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V-strom protection, skid plates,radiator guards,lifts,oil cooler guards. Enduro guardian V-strom after market stuff. skid plates,radiator guards,oil cooler guards,lift kits.

V-strom protection, skid plates,radiator guards,lifts,oil cooler guards

I make Skid plates for The Suzuki V-strom 650 and 1000. I make this stuff my self. I sell the Steel Skid Plate for $130 Powder coated black I sell the Stainless skid plate for $190 Powder coated black I sell the Aluminum skid plate for $200 Powder coated black I sell the mounting bracket for $35 with hardware Custom paint color is $10 more Hardware Up grade is $10 more Total $165 for the standard steel skid plate package. The Radiator guards are a limited edition. Radiator guards are $100 Mirror finish stainless. Shipping for skid plates, I ship UPS in the US and USPS for International.

P/S The skid plate is designed to deflect rocks/gravel, small objects. Reasons for the design. I didn't like the after market ones because they are expensive and cheaply made. The things I wanted out of a skid plate: To protect The exhaust. What I didn't want: So this is what I came up with. The mounting bracket. Home Page. Kientech Engineering Home Page. CONTACT US. Crooked Tree Lodge is a family run establishment and we pride ourselves on giving a one on one personal service.


Pricing is by request and we charge per cabana not per person. Price of cabanas range from US $60 for a cabana with one double bed in high season and increase with size of cabana, a 9% Govt tax will be added to accomodation charges. Meals are charged per meal and pricing is dependent on dietary requirements. We will always give the best deal we can dependent on occupancy. Camping charges are minimal US$10 and include free Wi Fi. Untitled. Spanish Traveling : FEES 2012.

Hey I've got an idea….. CA Tours - Motorcycle bike adventure tours in Guatemala. Colombia, the best South American’s roads for motorcycle travel! Adventure Summits 2013 - You ride em! Sailing Panama-colombia wIth Independence. Dualsport Plus Adventure Motorcycle & Rider Gear. Gravel Travel Canada. Motolombia. Alaska to Chile or is that Argentina.

Trevor Heath - Home Page. Ride To Eat - Your guide to the best restaurants, great excuses for a road trip. Welcome to Adventure Motorcycle - Dual Sport News Magazine! Your personal guide to protective motorcycle gear. Reviews, shopping tips and more. Full Throttle Camping. Dual Sport Parts, Accessories and Information - Rugged Rider. The Best KTM Motorcycle Suspension Possible: Super Plush Suspension. Schuberth GmbH. RKA Products Page. MotorcycleJazz - Tour of. The Tour of Idaho The Tour of Idaho (T1) is a 1400-mile dirt bike ride that begins in the Malad Range of southern Idaho and ends in the Selkirk Mountains near the Canadian border.

MotorcycleJazz - Tour of

It is very likely one of the most difficult long dirt bike rides in the United States. It is NOT a dual sport ride - plated dirt bikes, with lights, are required. There is a dual sport variant, T3, and a 500-mile dual sport friendly East-West Tour known as T2. Idaho has some new requirements for offroad motorcycles. Most of the week or so normally taken to complete the Tour is spent in wilderness areas far from the nearest town including the largest designated wilderness in the lower 48 states - the Frank Church.

Technical challenges include mud, snow, extensive sections of technical single track, rocky atv trails, numerous water crossings and deep sand. The Tour is generally passable by mid July each year and remains open until October during most years (some trails close October 1 for hunting season). Accessories for the Dual Sport Entheusiast. Eton. Motoport. Showers Pass. Grip Puppies. Products. Catalogue. Care & Feeding Of The Keihin Carb. This system is referred to as the choke.

Care & Feeding Of The Keihin Carb

But that's a misnomer. When you apply the choke lever, what you're doing is retracting a plunger that opens a tube connected to the starter jet, allowing additional fuel to enter the venturi just below the vacuum hose nipple. It supplements the pilot system at start up. When you set the idle with that big screw on the right side of the carb, what you're doing is covering or uncovering one or more of the four small holes that are drilled into the venturi, (leading to the pilot jet) just under the butterfly valve, and letting more or less air pass the butterfly. When you adjust the pilot screw that's under the carb, you are varying the amount of air premixing with the gas before it enters the venturi. MAIN SYSTEM - The Meat As you advance the throttle cable that's connected to the butterfly valve, the butterfly opens to allow more air through the venturi.

The top chamber is separated from the BOTTOM chamber by the rubber diaphragm. Pat Walsh Designs. Maps for travel, City Maps, Road Maps, Guides, Globes, Topographic Maps. Free worldwide Garmin maps from OpenStreetMap. Story of a New York - Alaska round trip motorcycle ride and other ramblings. Short Way Round. Stillwell Performance. Slavens Racing. Our Products. E-mail for quote: sales@cyclebrakes.com Send your brake related technical questions to: tech@cyclebrakes.com Order: US Toll-free 1-800-805-2118 Alternate Phone: 818-995-0444, Fax: 818-924-03334570 Van Nuys Blvd. #231, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 We accept Visa, MasterCard, Pay Pal or COD payments ( money orders/ cashier's checks only).

