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Now leaving from platform 1. From a Facebook post by Tahereh To all my friends: What can I reply to Hossein?

Now leaving from platform 1

He’s pursuing me so avidly, but you know he isnt really a prime catch. No education, no house. If it werent for the earthquake, I wouldnt give him a second look. Oh no, now he’s chasing me across the field. DB here: Many people in the film industry hold media studies in disdain, and often the feeling is mutual. So it’s heartening to see movement in the other direction.

For example, in a recent Entertainment Weekly story about why women viewers like horror, we read: One of the most consistent tropes of the genre is the character whom filmmakers call ”the final girl” — the survivor. Actually, it was Carol Clover, scholar of horror movies and Scandinavian epics, who came up with the “final girl” nickname in her book Men, Women, and Chainsaws. Even more striking is a recent Variety article entitled, “Transmedia Storytelling Is Future of Biz.” From aggregator Movie MMORPG: What makes this traditional idea sexy? THE TRANSMEDIA DESIGN CHALLENGE: Co-Creat. I agreed to give a keynote address at the "21st Century Transmedia Innovation Symposium".


Normal dictionaries do not have the word "transmedia," but Wikipedia does. That definition introduced me to many other words that neither I nor my dictionaries had never before heard (for example, narratological). Strange jargon aside, I do believe that there is an important idea here, which I explore in this column. (Intelligible discussions can be found in the books and articles of Henry Jenkins (2003, 2006).) This article is published in ACM's Interactions, volume 17, issue 1. We live in exciting times.

In the bad old days we learned that thinking - cognition - was king. But that is not how people have evolved. Games are the natural way we explore the world. Transmedia is a strange beast. Let transmedia stand for those multi-sensory natural experiences: trans-action, trans-sensory. To Spread or To Drill? « Just TV. I was invited by Henry Jenkins, Josh Green, and Sam Ford to contribute to a book project they are working on, Spreadable Media: Creating Value in a Network Culture.You can see an outline of the project posted serially on Henry’s blog, emerging from a research paper drafted as part of the Convergence Culture Consortium.

To Spread or To Drill? « Just TV

The book will feature Henry, Josh, and Sam’s skeleton, fleshed out by short contributions from a range of media scholars and practioners–I was asked to contribute a piece on “Complexity and Engagement,” considering how the narrative complexity that I’ve been working on fits within patterns of spreadable media. As I am want to do, I broke away from my assigned topic. Instead of considering how spreading explains engagement with seriality and complexity, I pose another metaphor: drillable. I’ve posted a draft of the essay beneath the fold – as always, comments and constructive criticism are welcome!

Deep Media. Henry Jenkins. 7 Principles of Transmedia Storytelling (1) 7 Principles of Transmedia Storytelling 2. Christy's Corner of the Universe: cross-platform, creative pract. The Narrative Design Exploratorium™ Transliteracy Research Group. At 3Ts 2013: Transliteracy from Cradle to Career in Saratoga Springs this week I learned some new things about transliteracy. 1.

Transliteracy Research Group

In What I Want, When I Want to Watch It: Brief Thoughts on Television Literacy in the Streaming World with Hollie Miller & Michele Forte, Hollie aka @theotherinside showed us a feature on Hulu Plus which allows you to choose between adverts. That means that when the ads come on - as they invariably do - if you don't like the one they're showing, you can choose a different ad from several on offer.

Very interesting ad-based literacy - I've never been asked to consciously choose my own ads before, even though I know I'm already trading off that information on many of my social media platforms. And of course, in the process, Hulu learns lots about your preferences ;) 2. Many people, I'm sure, would find the image more memorable than the number. 3. So, three new personal takeways for me from this one day conference - very valuable and energising.