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Flipped classroom

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La evaluación en el modelo Flipped Learning + ABP. El modelo Flipped Learning propone desplazar la instrucción directa del profesor por la instrucción del alumnado en casa a través de lecturas, videos, etc.

La evaluación en el modelo Flipped Learning + ABP

De esta manera, el tiempo de clase aumenta y las sesiones con el alumnado se convierten en “talleres experimentales” en los que poner en práctica todos los conocimientos adquiridos de manera autónoma en casa. Por otro lado, el tiempo de clase debe llenarse de contenido puesto que las “explicaciones tradicionales” desaparecen. En ese tiempo de clase pueden utilizarse distintas metodologías y dinámicas como el trabajo por proyectos, el descubrimiento por retos, los grupos interactivos, el trabajo cooperativo, etc., siempre con la filosofía de aplicación práctica y con el fin de promover un aprendizaje diferenciado y personalizado en el alumnado donde se produzca una mayor interacción y participación entre los estudiantes y con el docente que ahora ejerce de guía. Pero, ¿cómo se evalúa todo este trabajo? ExamTime - Changing the way you learn. Flipped Learning Collection.

6 Steps to Flipping A Classroom Infographic. Blended Learning Infograpics 6 Steps to Flipping A Classroom Infographic The 6 Steps to Flipping A Classroom Infographic synthesizes the overwhelming to-do list of flipping your classroom into 6 easy steps that make the whole process a little less daunting. 6 Steps to Flipping A Classroom Infographic Plan Figure out which lesson you’re going to flip.

6 Steps to Flipping A Classroom Infographic

Outline key learning outcomes and put together a lesson plan.Record Instead of teaching your lesson as usual, record a video. Via: Flip teaching – part 3: The "Flipped classroom" comes to sports coaching! The Flipped Classroom Model: A Full Picture. Due to Khan Academy’s popularity, the idea of the flipped classroom has gained press and credibility within education circles.

The Flipped Classroom Model: A Full Picture

Briefly, the Flipped Classroom as described by Jonathan Martin is: Flip your instruction so that students watch and listen to your lectures… for homework, and then use your precious class-time for what previously, often, was done in homework: tackling difficult problems, working in groups, researching, collaborating, crafting and creating. Classrooms become laboratories or studios, and yet content delivery is preserved. Flip your instruction so that students watch and listen to your lectures… for homework, and then use your precious class-time for what previously, often, was done in homework: tackling difficult problems, working in groups, researching, collaborating, crafting and creating. The Best Tools and Apps for Flipped Learning Classroom. July 25, 2014 Following the posting of "Managing iPad Videos in Schools" somebody emailed me asking about some suggestions for tools and apps to create instructional videos to use in a flipped learning setting.

The Best Tools and Apps for Flipped Learning Classroom

In fact, over the last couple of years I have reviewed several web tools and iPad apps that can be used in flipped classroom but the ones I am featuring below are among the best out there. 1- Educlipper Educlipper is a wonderful tool for creating video tutorials and guides to share with students. As a teacher you can create an Educlipper board for your class and share the link with them. Cómo dar una clase al revés o flipped classroom en 5 sencillos pasos. How to Flip Your Classroom With eduClipper and PixiClip. Flipped learning skyrockets across the nation. Once brand new, the flipped learning model further cements its position in classrooms Though no learning model is perfect, flipped learning offers educators and students one way to boost engagement and make learning much more interesting and organic.

Flipped learning skyrockets across the nation

And as more research highlights this learning model’s benefits for students and teachers, more educators are motivated to give it a try. Researchers from the Flipped Learning Network and Sophia Learning sought to update 2013 data with new figures to reflect just how quickly and broadly flipped learning is expanding. A February 2014 survey released in May 2014 reveals that the term “flipped learning” is recognized by 96 percent of teachers–an increase from 74 percent over the past two years. Flipped Classroom. Ideas y recursos para poner tu clase del revés con la 'flipped classroom'. Conocida también como pedagogía inversa y clase al revés, la flipped classroom apuesta por invertir el orden tradicional de la clase, cambiando su organización.

