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Case Studies - What Works

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Publications and Reviews. Check & Connect Student Engagement Intervention Model. Check & Connect is a research-based intervention used with students who are disengaged from school and learning. The core of Check & Connect is a trusting relationship between the student and a caring, trained mentor. This mentor both advocates for and challenges the student and partners with the family, school, and community to keep education salient for the student. Check refers to systematic monitoring of student performance variables (e.g., absences, tardies, behavioral referrals, grades). Connect refers to personalized, timely intervention focused on problem solving, skill building, and competence enhancement.

Model Programs Guide - DSO. SOCIAL PROGRAMS THAT WORK. Findings From Well-Conducted Randomized Controlled Trials The Problem: U.S. social programs, set up to address important problems, often fall short by funding specific models/strategies (“interventions”) that are not effective.


When evaluated in scientifically-rigorous studies, social interventions in K-12 education, job training, crime prevention, and other areas are frequently found ineffective or marginally effective. Interventions that produce sizable, sustained effects on important life outcomes tend to be the exception. Meanwhile, respected government measures show that the United States has made little progress over the past 40 years in key areas such as reducing poverty1 and increasing K-12 educational achievement.2. National Dropout Prevention Center/Network. EVERY CHILD CRADLE TO CAREER.