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Modern Drunkard Magazine. 1.

Modern Drunkard Magazine

If you owe someone money, always pay them back in a bar. Preferably during happy hour. 2. Always toast before doing a shot. 3. Whoever buys the shot gets the first chance to offer a toast. 4. Change your toast at least once a month. 5. Hunter S. Thompson’s Two Million Dollar Check For Cocaine. If a stranger offers you drugs... Young, Homeless and Enslaved by the Freedom of the Rails. “You got any weed?”

Young, Homeless and Enslaved by the Freedom of the Rails

Is how William “Trash” Hansen introduced himself on a hot spring day in the Little 5 Points neighborhood of Atlanta. The heels of his socks peeked through the disintegrated soles of his steel-toed boots as he walked the strip in search of the drug. If you passed him on the street you may have thought twice before striking up a conversation. If the soot- drenched, patch- woven outfit didn’t give you pause, the blatant drug references and casual cat-calls may have. Sporadically he’d push back the small puff of dreadlocked hair sprouting from the crown of his head or run his arm across his forehead to wipe away sweat. Drug and alcohol use is common within the hobo community. The dirt on his back came from across the United States.

At 20, Trash has endured, experienced and seen more of the United States than most will see in their entire lives. It’s like Trash said after eight years on the rails, his hobo days weren’t anywhere close to coming to an end. MDMA Preloading/Postloading Regimin. This text is copied from This article is a MUST READ for anyone who is interested in taking ecstasy.

MDMA Preloading/Postloading Regimin

I have rolled a few times without pre or post loading, and it SUCKS. Jaw clenching, jitters, tweaking, etc. The magnesium literally stops ALL jaw clenching! The Effects of Ecstasy Think of your brain as the engine of a car. Preloading The concept behind preloading is to add gas to the tank that MDMA is going to use up, put the car in economy mode so it uses gas more efficiently, and to prevent damage to the engine if its driven too hard, especially if there's no gas in the tank. Protection The following three elements are the most protective to a preloading regimen: 1] 5-HTP - 200-400mg 5-hydroxytrytophan is the direct precursor of serotonin in the body. Enhancement The following elements are optional because they enhance the experience rather than protect you from anything specific: 1] L-Tyrosine - 500-1500mg Think of dopamine as engine oil.

How to Roll / Make a joint Marijuana and Cannabis seeds from Amsterdam. How to Roll / Making A Super Joint A Super joint is the hardest one to make because its to big to hold in your hands.

How to Roll / Make a joint Marijuana and Cannabis seeds from Amsterdam

That's the only problem to it. When your rolling a lot of your tobacco-marijuana mixture will fall out. Just roll above a table and let it fall out. The only important thing is that you close the paper good, you can put the mixture back in later. One thing that can help is that you close first one piece of paper, the one in the beginning of the Joint. after that you can close the other one. Tip: If you put down your tobacco, spread it a little bit so if you start rolling your Joint, it will fall around your marijuana and burn it better. Tip: Get some good quality Rolling paper and make sure your roach isn't to narrow. Tip: I never put weed at the end of the joint because I don't like to smoke the end, now I can throw it away.

Tip: When your ready rolling the joint, tap it a few times on the table so it gets a bit more tight.