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MMA is my Avocation.

Strength and Conditioning Training for MMA. Australian Fitness Club. Everyone is just going gaga over MMA.

Australian Fitness Club

You see a female win 9 straight fights using a specific move and everyone wants to be able to do so as well. Moreover, there is a general consciousness towards living a healthier and more active lifestyle. Naturally, MMA is the sport of choice to keep them active and physically fit. One thing to keep in mind is that as you are starting out in MMA, you will need to have basic knowledge of some of the MMA terms usually thrown out there as you are training.

The 5 Best British Fighters in MMA. MMA is not all about wearing the best MMA or Grappling gloves.

The 5 Best British Fighters in MMA

It’s more about using them in a proper way to make your fighting style almost perfect. Very few MMA fighters know how to fight in the ring and how to use their MMA gloves in the best way possible. Here are the names of the 5 best British fighters in MMA who make the best use of their grappling gloves and possess exceptional fighting skills and abilities. 1: Michael Bisping Michael ‘The Count’ Bisping is the best British MMA middleweight fighter who is well-known for his damaging punches. 2: Dan Hardy.

Australian Fitness Club. So if you are among the scores of people who are flocking to boxing gyms to get in better shape, learn how to box for self-defence purposes, or maybe you want to become the next Mayweather, one thing you will notice is that there is more to the physical demands of boxing.

Australian Fitness Club

You will be introduced to an entirely new language. It is a language in which you will need guidance on how to navigate through the ins and outs of it. In doing so you can get accustomed to and learn to communicate in what generally the boxing lexicon is. Below is a guide on some of the most common terms of the boxing world which will most likely help you with your boxing training. Accidental Butt – It is the collision of heads of the fighters during a fight/match. Alphabet Groups – It is used to describe various organizations which administer sport.

Bleeder – A fighter who bleeds easily. The perfect boxing gloves for the boxer. Be safe, not sorry: Morihei Ueshiba, a renowned Japanese martial artist once said, “The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body and polish the spirit.”

The perfect boxing gloves for the boxer

Yoga-Cat Pose or Marjaryasana Step-by-Step. Properly coordinate the movements of this pose with the cow pose and sync them with your breathing pattern and you will feel reduced stiffness in your chest, abdomen and spine.

Yoga-Cat Pose or Marjaryasana Step-by-Step

The to and fro movement of the back and belly basically improves postural balance and relieves muscular stress. Yoga poses tap into energy centers of your body and stimulate organ functions. This pose will help improve the kidneys and adrenal glands and will purify your blood and skin. How Healthy Eating Makes You Fat. Around everyone wants to be healthy and for this reason they follow healthy diet routine.

How Healthy Eating Makes You Fat

Eating a good and balanced diet is considered the most effective and beneficial thing you can do to become healthy. But trying to eat healthy and well can backfire. Yes, what you have read is true. Australian Fitness Club. Australian Fitness Club. Pull ups are perhaps the all time favorite exercise of many.

Australian Fitness Club

You can use pull up bar in a number of ways and every method brings a variation in pull up exercises. Pull ups work the entire upper body, especially back muscles and lats. Want to know some common pull up exercises? Keep reading. In this article, we will share 5 pull up exercises with you. Traditional pull ups – it is the most common way of using a pull up bar to work out. Chin ups – chin ups are almost same like pull ups. Arnold Arm Blaster Bicep Training – Achieve the Unthinkable. Born on 30th July 1947, Arnold Schwarzenegger chose bodybuilding career at the young age of 14.

Arnold Arm Blaster Bicep Training – Achieve the Unthinkable

Arnold loved using EZ curl bar dumbbell with the arm blaster, which made his Arms / Biceps Gigantic – 18 inches to be precise. That was one of the reasons why Schwarzenegger was able to win the title Mr. Olympia incredible 7 times. The arm blaster keep your arms and elbows from moving, while you are lifting heavier weight. This piece of equipment will isolate your biceps and shoulders, and forces them to work harder, which will eventually intensity the potential growth of your arms and biceps. These super strong and flexible arm blasters belts are made with nylon for incredible durability. Secrets Of Cross Fit Strength Training Program. Strength and training are crucial factors of a fitness program intended to deliver benefits.

Secrets Of Cross Fit Strength Training Program

Increasing muscle strength improves overall fitness level, blasts body fats, enhances your metabolism and enhance an athlete’s overall capability to perform a variety of different tasks effectively. For majority of workout enthusiasts who always keep an eye of latest fitness trends, the exercise plan that is highly recommended is the cross fit. Cross fit is a fitness program rapidly gaining fame and recognition for its high-end benefits. People who perform it in groups have been associated with a strong bond by forming a community where they come close together day by day while improving their health and fitness level. For those who enjoy group environments for performing workout regimens and really need community support, this workout plan is helpful.

Best Boxing Gloves Australia. Wrist Straps For CrossFit by RDX Sports. By RDX Sports RDX the fighters choice CrossFit Athletes have an abundance of choice when it comes to accessories and gear, wrist wraps, lifting straps, belts and even lifting footwear, which are all available on every other fitness gear store.

