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Devic and Buddhic Music: Introduction. I first encountered the notions of deva music and buddhic music in Music: Its Secret Influence throughout the Ages (London: Rider, 1958), by British composer and theosophist Cyril Scott (1879-1970). I was doing research for my book Music and the Soul: A Listener’s Guide to Transcendent Musical Experiences (2004). I had not previously encountered the terms and wondered what they meant and how they applied to music. It seemed that devas (Sanskrit for “Shining Ones,” or gods–something like the Christian and Muslim angels) were nonphysical beings capable of influencing or inspiring music.

They ranged in a hierarchy from simple nature spirits (elves, fairies, brownies, and the like) to mighty archangels. This was my first exposure to the theosophical world view. After Music and the Soul was published, I began to explore the theosophical world view in depth, starting in late 2005. Devas have no human “passions or sorrows” and no moral sense. There are several levels of inspiration by devas. Prepared piano - Wikipedia. Phillip Zoubek's prepared piano A prepared piano is a piano that has had its sound altered by placing objects (called preparations) on or between the strings. Technique[edit] Although theoretically any object could be used to prepare a piano, in practical application preparation objects are usually expected to have certain characteristics: They are applied directly to the piano strings.They must fit in the desired location inside the piano.They (usually) should not move from their location during playing.They must be reversible (that is, when a properly prepared piano has been "unprepared", it should be impossible for anyone to tell that it had ever been prepared; no permanent damage is done to the piano).

Additionally, most preparations will change the timbre of the string in such a way that the original pitch of the string will no longer be perceptible, though there are occasional exceptions to this.[1] Historical precedents[edit] Delage[edit] Cowell[edit] Villa-Lobos[edit] John Cage[edit] 8 Reasons Why Your Guitar Improvisation Does Not Sound Like Music. Free Download - 17 Essential Strum Patterns PDF You have practiced countless hours, you know your scale positions and fingerings like the back of your hand, you can play faster than all your friends. Yet, all the solos you improvise (or write) sound kind of stale, and not like “real music”. Why? Years ago when I was a beginner this problem was driving me crazy.

Some of the points that I will be making here are of purely technical nature, while others are on the emotional side of things. 1. The first reason is probably the most common among guitarists (and drummers). It is important to realize that the term “overplaying” has a relative meaning. The solution here is ridiculously simple: just play fewer notes! When overplaying the superfluous notes obscure the melody line. 2. Now that you have your foot firmly on the brake and not overplaying, you will start to notice that slow notes may not actually sound that good by themselves. 3. 4. As I am fond of saying, music is a team sport. 5. 6. Maciej Zieliński - Wikipedia. Maciej Zieliński - born in Warsaw on 29 March 1971, Polish composer. Selected works[edit] Musica per archi A. D. 1993, (1993)String Quartet No. 1, (1994)Domine, quis habitabit for Unaccompanied Mixed Choir, (1995)Lutosławski in memoriam for Oboe and Piano, (1999)Concerto Inquieto for clarinet and symphony orchestra, (2010) Bibliography[edit] Ewa Cichoń, Maciej Zieliński in Encyclopedia of Music PWM, vol .12.

References[edit] External links[edit] Calvin Harris splashes out on £3million mansion for his mum and dad. SUPERSTAR DJ Calvin Harris has splashed out almost £3million on a mansion for his parents. The chart-topper’s mum Pamela and dad David have moved out of their modest family home in Dumfries after getting the keys to a sprawling five-bedroom home in Somerset. Dance sensation Harris, 32, hit the big time 10 years ago after landing his first record deal. Now his own company CH Music Ltd have financed a £2.8million loan to snap up his parents’ dream home. The star – whose hits include How Deep Is Your Love – bought the house several months ago for Pamela, 66, and David, 75. Former M&S shelf-stacker Calvin – real name Adam Wiles – can afford to lavish gifts on his folks after banking an estimated £70million fortune. It’s believed his parents were keen to move down south to be closer to his siblings.

