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Josh Jambon

Josh Jambon will be one of the first to tell you that it is oil that makes the entire world economy run. He believes that it is the life-blood of civilized society. That is why Mr. Jambon company venture out into the far reaches of the globe to teach the indigenous people how to properly harvest and store this vital commodity.

Josh Jambon: The Benefits of Good Education. Josh Jambon’s Modern Ocean Class Vessels Offer Creature Comforts. Jambon Marine Services is very aware of the efficacy of providing a platform service vessel as part of its fleet offerings for the support of offshore oil and gas platforms, and Josh Jambon has his eye on a 275-foot service vessel which will expand the efficiency of his fleet.

Josh Jambon’s Modern Ocean Class Vessels Offer Creature Comforts

Platform supply vessels, or PSVs, are designed to conform to the special needs of oil and gas platforms, and are essential for a number of tasks related to platform drilling. Most PSVs are 50 to 100 meters long, and primarily move goods, tools, personnel and equipment between offshore structures and from platforms to shore and back. The most up to date platform supply vessels are rigged with Class 1 and Class 2 Dynamic Positioning Systems. These highly convertible ships transport cargo tanks for drilling mud and macerated cement, diesel fuel, chemicals and the potable and non-potable water so vital for use on offshore platforms.

For More Info Visit Us: Like this: Like Loading... Josh Jambon Familiar With Safety of Life at Sea Treaty. Josh Jambon of Jambon Marine Services complies with all safety standards of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, or SOLAS.

Josh Jambon Familiar With Safety of Life at Sea Treaty

An international maritime treaty, SOLAS requirements apply to signatory flag states, ensuring that ships registered by signatories are in compliance with safety standards of construction, equipment and operation. Current SOLAS standards were set in May 1980. 162 states are contracted to comply by the current International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea standards, covering around 99 percent of all merchant ships in the world. Josh Jambon Offers 3 Categories of Offshore Service Vessels. Josh Jambon’s Jambon Marine Service’s offshore platform service vessels, which work in the effort of exploration and development of offshore oil and gas wells, must operate economically as well as to customized specifications for each project, whether it be for offshore drilling rigs, pipe laying projects or oil production platforms.

Josh Jambon Offers 3 Categories of Offshore Service Vessels

The less complex drilling project may still require intense Offshore Service Vessel support, while difficult or deep drilling environments require offshore support vessels with deepwater capabilities. Jambon Marine Services LLC seeks to have an international offshore service vessel fleet of 50 ships, which will provide a variety of configurations for their availabilities in offshore platform service vessels. Josh Jambon: Reasons To Be More Charitable. Josh Jambon is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who has dedicated himself to doing whatever he can to help others live happier lives.

Josh Jambon: Reasons To Be More Charitable

As a member of the Knights of Columbus, he commits to a number of charitable endeavors and volunteers some of his time each year to the organization’s efforts. “If I can help families achieve what they are looking for I will bring them on,” he says in reference to his charitable efforts. However, there are many who see little reason to donate their time or resources to charity. The following are some of the key reasons why you should. Learning More About Others It is hard to truly understand a situation if you don’t have first-hand experience of how it can affect others.

Your Career While the desire to help others should be the driving factor in donating to charity, else your motivation may begin to wane, doing so can also help you in your career. Setting An Example. Josh Jambon Lives Life Unapologetically. Josh Jambon is a graduate of Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana, just a hop and a jump from his native LaFourche Parish.

Josh Jambon Lives Life Unapologetically

Jambon studied Marine Science and Technology while at Nicholls, a program of study which has some notoriety at Nicholls, and which dovetailed with Jambon’s childhood and adolescence on the coast of Louisana at Port Fourchon. Louisiana’s economy relies heavily on the oil and gas industry, and the offshore wells which provide the source of so much activity of shipping at Port Fourchon were a staple of Jambon’s life from its inception. The offshore oil and gas industry of Louisiana would be the inspiration for Jambon’s spectacularly successful career in offshore service vessels.

Josh Jambon lives today in Golden Meadow, Louisiana, one of four villages in LaFourche Parish served by his South LaFourche High School. Josh Jambon also enjoys, in what little down time he has, a good bottle of wine or a fine scotch. Josh Jambon a Discerning Lover of Scotch. As opposed to the genuine Scotch whisk(e)y which aficionados like Josh Jambon may prefer, American whisk(e)y must conform to a variety of regulations, depending on the product being produced.