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Click here for Order Information. Same Day shipping available almost ALL of the time. Motorcycle Tire Wear. Common Motorcycle Tire Wear PatternsValkyrie and VTX tires shown, but these principles can be applied to most motorcycle tires The Honda Valkyrie, VTX 1800 and GL1800 all have a FIVE INCH RIM on the rear so pay attention when mounting oversized or car tires.

Motorcycle Tire Wear

Copyright © 2001-2011 Chet Walters All rights reserved. All photos are copyrighted to date. Permission to reprint granted by request ear in mind, that this is an "informal study" and the facts within, though compelling and accurate for the most part, are not exacting. The first question to be addressed is "What is tire wear? " Note as well that with radial tires especially, the of the tire nearest the cord (ie the last few mm of rubber) is much softer so it can bond to the cords within, hence this part of the tire wears much faster.

Main. WindStrom Windshield for Suzuki V-Strom, Yamaha Tenere, BMW R1200GS motorcycle. "A windshield that works" for the Suzuki V-Strom DL650 and DL1000 Yamaha XT 1200Z Super Ténéré and BMW R1200GS All windshields are "Made in the USA" based on highest quality aircraft-specification acrylics, and not thin cheap plastics.

WindStrom Windshield for Suzuki V-Strom, Yamaha Tenere, BMW R1200GS motorcycle

NEW: Yamaha XT 1200 Z Super Tenere; Please contact us if you plan to do serious adventure touring and for more custom options. To send us an e-mail is the most efficient way to communicate and to receive more information. Please send any e-mails to info@windstrom.com. Untitled. Drift Innovation. Home. PD Oiler - home. Laminar LLC - Products for Motorcycle Windshields and Fairings, Makers of the LIP & Touring LIP.

Arizona OHV Trails & OHV Maps OHV Places to Ride and Areas in Arizona. There are numerous opportunities for OHV recreation in Arizona.

Arizona OHV Trails & OHV Maps OHV Places to Ride and Areas in Arizona

Local land management agencies have information and maps available. Please contact the local land management agencies for updated information on access, closures, rules and regulations, and other information prior to planning activities. Much of this information including maps* was provided by the External Resources referenced in the top right column. Some of these areas are State Trust Land and a permit is required. Johnny's Selected Seeds - Superior Seeds & Gardening Tools. Trans-Labrador Highway website - Home Page. Kendon Stand-Up Motorcycle Trailers Motorcycle Lifts Utility Trailers. Gel Motorcycle seat pads and cushions, Sheepskin Gel Pads. CMA International. J&M Motorcycle Audio.

Home Page. Home. Ravencrest Tactical - Raven Crest Tactical Store. OGIO : Golf, Backpacks, Travel Luggage. Oxford Heaterz Sport 7/8" Heated Grips. Forum : Suzuki V-Strom Motorcycle Forums - View Single Post - Skid plates, Radiator guards,Oil cooler guards, Lift kits,I got them,and makem. Motorcycle Trailers, Motorcycle Trailer, Motorcycle Cargo Trailers, Motorcycle Trailer Hitches, Parts & Accessories. Time Out Trailers, Inc. What is Trailtail™? Pure Enduro - Husaberg. Driveonit.com - Homepage. Welcome to American Beta. Safari Tanks. Welcome to Canadian Canoe Routes. The wood burning back packing camp stove. Cool Vest for Heat Stress Relief, Motorcycle Cooling Vest: Veskimo Personal Cooling Systems. TechNiche International. TechNiche's Phase Change Cooling Vest Inserts maintain a comfortable 14 degrees C (58 degrees F) for up to 3 hours of critical heat stress relief.

TechNiche International

They are commonly used under high heat protective clothing, hazardous material suits, military body armor, and mascot costumes. 6626 TechKewl Phase Change Cooling Vests. Tool box, Tool Case, Tool Chest, Metal Lathes , Wood Lathes, Milling machines, Band Saws, Cold Saws,Abrisive Saws, Scoll Saws, SHEET METAL MACHINES at Bolton Hardware. Ultimate Freedom. Trailmaster Adventure Gear. Curious by Nature. Low Profile, Light Weight, Pop-up Truck Campers. Sportsmobile Custom Camper Vans - Your Home Away From Home. ARB 4x4 Accessories. The Publication for Environmentally Responsible, Worldwide Vehicle-Supported Expedition and Adventure Travel. SE-720. ManRacks is best viewed with firefox or Chrome. EXPLORING ELEMENTS » travel through an adventure sports lens. Earl - Backcountry Survival Tablet. LDComfort - Getting to the Bottom of Rider Comfort - Motorcycle Underwear.

Hydration Packs with In-line water Filters and Pack Bladders by Geigerrig. Manual Canister, Tool Tube, Tool Carrier. Home. RoadGear. Top Gun Home. SHINKO 244 SERIES DUAL SPORT TIRES - American Motorcycle Tire.


Survival/Buggin' Out. Trips & Maps. Apparal/Gear. Road/Mountain Bikes. Adventure Riding. Campers.