Ideas y recursos para poner tu clase del revés con la 'flipped classroom'

Con este sistema de enseñanza-aprendizaje semipresencial, el orden de las actividades se altera y los niños empiezan el proceso de aprendizaje fuera del aula, para luego trabajar los conocimientos y ponerlos en práctica con el profesor. El enfoque de esta metodología es revolucionario, pero la aplicación en clase es muy sencilla. Te damos algunas herramientas y recursos para que experimentes y des la vuelta a tu clase. Las clases tradicionales suelen comenzar con una presentación de la teoría en el aula que luego el alumno debe afianzar por su cuenta con las tareas, deberes de estudio o trabajos que el profesor le indique. How A Flipped Classroom Actually Works [Interview] What happens when the students have more control in the classroom?

Flipped classrooms are being tested out around the world and we’ve featured a few examples in case you wanted to see who is flippin’ out. Until now, we didn’t have an in-depth look at the effects of a flipped classroom or answers to the big questions it raises. Thanks to Susan Murphy of Algonquin College (check out her awesome blog !) , we have our answers. Flipped: Why It Has to Be A Conversation. By John T.

Flipped: Why It Has to Be A Conversation

Spencer I know that "flipped" is a trendy idea right now. While I am intrigued by the idea of video tutorials to help guide students in learning, it is absurd to suggest that a video can replace a human in creating the ultimate customized learning experience. What this concept misses is the nature of human learning. Teaching is a relational endeavor. 7 Essential Tools for a Flipped Classroom - Getting Smart by Guest Author - classrooms, EdTech, flipped classroom. By: Erin Palmer.

7 Essential Tools for a Flipped Classroom - Getting Smart by Guest Author - classrooms, EdTech, flipped classroom

The flipped classroom. Jamie’s Flipped: (almost) a year with a flipped classroom. There are lots of different ideas about Flipping your classroom, see this TED talk for more.

Jamie’s Flipped: (almost) a year with a flipped classroom

But essentially you provide your learners with resources and videos to allow them to ‘learn’ the material as homework and then build on this with skills in your classroom. Starting in September 2013, and as part of my MSc research, I have implemented my own interpretation of a flipped classroom with really interesting results. This post is a brief into to the research behind the flipped classroom and then I discuss how I have implemented it and the power of blogging to engage students outside of the classroom. Key Questions You Should Ask Before You Flip Your Class.

I am preparing to do a workshop with Icelandic Educators this week and I was asked to give them a list of questions to consider as they begin to flip their classes.

Key Questions You Should Ask Before You Flip Your Class

As I wrote these I realized that many people could benefit from these questions. It is no doubt an incomplete list. The flipped classroom: What to do and not to do. The original concept of flipped classroom found teachers turning their lectures into online videos for viewing outside of class. (Shutterstock photo) Teachers all over the country are flipping out over a new progressive education model: The flipped classroom. In a nutshell, the idea of the flipped classroom is based around the question: What’s the best use of class time? The original concept found teachers turning their lectures into online videos for viewing outside of class, while classroom time was dedicated to homework. The reasoning was students traditionally do homework outside of the class but if they have trouble with it they may either not do it or even copy off a classmate. “Chemistry teachers like it because they love to do labs with their students,” Jerry Overmyer, a mathematics and science outreach coordinator at the Univ. of Northern Colorado’s MAST Institute, told VOXXI.

The Flipped Classroom: Pro and Con. In 2012, I attended the ISTE conference in San Diego, CA. While I was only there for about 36 hours, it was easy for me to pick up on one of the hottest topics for the three-day event. The "flipped classroom" was being discussed in social lounges, in conference sessions, on the exhibit floor, on the hashtag and even at dinner. People wanted to know what it was, what it wasn't, how it's done and why it works. Others wanted to sing its praises and often included a vignette about how it works in their classroom and how it transformed learning for their students. Still others railed that the model is nothing transformative at all and that it still emphasizes sage-on-the-stage direct instruction rather than student-centered learning.

Pros and Cons of The Flipped Classroom. The flipped classroom has been gathering steam for a few years now. The premise: watch videos of instruction or lecture at home, and do the “homework” with the teacher in class. The Flipped Class: What it is and What it is Not In reality, there isn’t a whole lot of philosophical or theoretical information that I believe I can personally share that will be cutting edge, or not met with a new debate.

I’ll let you access the flood of stories on Khan Academy if you wish to engage in that conversation. How the Flipped Classroom Is Radically Transforming Learning. Editor's Note:Posts about the flipped class on The Daily Riff beginning in January 2011 have generated over 240,000 views to-date - thanks contributors and readers . . . See our other links related to the flipped class below this guest post. Since this post was written, Bergmann and Sams have released their book, Flip your Classroom: Reach Every Student in Every Class Every Day.