Sister Sophie, a marketing executive, also lives in Somerset and IT expert brother Edward lives in Oxford. He said: “My family came out. “In a nutshell, as far as the gigs go, that is it. Lady Gaga Details New Album 'Joanne' - Rolling Stone. Lady Gaga will release her new album, Joanne, October 21st via Streamline/Interscope. The pop star announced the LP during an interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1, during which she said she was still in the studio and hoped to have the follow-up to 2013's Artpop finished in the next 48 hours.

Gaga also said that Joanne was named for her late aunt, whose death from lupus at age 19 left a lasting wound on the singer's father's family (Gaga's middle name is also Joanne). Gaga called the album's title track "the true heart and soul of the record" and of the album as a whole added, "As I returned to my home life and spending time with my friends and family and getting out of the mainstream limelight for a minute, the experiences of our family and our challenges that make us who we are. It’s everything about Joanne ... it’s all the toughness of the pain of losing her that made us all strong and made us who we are. Watch Skrillex Perform at Burning Man 2016 - Trap Music Blog - Run The Trap: The Best Hip Hop, EDM & Club. Run The Trap 3.0 Run The Trap was created in July 2012 to bring underground trap music, Hip Hop, Club Music and other related genres to the forefront.

We at Run The Trap are very selective of the music we post, and make sure to only share the utmost quality works on our website. Quality > Quantity. We hope you don't only get your Trap Music fix from our site, but you allow us to help you diverge into various other related underground bass music genres; as well as expose you to some of the culture, style and fashion that exists amongst these communities. Welcome to A NEW ORDER FOR UNDERGROUND CULTURE - #RTT2 Trap Music Tags 320 KbpsAlbum & EPBaauerBangersBassdillon francisDiploDJ SnakeDrakeDubstepEDM NewsExclusives & PremieresfeaturedFlosstradamusFlumefree downloadFree DownloadsFuture BassFuture Bass DownloadHip-Hophip-hop musichip hop downloadHip Hop NewshouseHouse MusicJack UKanye WestMad DecentMajor LazermixmixesMr. Search Categories Music Close. Why Using Pirated Software Will Make You a Worse Producer. Team EZY Talks Working With Skrillex, Steps Out of Comfort Zone on Hot 100 Fest Mix: Exclusive.

Before he started working as an A&R for Skrillex's OWSLA label, Team EZY cut his teeth as the star's DJ tech. As a preview of sorts fot this weekend's Billboard Hot 100 Festival, EZY whipped together a mix made entirely from acts that will be playing at the event, including Rae Sremmurd, Madeon, Desiigner, and more. Skrillex Talks Working With Bruno Mars: 'It Sounds Like Nothing Else That's Happened Before' (Exclusive) "This is the first time I’ve made a festival specific mix where every song/artist is performing at a festival," he tells Billboard Dance. "It was a personal challenge to see if I could create a vibe with so many different styles and genres. " Listen below, and read a short Q&A with EZY. How did you first discover electronic music? I grew up in LA and was a hip-hop kid sampling my parents old vinyl records and making beats on my MPC.

What was your technical experience before you became Skrillex's DJ Tech? How did you connect with Skrillex? What's your mission as an A&R? BlackHoleRecordings (@BlackHoleRec) | Twitter. Skrillex Speaks Out Against Violence In America. Regardless of your opinion on government corruption, police brutality, racial sentiments, sexual orientation, or any of the many other divisive issues facing our country, you have to admit that it’s all getting rather bad.