Wrist Straps For CrossFit by RDX Sports

Because of this very reason, wraps are being overly used without proper know how of their actual use and application. The primary objective of a wrap is to provide that extra bit of support to the joint that connects the wrist to the hand. Especially the exercises that require pressing movements and lifting weights over your head. The wrist can experience a possible injury due to a failed lift by hyper extending the joint under extreme load and pressure of the weights. Here are a few pointers that can help you with the wrist wraps: Always Warm-Up without Wraps Wraps are meant to help you lift max loads and not with maximizing your style statement. 80% of your workout exercises should be done without wraps. Not too low What’s Available? About RDX Sports. Protective Gear That Every Boxer Needs. Boxing is an extremely demanding all round sport that demands both physical and mental vigilance at all times.

But eventually humans are bound to have that lapse in concentration and in boxing that can be a reason for a very serious injury. For this very reason, protective gear is designed to provide that added protection to a boxer in a ring or during a sparring routine. Anyone even remotely interested in boxing should always utilize these accessories to ensure safety of the body.

Here is list of boxing protective gear that is necessary for boxing: Fitness Gloves And Their Types. Strength training is strenuous work for anyone who is just a beginner at the gym. Gripping weights and barbells can be quite rough on the hands and on the arms, your body can experience pain and cramps in different areas. But a very simple way of avoiding such situations is to use training gloves for different exercises which will make your workout much smoother and easier. How To Add Pull Up Exercises To Your Routine For Women. Importance Of Shin Guard. In numerous sports today where athletes use their legs and feet, shin guards are a common mainstay of the game as well as training. This is underscored by the fact that the legs are so vital for many different competitions, there has to be a mechanism to protect the leg and feet. Shin guards have been used forever. They were originally used in ancient times in wartime to protect the leg.

Later they were adopted in sports and were used in cricket matches and ultimately adopted by many other sports, such as Soccer and various martial arts, over the next couple of centuries. Although very common in cricket to protect the knees and shins but very often used to block the ball from taking the wicket. When Sam Weller Widow son, both a cricket and a soccer player, saw an opportunity to adopt the use of the shin guards into soccer to protect his legs, he was the laughing stock of crowd. 4 week weight training routine for women- Road to a lean and fit body! - GroundReport. Gone are the days when the only thing women ever lifted in a gym was a pink dumbbell and never lifted anything heavier fearing that overdoing it might turn them into a heavyweight boxer overnight.

Religiously following a cardio routine to death that included just running, cycling and working on the elliptical. While that is an effective method to shed some pounds but it’s not the best long term weight shedding or body maintenance technique. At some point in time you will need to up the ante. Top 5 Shocking Decisions By Referees In Boxing History. How to Hit Speed Bag like a Pro Boxer? Speed bag training is not easy, especially if you have no prior experience, but with little training in basic punching and throwing in small variations, you can learn to hit a speed bag like a professional boxer.

Having the right technique is the most important thing when you are starting off, but if you have poor technique then your task will become even harder. Make sure the bag is at the perfect height, where your eyes are looking directly in front of the bag’s midpoint. Too low or too high, you will have a really hard time getting underneath or to reach the bag. ‘The Machine Gun’ Technique In this technique you hit the bag repeatedly in quick succession like a machine gun. How it works? To be able to perform this technique perfectly, raise your arms up at the same level as the speed bag, with one fist at almost touching distance with the drum and second one just couple of inches behind the first one. Remember, when you are using this technique don’t try and hit the bag too hard.

Quick Tips for Buying MMA Shorts. MMA Shorts and Choosing the Right Pair. Mixed Martial Arts developed mainly in Thailand around 2000 BC. 11 INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT FAMOUS BOXERS. Gym Gloves – How To Protect Your Hands And Get Good Grip? Imperative Punching Bag Collection In Australia. Australia's Best Boxing Shorts. What companies make the best quality boxing gloves? - Homepage. Superb Boxing Gloves Collection In Australia. How to Wrap Your Hands for Boxing? How to Clean Leather Boxing Gloves: 8 Steps. Boxing Drills For a Knockout Body - GroundReport. Best Weight Lifting Gear for Building Muscle. Benefits of Wearing Weight Lifting Gloves. Your Buying Guide for Professional Weight Lifting Gloves.

But how do you calculate what size of gym glove will fit you perfectly. Interactive collection of boxing gloves. What Size Boxing Gloves Should You Use? - What Size Boxing Gloves Should You Use? - Quora. Boxing gloves are obviously one of the most essential gear for boxers. Where to buy good boxing bags local?? - Page 2 - International Kickboxer Forum. Type of Boxing Gloves You should look before buying. in Boxing Discussion Forum. Throughout history boxing gloves have been used in different styles of fighting. Australia's Best Gym Gloves. How to Perform 5 Drills for Ultimate Fitness. Buy Best Boxing Gloves Australia. Main Types Of Boxing Punches. 25 Snacks Having 100 or Less Calories. RDX Weight Lifting Belts. RDX Leather Gym Workout Weight Lifting Gloves. Australia's Best Boxing Equipment Store.