Josh Jambon a Discerning Lover of Scotch

Bourbon comes from fermented mash which is not less than 51% corn and whose distillation proof cannot be higher than 160. Bourbon must be matured in new oak barrels, while blended American whisk(e)y must be made with a minimum of 20% whiskey aged two or more years. Tennessee whisk(e)y is much the same except it is charcoal filtered, so it cannot be labeled as a bourbon. Scotch whisky actually made in Scotland and preferred by Scotch purists like Josh Jambon is manufactured according to legal requirements, so that connoisseurs like Josh Jambon may be guaranteed the real article.

It must be made from malted barley, which distinguishes it from other commercial versions made from wheat and rye. Like this: Like Loading... Josh Jambon: The Basics of Winemaking. A lot of people like to drink wine, but don’t know a lot about it.

Josh Jambon: The Basics of Winemaking

Having a lot of knowledge about wine is definitely not a prerequisite to enjoying wine, but it can help you choose better wines, increase your satisfaction with wines you buy and your comfort level during the entire process. To understand how different components influence the taste of wine you first need to gain knowledge about how the wine is made. Essentially, wine is simply fermented juice. The recipe for turning juice into wine is very straightforward:

Josh Jambon Works Within Precepts of the Outer Continental Shelf Act. The offshore oil and gas industry is an important source of the oil and gas supply of the United States.

Josh Jambon Works Within Precepts of the Outer Continental Shelf Act

Important sources of fossil energy have been found off the coasts of Louisiana, Texas, California and Alaska. Josh Jambon supports the development of these offshore fields through his company Jambon Marine Services which rents and leases offshore service vessels. Jambon is proud to support the oil and gas industry in its offshore exploration, and is also aware of the many environmental concerns which have led to the restrictions and regulations on offshore drilling efforts which he respects in his role as a supplier of service vessels.

The issue of ownership of the minerals under the offshore seabed has long been an issue of contention in Josh Jambon’s native Louisiana. Josh Jambon — Jambon Marine Services Expands Internationally. Josh Jambon’s Fleet Supports the Harvest of Louisiana Light Sweet. Louisiana had its first successful oil well on land, in a rice field in Jennings, Louisiana.

Josh Jambon’s Fleet Supports the Harvest of Louisiana Light Sweet

Called the Heywood #1 Jules Clement well, this precipitated an oil boom in the Louisiana which would birth Josh Jambon generations later. By the end of 1905, more than 6,000,000 barrels of petroleum (from the Light Sweet which is Louisiana crude) had been produced. The first long distance pipeline was finished in 1910 from Caddo Lake to an early refinery in Baton Rouge.

Geophysical techniques emerged much later, techniques which changed Gulf Coast oil exploration forever by showing how oil is trapped underground. Josh Jambon Totally Dedicated to Advancement of South Lafourche. The support and encouragement which Josh Jambon has provided his native parish of Lafourche in Louisiana has continued unabated from his early days at South Lafourche High School, where his 1977 graduation was accompanied by the thrill of being part of his school’s second state football championship, the South Lafourche/Bonnabel 3AAA victory of 1977.

Josh Jambon Totally Dedicated to Advancement of South Lafourche

Inspired by this glory so early in life, Jambon has retained his loyalty to his high school throughout his career, sponsoring the reunions of the 1977 football team, donating generously toward the needs of South Lafourche students, maintaining his memberships in the South Lafourche Alumni Association, the South Lafourche Boosters Club and supporting the Tiger Athletic Foundation, as well as sponsoring the Ralph Pere scholarship and the Faron Chaisson Memorial Scholarship.

Josh Jambon Grows Up With Hydrocarbons Underfoot. Born from Jambon’s rapid rise as an astute and effective businessman is Jambon Marine Services, a supplier of offshore service vessels which is now an international concern. Through it all, Jambon has retained his residence and poured the generosity of his heart upon his native Lafourche Parish. Hydrocarbons, compounds which consist of hydrogen and carbon, form the chief components of petroleum and natural gas, and the vast amount of hydrocarbons in southern Louisiana which have formed the basis of the essential oil and gas industry of the state are part of the Gulf Coast Continental margin basin which extends across the region from Mexico through Texas and Louisiana into the panhandle of Florida. This happy accident is a result of the correct sediments, temperature, geologic events and salt, all in the right place at the right time. How to Save Money when Buying Plane Tickets. There are several ways how you can save money when traveling on airplanes, says businessman Josh Jambon.