It’s a scary time to live in the United States of America, and Skrillex has had enough of all the violence. Following the killing of Alton Sterling, Skrillex tweeted out his sentiments regarding the man’s wrongful death. His message of “no more death, no more fighting, no more killing” stands doubly true after last night’s Dallas sniper attacks on police. This marks one of the few times Skrillex has openly voiced his opinion regarding the state of affairs in America, and with the potential to influence such a large following, we’re glad he’s finally speaking up. It's suppose to be protect and serve not intimidate and kill , there needs to be justice this time and a real example needs to be set— SKRILLEX (@Skrillex) July 8, 2016. Ori Uplift - Uplifting Only 172 (May 26, 2016) [All Instrumental] by Trance Family Global. Lady Gage Talks Worst Part of Fame With Jamie Lee Curtis. Lady Gaga of “American Horror Story: Hotel” and Jamie Lee Curtis of “Scream Queens” are arguably some of the most famous new faces on TV.

But fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be — at least not for Curtis, who told Gaga during their conversation for the fourth season of Variety and PBS’ “Actors on Actors” series, that it’s “isolating.” Surprisingly, Gaga agreed with the veteran actress. “I don’t think I could think of a single thing that’s more isolating than being famous,” said Gaga. But as Curtis pointed out, they both sought out fame. Well, actually, they both sought out the “art,” and fame was a side effect. “It’s almost impossible for people even to probably look at my career and the things I’ve done and think, ‘Oh, she didn’t want [that] — of course she wanted to be famous, of course she wanted all that attention.’

It’s just, creative expression is what I am and I would’ve been doing this whether I became famous or not,” said Gaga. Challenge accepted, Curtis said. How to Write and Sell Your Songs. Edit Article Three Parts:Sample DocumentsWriting Ear-catching SongsNavigating the Music Industry Ever wonder why some songwriters get life-changing, rags-to-riches record deals while others with incredible talent and style seem to toil in obscurity? The crucial difference may be that one songwriter knows how to sell himself, while the other does not.

Even the most visionary musicians may go unnoticed if they're not able to "get their music out there". Adding to songwriters' difficulties is the fact that today’s songwriting environment is a highly creative, competitive, and over-saturated one. Ad Steps Part 1 of 2: Writing Ear-catching Songs <img alt="28033 1.jpg" src=" width="670" height="503">1Write lyrics with emotional meaning. <img alt="28033 6.jpg" src=" width="670" height="503">6Be passionate. We could really use your help! Minecraft Tips. UT Student Invents A Trombone That Shoots Frickin' Flames. Valentin Guerin and his ‘Pyro Trombone.’ Screenshot via YouTube. Video It’s rare that you see a new thing, but here’s one: A trombone that shoots flames as it is being played. The idea was hatched and developed by University of Texas at Austin student Valentin Guerin, an exchange student from France.

He calls it the “pyro trombone,” according to Texas Exes. The invention isn’t just a novelty, either. The group is raising money on Kickstarter, and anyone who makes a tax-deductible donation will be treated to a concert just before the group heads off. “Due to decreased funding to education, nationwide, student travel budget funds have been cut drastically or, in our case, eliminated,” the group explained. Seems legit! List of musical works in unusual time signatures. Listed here are musical compositions or pieces in Western music that have unusual time signatures. "Unusual" is here defined to be any time signature other than simple time signatures with top numerals of 2, 3, or 4 and bottom numerals of 2, 4, or 8, and compound time signatures with top numerals of 6, 9, or 12 and bottom numerals 4, 8, or 16.[1] The conventions of musical notation typically allow for more than one written representation of a particular piece.

The chosen time signature largely depends upon musical context, personal taste of the composer or transcriber, and the graphic layout on the written page. Frequently, published editions were written in a specific time signature to visually signify the tempo for slow movements in symphonies, sonatas, and concerti. These examples are grouped by time signature, and listed alphabetically by title. ⅗/4[edit] Partially in ⅗4[edit] Mädchentotenlieder, by Bo Nilsson. ⅔/2 and ⅔/4[edit] Partially in ⅔2 or ⅔4[edit] ⅘/4[edit] Partially in ⅘4[edit]

