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3 Things To Consider Before Choosing A Profanity Filter Service. Manual vs Automatic Image Moderation. We live in a world where moderation has become necessity especially image moderation.

Manual vs Automatic Image Moderation

Now, there are two ways to perform image moderation: manually and automatically. In the following article, we will help you understand the difference between manual and automatic image moderation, how it’s done and what option you should choose for your website or app. Before we begin, I would like to mention that both the moderation processes are effective and show promising results, but there are some pros and cons that you need to consider before choosing a process. What is Manual Image Moderation Manual image moderation is basically photo moderation where a user has to manually analyze an image, look for things that requires censoring or eliminating such as nudity, graphic or violence related illustrations. Common Swear and Curse Words List.

How UGC Influences User Experience? Basic Concepts To Know About Content Moderation AI. With all the hype going around automated content moderation and machine learning — people have started taking interest in AI moderation.

Basic Concepts To Know About Content Moderation AI

From Profanity filter to scan and elimination of offensive images and videos, AI content moderation has shown great promise. But how much do you know about the basic concepts of content moderation AI? What Type of Comments Needs Moderation? What Type Of Blog Comments Needs Moderation? Any blog post that gets shared and receives good user engagement can be considered as a successful post.

What Type Of Blog Comments Needs Moderation?

The more successful posts you have on your blog, the better the traffic you get on your website. More traffic equals more engagement and increases your blog’s popularity. Now, a popular post invites more engagement, and larger engagement on posts brings comments. Does UGC influence purchase decisions of Consumers? UGC is the new sensation in digital marketing world.

Does UGC influence purchase decisions of Consumers?

Popular Types of User Generated Content. 5 Tips To Gather Quality User-Generated Content. Top 5 WordPress Profanity Filters. The major concern for any WordPress site owner is to deal with profanity on their site.

Top 5 WordPress Profanity Filters

It could be from user generate content or even guest posts etc. It doesn’t matter whether you have a simple one page site or a multi-purpose ecommerce site. Profanity Filter: Don’t Make These UGC Mistakes. UGC is the latest and one of the most trending ways of boosting your brand’s visibility and sales.

Profanity Filter: Don’t Make These UGC Mistakes

If it is done correctly, it can drive huge traffic to your site as well. However, there are a few key UGC mistakes that you need to avoid in order to reap the full benefits of user-generated content. How to Protect Children From Offensive Content. Internet offers a ton of knowledge and it is available for everyone!

How to Protect Children From Offensive Content

It can offer detail information about any subject that a kid wants to learn. However, the problem for children is that they can stumble upon information that might not be appropriate for their age. Internet without restrictions can be devastating for kids. Steps Parents Can Take Against Cyber Bullying of Their Kids. Cyber bullying can be devastating for a child.

Steps Parents Can Take Against Cyber Bullying of Their Kids

It can demoralize their spirit, and can cause depression in them. Depression, anger and irritating moods of a child who spends more than 2-3 hours surfing internet are clear signs of cyber bullying. Invest in Content Moderation Before It’s Too Late. Do you know that every day approx. 140 million users are active on Twitter, 4.1 million minutes of video are uploaded to YouTube, and more than 6 billion of photos are uploaded to Facebook in a month?

Invest in Content Moderation Before It’s Too Late

The content uploaded on your sites and social media channels by users in the form of texts, photos, and videos is known as user generated content. This UGC has the power to build or ruin your brand reputation. If something goes wrong, you can be in a big loss. 4 Ways To Protect Your Kids From Social Media Dangers. Social networking sites play an important role in everyone’s life.

4 Ways To Protect Your Kids From Social Media Dangers

Do you know that more than 60% of teenagers of age 13-17 years have at least one profile on a social networking site and many of them spend more than 2 hours per day on social networking sites? These social channels open doors for various opportunities for youth, but they also make them susceptible to various risks of Internet. It is important for parents to help their children use these sites wisely. Some potential benefits are:Staying connected to friendsDeveloping contacts with peers sharing similar interestsSharing content including such as art work, music and political views Some potential risks include: Cyber bullyingSharing too much information with strangersSharing photos or videos that you later regretReduced amount of time for physical activityRisk of identity theft So if your child is also using social networking sites, follow these ways to help them to use these sites safely and appropriately.