The first one is to buy your tickets well in advance. A 2012 study from the Airlines Reporting Corporation revealed that travelers who buy their airline tickets six weeks in advance save the most compared to other passengers. Josh Jambon — Josh Jambon: An introduction to Chardonnay,... Josh Jambon: On the Importance of Grapes in Wine Making. Josh Jambon is highly-skilled business person who in his free time enjoys scotch and quality wine. Grapes are the foundation of every wine. They dictate the structure of the wine and they are the foundation of everything that a winemaker will later do to the wine. The alcohol in your wine comes from grapes.

The color of the wine comes from grapes. The taste largely depends on the variety of grapes, too. Josh Jambon — Tips for Getting the Most out of your Hotel Stays. Josh Jambon — Josh Jambon: How to Get Rid of Air-Pressure... Josh Jambon: An Introduction to Sparking Wines. Josh Jambon is the founder of Jambon Boats and a well-known businessman who appreciates fine wine.

Sparkling wines contain carbon dioxide bubbles. The gas naturally appears in the wine during the process of fermentation and sometimes winemakers choose to keep it in the wine. Almost every country that makes regular wines also makes sparkling wines. Sparkling wine is the official name for wines with bubbles in the United States, Europe, and Canada. The most famous sparkling wine is without a doubt Champagne. The fame of the name led to its theft by many winemakers from all over the world. Winemakers from the United States could legally name any sparkling wine champagne until very recently. Europeans are much stricter in this area. Like this: Like Loading... Josh Jambon — Josh Jambon: What You Need to Know about Rose... Josh Jambon: An Introduction to White Wines. Josh Jambon is a skilled businessman who enjoys scotch and wine. White wine is a wine that doesn’t have any red color. It isn’t really white, but yellow.

Sometimes it’s hardly yellow and sometimes it’s a bright full yellow. There are two ways for a wine to become white. First, a white wine can be made out of white grapes. The second way is making white wine from red grapes excluding the skins. White wines go well together with lighter foods such as chicken, fruits, vegetables and fish. Aperitif is a French word that comes from a Latin verb “to open.” Many people prefer white wines to red wines in the hot weather because white wines are more refreshing.

There are four taste categories of white wines, excluding sparkling whites and really sweet white wines. The first category consists of fresh, unoaked wines. Earthy wines are dry, have light oaky character and a fuller body. Aromatic wines have intense flavors and aromas. Rich wines have full bodies and are dry. Josh Jambon: Hosting A Successful Hotel Opening. Josh Jambon: Pros and Cons Of Fracking. Josh Jambon has always been interested in fracking and realizes that many people aren’t familiar with it. Some people feel like fracking is beneficial while others feel that is it causing a lot of harm to the environment.

If you want to get a better understanding of fracking, it is important to understand the pros and cons of it. Pros: There are several pros of fracking. It helps make the world more reliable or natural gas instead of coal. Natural gas releases less harmful particles in the air and is therefore safer to use and has few health risks. Cons: Not everyone agrees that fracking is a positive thing. Josh Jambon — Josh Jambon: Building Computer Labs In West Africa. Josh Jambon: What Are Deep Water Drilling Vessels? Josh Jambon operates a company that provides oil and gas vessels for many different businesses located all over the world. Many of the vessels he sells and rents can be used for deep water drilling. Deep water drilling vessels are unique and interesting and play a big role in the oil industry. Drill ships were first developed in the late 1940s by marine architects.

They were created to do the work of other types of drilling tools and rigs, but to also be able to transport the oil they collect. Josh Jambon — Josh Jambon: Building Computer Labs In West Africa. Josh Jambon — Josh Jambon: Providing Scholarships To Local High... Josh Jambon — Josh Jambon: Bonding With Clients. Josh Jambon: Improving Africa’s Energy Business: joshjambon1. Josh Jambon has always been interested in different economies around the world, including in Africa. His company is helping to improve Africa’s energy business by offering oil and gas vessels that can drill and transport fuel. Improving Africa’s energy business may take some time, but thanks to Josh Jambon’s company, the country is one step closer to have a better energy industry. Josh Jambon: Offering Cargo Ships For Rent.

Josh Jambon knows that there are many companies that need to ship oil but do not want to have the means to buy large ships. His company is one of only a few who offer cargo ships for rent. This allows companies to ship or receive oil and other goods without having to put up the money to purchase a cargo shift. Mr. Jambon’s company offers ships that can be used for all stages of fuel recovery.