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Business as Mission Introduce. Why BAM? — Understand BAM. There are five basic reasons why BAM is important in the 21st century.

Why BAM? — Understand BAM

These five reasons constitute a basic apologetic for Business as Mission. 1. Jesus said, “Love your neighbor”. Business as Mission A Comprehe C. Neal Johnson. Biblical Foundations for Business as Mission. Your Kingdom Come, Your Will Be Done… In Business The Biblical Models of Transformation Through Business Practices Issue Group (BMIG) focused on developing a Biblically sound and practical understanding of business.

Biblical Foundations for Business as Mission

The group defined its purpose as identifying principles, models and practices of business that give expression to its role in advancing God’s purpose or mission in the world. The group operated on the basis that, broadly speaking, God’s purpose is to establish His Kingdom—a Kingdom to be fully consummated with the second coming of Jesus Christ, but inaugurated in ‘this present age’ (Tit 2:11–14). The group acknowledged that profit matters in any business, but that profit is not the raison d’etre for business as mission (BAM).

Profit is necessary to sustain an enterprise and it can also finance good works of various kinds. Regarding God’s purpose, the BMIG proposed that the creation mandate is foundational and that redemption of all of creation is God’s desire. Business As Missions Key Statements and Principles. Youth With A Mission Business as Mission Key Statements and Principles.

Business As Missions Key Statements and Principles

Change the world through business. What were the Business Opportunities. Interserve has been passionately promoting Business As Mission (BAM), to bring a Kingdom worldview, values, and structures to the business world .

What were the Business Opportunities

In the last three years Interserve has tripled its numbers in BAM. BAM Job Opportunities in Nepal and China. 10 Ways to Be Missional With Your Holidays. By Rebecca Martin It’s that time of year again!

10 Ways to Be Missional With Your Holidays

The weather is cooling off, final exams are approaching, and you can’t get away from Pumpkin Spice Lattes or Peppermint Mochas. With the holiday season come many fun traditions and events that can leave even the most laidback college student overwhelmed with busyness and their bank accounts emptier than they were before. Because of all of these things, many Christians struggle to keep their focus on Christ during the holidays, even though His birth - the arrival of the long-awaited messiah - is actually the foundation of Christmas! During a season that is meant to bring glory to God and allow Christians to give back to others through service and generosity, why not also be intentional to be missional? 1. Did you know that there are international students from all over the world right on your college campus? 2. One of the hardest times for missionaries to be overseas is the holiday season. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

BAM Training. Business as Mission. Am I a Business Builder or Entrepreneur? Identifying Your Place in a BAM Team. Business As Mission 2015. 工商事工. Tentmaking in Mission Agencies. The Tentmaking Model Tentmakers, whether businesspeople or professionals, go as everyday, workplace Christians working for a living in order to bring Christ to peoples who’ve never heard.

Tentmaking in Mission Agencies

They integrate work and witness demonstrat-ing the gospel in everyday life and communicating Jesus through natural contacts in the workplace and in the larger community. Through hospitality, they gather those who respond in to study groups to investigate Jesus in the original record. In time, these develop into discipleship groups and then into churches as God blesses. The Benefits and Power of Tentmaking Tentmaking adds great advantages to traditional missions work. It provides legitimate access to the most restrictive nations on earth. Tentmaking offers tremendous potential to the church. Rodney Stark affirms a similar conclusion in Cities of God. What about the Cons? Not understanding and supporting tentmakers’ work. Some Helpful Resources. Business as Mission Resource Team - YWAM Thailand.

Championing the role of business in God’s plan for the world We serve the business as mission community globally by creating and curating resources, nurturing networks and developing training: Training – conferences and courses that equip people for business as missionNetworking – connecting people to people and people to resources so that the work is more effectiveResourcing – we create new resources and help people discover other resources from across the BAM community Read more about the BAM Resource Team and how we are currently serving the global business as mission movement We offer three different training options to equip people for the next step in their BAM journey.

Business as Mission Resource Team - YWAM Thailand

Books -Business as Mission. BAM Think Tank Reports. Empowering business people and their businesses for the Kingdom of God. 營商宣教8个步骤. 参考网站 - 工商事工. How to Get Started Business as Mission. Biblical Foundations for Business as Mission What does God say about business?

How to Get Started Business as Mission

What were His intentions when he made enterprise part of His design for human society? For those pursuing business as mission it is essential to build on solid Biblical foundations. Three reasons to build a Biblical foundation for business, work and economics 1. Most start with a particular motivation when they launch into BAM and there is nothing wrong with that. 2. Work As Worship Network. Top 10 Posts in the Leadership Event Library. Follow Share These resources and more are available in RightNow Media to help you lead a movement of people who will work as worship!

Top 10 Posts in the Leadership Event Library

Top 10 Series in the Bible Study Library – Designed for small groups, but can also be used in personal devotions. WAW New Bible Study featuring J.D. WAW Leadership Experience featuring Matt Chandler, Norm Miller and JR Vassar Our Great Exchange featuring Jim Liske. We believe Business Glorifies God and can Grow God's Kingdom. We’re really excited to be helping you on your journey from employee to entrepreneur!

We believe Business Glorifies God and can Grow God's Kingdom

Key PointsHow to Choose a Niche Market.Elijah’s… Leveraging your business and job to change the world. Building Kingdom Business Teams. 25 Most Admired Business as Mission Companies-2008. Over a year ago we featured 25 companies who are putting passion, theory, business and ministry together. These pioneers who are “living it” provide fuel for future business as mission entrepreneurs. Recently we had some avid readers add their input and help us re-rank the list. In case you’re just joining the conversation, here’s a recap and update: Most Admired Kingdom Company #1: Galtronics :: Israel – Highlighted in the recent cover story of Christianity Today for their work in both business and ministry, Galtronics continues to be one of the largest and most influential business as mission companies.

The recent hand off from founder Ken Crowell to new ownership begins a new phase in the life of a business as mission leader. Most Admired Kingdom Company #2: Pacific Resources Intl :: China – Dwight Nordstrom continues to lead one of the foremost groups around the world learning how to do good business and great ministry. Five Talents fights poverty, creates jobs and transforms lives by empowering the poor in developing countries through innovative savings and financial inclusion programs, business training and spiritual development.- Five Talents.

Five Talents fights poverty, creates jobs and transforms lives by empowering the poor in developing countries through innovative savings and financial inclusion programs, business training and spiritual development. For those fighting poverty in countries impacted by natural disasters, ravaged economies, or broken political systems, understanding a country’s historical context goes a long way in restoring dignity to its citizens. Why does restoring dignity matter in fighting on behalf of the poor? Dignity provides a sense that an individual, a family, a community, are worth preserving and sustaining, regardless of circumstances. Dignity sustains the poor while defeating the circumstances of poverty. Business as Mission Case Studies for Kingdom Entrepreneurs. Technically these aren’t all kingdom business case studies, but rather innovative models that may be helpful for kingdom entrepreneurs that are working with base of the pyramid poverty. These case studies focus exclusively on high impact and transformative organizations with a track record of success in this space: 1) Paul Polak and International Development Enterprises (IDE) 2) Kickstart 3) Design for the Other 90 Percent 4) All of the case studies in CK Prahalad’s best selling book Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid 5) Mini-case studies found in Market Size and Strategies at the Base of the Pyramid (market sector by market sector breakdown & mini-case studies.

Other Business as Missions Examples & Case Studies Joy at Work by Dennis BakkeOn Kingdom BusinessBusiness as Missions Blog (Top list of Kingdom Businesses)Business as Missions Group on Linked In (requires free membership to Linked In) Like this: