, keeping us free of emotional toxicity.

However, modern life often violates these principles. We work long hours in offices with artificial light and air conditioning systems. We don’t have time to prepare breakfast; we eat a fast food lunch at our desk and a packaged dinner in front of the television. JothiVita provides you a sanctuary to embark on the path towards returning balance to your life and achieving comprehensive health that spans physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Fort Lauderdale Day Spa. Don’t just dream of how much you would enjoy all the pampering that a Fort Lauderdale day spa would do for you, scheduled yourself some time at JothiVita Ayurvedic Spa & Wellbeing Center! We take a holistic approach to everything we do. With a list of services offered to fulfill your every need, call us today to book an appointment for what your body, mind, and spirits needs the most!

Fort Lauderdale Massage Let us help you relax with a variety of massages that are sure to revitalize your body’s muscles and release pent-up fatigue. Other Services Besides the traditional services offer by many day spas, Jothivita also provides some unique treatments that you might want to try. Reiki: This healing technique allows energy to be channeled from a healing therapist into your body through touch, activating your body’s natural healing processes as well as the restoration of emotional well-being. Find Your Favorite Fort Lauderdale Escape. Fort Lauderdale Reiki JothiVita. Fort Lauderdale Yoga Studio JothiVita. Learn all there is to know about body postures and breath control to regulate your physical and spiritual systems through a yoga class at Jothivita.

Our Fort Lauderdale yoga studio offers the choice of Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Chopra Yoga, and Power Flow. Each yoga class is available on different days and times to meet most of our clients’ schedules. There also are a host of events every Friday of the month that you are welcome to join including: Yoga Nidra: This ancient art of yogic sleep brings together an alert awareness along with the deepest in relaxation. Yoga Happy Hour: This is a two for one special so bring along a friend and enjoy the release of tension and stress side by side. Crystal Singing Bowls Meditation: Take in the healing vibrations and soul awaking sounds that are uniquely created through crystal singing bowl meditations.

To get an appointment, visit the JothiVita Yoga Schedule for specific days and times when Yoga is offered. Fort Lauderdale Weight Loss. Weight loss doesn’t need to be stressful when done the Ayurvedic way! At Jothivita, we offer the Fort Lauderdale community and surrounding area a healthy and supportive way to create the right frame of mind, body, and spirit to promote and reach a healthy weight goal. Whole Body Healing System Best for Weight Loss Jothivita Founder Luz Pellegrino has developed a health and wellness program that incorporates the teachings she learned from her time spent studying with Dr. Deepak Chopra, M.D. and Dr. The Jothivita “Perfect Health Workshop” program includes information on enhancing nutrition with the right foods and drinks along with focusing on the overall health and wellness of everyday experiences that contribute to healthy weight loss and living.

Ayurvedic Weight Loss Techniques Through the use of simple guidelines that incorporate the time of day and natural rhythms, you can help start to get your body into tip-top shape with the following Ayurvedic weight loss techniques.Start Your Day. Fort Lauderdale Hatha yoga. Hatha Yoga is a system of physical postures and breathe control designed to stretch and challenge various muscle systems in your body. Hatha is a Sanskrit word that means force and yoga is the discipline of breath control, body postures, and meditation. This ancient Hindu spiritual practice has benefited countless numbers of people who strive to learn and practice it on a regular basis. Some of the benefits many yoga participants report is better balance, lower blood pressure, and a calmer, more peaceful state of mine.

Helpful Tips to Keep in Mind Experienced yoga instructors know a few things that beginning students, and even some practiced individuals, seem to automatically do and some of these are not beneficial to the discipline of yoga. Breathe: For some reasons, students who are new to yoga will hold their breath in particularly challenging yoga poses. What to Wear to a Hatha Yoga Class? If this is your first Hatha Yoga class, you may be wondering exactly what you should wear.