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Harlistas : An American Journey Documentary. Carlos "Shorty" Tenorio has come a long way from working 3 jobs as a destitute Nicaraguan refugee. Now a successful mechanic living in Chicago, IL and the proud owner of two Harley® motorcycles, Shorty is taking his son, "Junior" on the boy's first long ride down the rugged Pacific Coast. As they near the end of their trip, Shorty bestows one of his customized bikes to his son as a celebration of his coming of age and of their unbreakable bond. “ This ride is what I'll pass on to my son. ” The four charismatic and entertaining Rodriguez brothers from Queens, NY (Pat, Jay, Ernie and Vito) ride to Sturgis, South Dakota: the motorcycle Mecca.

The journey brings them together as brothers, and serves a tribute of gratitude to their father, who gave up his own motorcycling dreams for the American Dream, and a memorial to their beloved sister who died in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. “ We like riding. It's our bond that keeps us together.” Flying from Mt. Everest - The Mission - World Record BASE Jump. Errol Morris: Commercials. It's Not Crazy It's Sports: The Streaker - ESPN Video. El ciborg del tercer ojo. Neil Harbisson se presenta como "el primer ciborg reconocido oficialmente por un Gobierno". Es artista, tiene 30 años y vive en Barcelona. Nació con un problema: veía en blanco y negro. Introdujo el color en su vida mediante un dispositivo electrónico insertado en su nuca que traduce los tonos en sonidos. Tras dudas y rechazos, el Gobierno británico aceptó finalmente la foto oficial para el pasaporte con ese tercer ojo cibernético.

Asumió su tesis de que ese añadido artificial forma parte ya de su organismo. Ahora, Neil está decidido a impulsar la revolución de los ciborg. Dentro de este edificio situado a las afueras de Mataró se encuentra la sede de la Fundación Cyborg, cuyo objetivo es ayudar a las personas que así lo deseen a integrar dispositivos electrónicos en su cuerpo. Vayamos por partes. -Yo no lo llamo déficit, lo llamo condición visual -dice con cara de chico tímido, de segundo de bachillerato-, porque no es una enfermedad.

No lo viví mal -dice-, pero sí con extrañeza. Meet the Cyborg Teaching Musicians How to Play Color, Not Sheet Music. Neil Harbisson doesn’t see colors, he listens to them. The day I talk to the Spanish-born artist, he is wearing a discordant array of notes: F (red), G (yellow) and C (blue). “It’s not a normal major chord. It’s a bit like “da da da,” he sings. It’s certainly an unconventional way to approach a wardrobe— Harbisson likes to say he dresses to sound good not look good— but it works for the artist, who was born with achromatopsia, a condition that left him completely colorblind. For the past 10 years, Harbisson has been wearing an electronic eye, his “eyeborg,” to transform his grayscale world into color.

This device, implanted directly into his skull, is essentially a camera that captures colors and turns it into sound frequencies that Harbisson can listen to via bone conduction. It’s a totally foreign way of perceiving the world; almost unimaginable for people who have lived their lives using their senses in the traditional way. Go Back to Top. Vodafone Firsts - Neil Harbisson's First colour-conducted concert. Close Cookies Cookies let us personalise all your future visits to improve your site experience. By visiting, you accept the use of these advertising cookies, but you can opt out by clicking here. Menu1 Close We think you're currently in Go to country name site Stay here Diese Seite ist in Deutschland nicht verfügbar Gehe zu Deutschland Seite Hier bleiben هذه الصفحة ليست متاحة في مصر اذهب إلى مصر الموقع البقاء هنا Această pagină nu este disponibilă în România Du-te la România locație Rămâi aici Questa pagina non è disponibile in Italia Vai a Italia sito Rimani qui Ez az oldal nem érhető el Magyarország Lépjen a Magyarország oldal Maradjon az oldalon This page is not available in South Africa Go to South Africa site Stay here هذه الصفحة ليست متاحة في قطر اذهب إلى قطر الموقع البقاء هنا Esta página no está disponible en España Ir a España sitio Deténgase aquí This page is only available in some countries.

Go to global site Stay here Deze pagina is niet beschikbaar in Nederland Ga naar Nederland site Hier blijven. Cyborg project. El documental - Comprar, tirar, comprar. La historia secreta de la obsolescencia programada, El documental. Anuncio de Apple (Orwell 1984) (Sub. Español) Dove ad: The Evolution of Beauty (Time-lapse) "A Communications Primer," by Charles & Ray Eames (1953) Eamesoffice. Charles and Ray viewed An Introduction to Feedback as one of a series of films about computers and the principles underlying their operation.

Created as a sequel to A Communications Primer, Introduction to Feedback would have been the first Eames project completed for IBM, but they postponed production in order to make the film The Information Machine, shown by IBM at the Brussels World’s Fair in 1958. Introduction to Feedback was intended for an educational setting. The film focuses on the cycle by which performance is measured, evaluated against desired results, and corrected for future performance. The film draws analogies between the function of the feedback principle in everyday situations and the way it works in the modern electronic computer. To demonstrate this process, the Eames Office filmed situations as simple as a girl adapting her moves in a game of jacks and as complex as the mechanical operation of a ball governor regulating a steam engine. Narrated by actor Vic Perrin. Apple - Holiday - TV Ad - Misunderstood. Iberia: Recuerdos que Laten E01- Paralelo. "From One Second To The Next" Documentary - It Can Wait.