Do check it out. - C.J. Westerberg. Blended-classrooms - The Flipped Classroom. The flipped classroom is an exciting new instructional approach. As it is relatively new, much of the information about it only is available in the popular press. Little research can be found. What is a flipped classroom? (in 60 seconds) Last week, I plopped down for Sunday brunch in New York City with some non-edu obsessed friends and acquaintances I had not seen in a long time. About 10 seconds after our formal greetings, the person sitting across from me leaned forward and said, “So…not to be too business like, but what is a flipped classroom?”

Surprised, I tilted my head and narrowed my eyes quizzically, the person sitting two seats over followed up with a smile and explanation: “We follow you on LinkedIn.” Not wanting to bore my friends with a long dissertation on the flipped class, I tried to explain the basics in an elevator speech. Five Best Practices for the Flipped Classroom. Ok, I'll be honest. I get very nervous when I hear education reformists and politicians tout how "incredible" the flipped-classroom model, or how it will "solve" many of the problems of education.

It doesn't solve anything. It is a great first step in reframing the role of the teacher in the classroom. It fosters the "guide on the side" mentality and role, rather than that of the "sage of the stage. " It helps move a classroom culture towards student construction of knowledge rather than the teacher having to tell the knowledge to students. The Flipped Class as a Way TO the Answers. One common criticism of the the Flipped Class is that it really isn’t that big of a change. Flipteaching. Traditional instruction reformed with flipped classroom techniques. Blendspace - Create lessons with digital content in 5 minutes. Make mobile learning awesome!

Student creation Share materials Free! Get our new app! Save time by using free lessons & activities created by educators worldwide! Be inspired! Flipped Learning Explained Visually. Teachers' Practical Guide to A FLipped Classroom. July, 2014 Unlike the numerous graphics I shared here on the topic of flipped learning which were substantially theoretically based, the one I have for you today provides a practical demonstration of how Dr.Russell flipped his classroom .

The graphic also features some of the activities and procedures he drew in his flipped instruction. Another section of this graphic highlights some of the bearings of this flipped methodology on students performance particularly in terms of the enhanced test scores. The purpose behind sharing this visual is to provide you with a concrete example of how you can go about integrating a flipped learning methodology in your instruction.

This is only a paradigmatic example which you can adapt with due modifications to your own teaching situation. Here are the three easy steps Dr. 1- Record 25 lectures were recorded with Echo 360, each just 35 minutes long. The Best Tools and Apps for Flipped Learning Classroom. Thousands of Free Lesson Plans and Educational Resources for Teachers. 5 Videos on Making Flipped Video Lessons. Flipped Classroom 2.0: Competency Learning With Videos. The flipped classroom model generated a lot of excitement initially, but more recently some educators — even those who were initial advocates — have expressed disillusionment with the idea of assigning students to watch instructional videos at home and work on problem solving and practice in class.

Biggest criticisms: watching videos of lectures wasn’t all that revolutionary, that it perpetuated bad teaching and raised questions about equal access to digital technology. Five-Minute Film Festival: Flipped Classrooms. I really enjoyed Mary Beth Hertz's excellent blog published earlier this week, "The Flipped Classroom: Pro and Con" -- one of the most concise and balanced views I've read on the buzz-wordy concept of flipping the classroom. Advocates say that "flipped classrooms" help overburdened teachers differentiate their instruction to reach more learners, provide an avenue into more hands-on and student-driven learning during classtime, and shift the teacher's role from "sage on the stage" to learning coach and facilitator. Critics say it's just a fad, relies too heavily on rote instruction, and doesn't go far enough in making the needed changes for teaching and learning reform.

I've rounded up this list of videos so you can learn more about the challenges and benefits of flipped classrooms. An Illustration of Flipped Classroom: The Full Picture. EDpuzzle. Flipped Classroom Lesson Plans. How to Create a Learning Video They’ll Want to Watch.

Hiring Mark Zuckerberg to deliver a workshop or run a retreat is not always the most practical or cost-effective solution. Know what’s not impractical? Bringing thousands of today’s industry leaders and visionaries to your employees through short-form video to share the lessons they’ve learned through triumphs and failures in their own careers. This kind of video-driven thought leadership education is an efficient way companies can adopt to scale best practices from visionaries who are out there right now, setting the pace in every industry. 7 free flipped classroom creation apps you might not know.

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