How you can encourage UGC on your site? Two different approach For Moderating UGC. We all know the importance of incorporating user generated content such as comments, ratings, reviews, polls and blogs into our websites. UGC help in driving customer engagement and raises your brand’s awareness. Ratings and reviews have a huge influence on the decision of buyers. Most of the customer’s check online reviews and ratings before making their purchase decision. 64% of the customers not only value online reviews, but actively seek them out before making a purchasing decision. So these social capabilities help customers in making their decision who in turn recommend your products and services to other people. As these social capabilities can raise your conversion rate, it may have a negative impact on your audience too, if not used properly. 4 Content Elements You Must Avoid To Protect Your Online Reputation. “Approx. 88% of users read online reviews in order to determine the quality of a product or business.”

This means, it is imperative for you to maintain your business’s reputation online to ensure good sales. However, reputation management is tricky, because people that you don’t even know can destroy your business reputation online. They can publish negative comments/reviews on your site and blogs. Image Moderation To Protect Your Brand’s Credibility. 4 Content Elements You Must Avoid To Protect Your Online Reputation by joshduhamel. 4 Content Elements You Must Avoid To Protect Your Online Reputation.

What is User Generated Content Moderation? Various Methods Of Video Moderation. Video moderation means scanning videos that contain offensive content. These explicit videos can hurt your business reputation. Various Methods Of Video Moderation – Medium. Various Methods of Video Moderation. How you can moderate UGC on your website? Today, websites are not only used to interact with webmaster and audience but they are also used as a platform for the audience to interact among themselves. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are the some of the most popular sites with user generated content.

But if you think that you can find UGC only over social media platforms, then you're wrong. . You can find UGC everywhere i.e., blogs, photo sharing sites, wikis, forums, review sites, video uploading sites, question answer sites, review sites and more. Maintaining a website with UGC is a difficult task as you really need to moderate the content to keep it free from spam, trollers, profanity and other unwelcoming content. Filter Profanity — Why you should Moderate UGC for your Online... Various Methods Of Video Moderation. 5 Measures To Eliminate Profanity From Your Site’s UGC. “82% of shoppers say that user-generated content is extremely valuable when deciding on purchases.”

Nowadays, it is all about UGC and how it influences purchase decisions by the consumer. Marketers now have to realign their digital marketing strategies and focus more on user-generated content as their primary tool for influencing customers. The consumers have now taken charge and are now deciding when, where, and how they want to engage with brands. They don’t shy away from voicing their reviews and opinions about brands. They act as a publicist and a critic by sharing their experiences - the good, the bad, and the ugly! I) It’s available worldwide. 5 Measures To Protect UGC From Profanity. How Profanity can Hurt Your Search Engine Rankings ?

There is nothing more important than user generated content in the world of marketing. Why You Should Use Profanity Filters. Dos and Don'ts of Online Content Moderation. Users are unpredictable and so is the internet. Impact Of UGC On Users. 10 Interesting Facts About User Generated Content. User Generated Content can be in any form including blog, QA forums, reviews, social media posts and many more.

It can be used for wide range of purposes. The UGC can be created by any user and it help users to creative, connect with your brand and one another, contribute in their way, or ask and answer questions – all while enhancing your site with their activity. WebPurify Profanity Filter API. Profanity Filter Pricing Options. How does the 14-day free trial work? Content Moderation Types You Need To Know About. Security Articles - Find Security Related Articles on

What is image moderation? Why it's imperative to moderate ugc for your project. What Is Image Moderation? Necessity of Video Moderation. Necessity of Video Moderation Today, User-generated content (blog or forum comments, photos, reviews, videos, and tweets, etc.) is one of the most powerful and influential marketing tools than any other media type. Recognizing the power of UGC, most of the worldwide brands are implementing UGC into their marketing efforts.

How UGC Moderation can Protect your Brand? Why You Should Use Profanity Filters – Profanity Filter.