10 "Masked" Musicians and Why They Hide. Several musicians have been known to take on an alternate persona as part of their art. David Bowie became Ziggy Stardust. Garth Brooks became Chris Gaines. Heck, Robert Zimmerman became Bob Dylan when he was trying to be Woody Guthrie. But other musicians have gone farther as to conceal their true identity by physically masking themselves whether it be with make-up or even an actual mask. Here’s a list of some of the biggest, the story of how they came to be and the reasons behind their facade. 1. Daft PunkReal Identity: Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas BangalterOrigin: “We did not choose to become robots,” Thomas Bangalter reportedly once said. 2. 3. Real Identity: Joel Thomas ZimmermanOrigin: Zimmerman’s moniker was inspired a dead mouse (surprise) that he found in his computer one day. 4. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (often shortened to Ziggy Stardust) is the fifth studio album by English musician David Bowie, which is loosely based on a story of a fictional rock star named Ziggy Stardust.[1] It peaked at No. 5 in the United Kingdom[2] and No. 75 in the United States on the Billboard Music Charts.[3] The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust... is about a bisexual alien rock superstar; the concept album sheds a light on the artificiality of rock music in general, discussing issues of politics, drug use, and sexual orientation.[7] Concept[edit] The album presents, albeit vaguely, the story of a rock and roll character called "Ziggy Stardust".[9] Ziggy is the human manifestation of an alien being who is attempting to present humanity with a message of hope in the last five years of its existence.

Ziggy Stardust represents the definitive rock star: sexually promiscuous, wild in drug intake but with a message, ultimately, of peace and love. Dr. Here’s Why You Should Consider Converting Your Music To A=432 Hz. Article on the Solfeggio Frequencies and David Hulse's Journey. "Plane Wreck At Los Gatos" lyrics by Woody Guthrie. MOTIONLESS IN WHITE LYRICS - Immaculate Misconception. CLOUD NOTHINGS LYRICS - I'm Not Part Of Me. Meditation music. WaveMod | DIY Online Audio Mastering. Burial. Top Jewish Music - The Best Jewish songs June 2012. Shinedown - Simple Man (Video) Directed Daydreaming: Evoking epiphany from a more-conscious mind. Man Fiddles On His Violin During His Own Brain Surgery. Between the Buried and Me "Astral Body" (OFFICIAL VIDEO) BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME - ASTRAL BODY LYRICS. Magix Music Maker 17 Techno Hardstyle 01. "1994" "Hallelujah", Jeff Buckley.

Massive Attack vs Burial - Paradise Circus. Wolfmother - Woman. Dilemma~lyrics~nelly. Circle of 4ths an 5ths - Part 4: Harmonising the Scale - Youtube On Repeat. Major & Minor Piano Scales Explained, Octaves, 4ths 5ths, Circle of Fifths. SYSTEM OF A DOWN LYRICS - Chop Suey! SYSTEM OF A DOWN LYRICS - Toxicity. Mode (music) This is Your Brain On Guitar | Back It Up by Swami | Album | Listen for Free on Myspace. NERO LYRICS - Reaching Out. Converting old powered subwoofer to my receiver?? - Overclockers Forums. DEPECHE MODE LYRICS - Personal Jesus. SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds. YouTube. SILVERSUN PICKUPS LYRICS - Lazy Eye. NATASHA BEDINGFIELD LYRICS - Unwritten. EMINEM LYRICS - Space Bound. Apocalyptica - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Velvet Underground - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. First Year Musical Theory: (rudiments of Music) - Thomas Tapper.

Scientists Confirm That Music Therapy Improves Brain FunctionTunedBody. Converting M4A to MP3. Recording. Luthier. Drums. Listen to the Oldest Song in the World: A Sumerian Hymn Written 3,400 Years Ago. Yanni. How Much Music Theory Should One Know? : WeAreTheMusicMakers. John Frusciante. 10 Magical Effects Music Has On The Mind. Here's Why People Love Deep Bass Sounds In Music. Piano Hero. Play (Bond album) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.