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The Japan Foundation invites individuals and organizations that are planning international exchange projects and activities to participate in programs of the Japan Foundation. The Japan Foundation carries out its programs and activities in the following three major categories: 1) Art and Cultural Exchange, 2) Japanese-Language Education Overseas, and 3) Japanese Studies Overseas and Intellectual Exchange. Successful applicants are provided with grants, research scholarships, Japanese-language training programs, and other forms of support. The Japan Foundation Program Guidelines for Fiscal 2014-2015 outline the full array of the Japan Foundation's applicable programs. Please read the General Instructions thoroughly, and then go to the Program List, organized by categories and objectives, for general information of each program. The Japan Foundation > Program Guidelines The Japan Foundation > Program Guidelines
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About IAEA: Jobs About IAEA: Jobs Focus on Gender For many years, the United Nations has faced serious challenges in its efforts to achieve gender equality in staffing, and the IAEA is no exception. In 2007, the IAEA and our Director General approved the Gender Equality Policy to work towards increasing the number of women in the IAEA's Professional and higher categories and to implement gender mainstreaming into its programmes. In the last ten years, the percentage of women in these categories has increased from 18% to 24% and we continue to search for and encourage women to consider employment with the IAEA.
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