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Here’s why you need to stop washing your dishes by hand. It’s a very human trait to assume that, no matter how far we advance technology, machines will never be able to replace our skills.

Here’s why you need to stop washing your dishes by hand

Take doing the dishes for example: the first dishwasher was built back in 1850, but more than 150 years later, and many of us still do our dishes ourselves, or at least take the time to pre-wash them before loading them into a dishwasher. But according to the latest stats, modern dishwashers are now officially faster, more hygienic and way better for the environment that we’ll ever be. So maybe it’s finally time to give in and let the machines take over, as Chris Mooney writes over at The Washington Post this week. Or as Consumer Reports puts it, it’s time to just "let the dishwasher do its job". There’s still the prevailing myth that washing by hand is cleaner and better for the environment - particularly if you manage to use just one sink-full of water for a whole family’s worth of dishes.

Why Millennials Are Moving Home Design Trends. Home design trends are like fashion— constantly in flux.

Why Millennials Are Moving Home Design Trends

What’s hot one minute is not so hot the next, leaving you with an outdated home. Let’s try and forecast what’s coming by catching a trend in its infancy, allowing you to be ahead of the bandwagon and have an on-trend home, or perhaps a home that sets and solidifies an upcoming trend. Here we will look at how millennials (who are the up-and-coming home buyers) are beginning to drastically shape home design trends. Millennials have a unique perspective on life and how it should be lived, and this outlook is shaping how homes are being designed and built. Let’s delve deeper into the mega-impact millennials are having on home design: Collect this idea.

Cutting Grass 101....Why, When and How Answers For You. Cutting grass is essential to the overall health and proper growth of your lawn.

Cutting Grass 101....Why, When and How Answers For You

Mowing correctly has the biggest impact on how your lawn looks and it's health. If your lawn already has a problem, a bad mow job either caused the problem or will make the problem worse. One can also say that it is one of the most time consuming steps in your lawncare regiment. I’m a “glass is half-full” kind of guy. Think of it this are killing two birds with one stone. Creating/maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn.Creating/maintaining a healthy you. It doesn’t matter whether you decide to cut your own lawn or hire a lawn mowing service. Densehas fewer weedsactively growslooks great The Importance of Cutting Grass When the grass is cut it has the ability to grow new grass plants. How to Clean Your House in 20 Minutes a Day for 30 Days. When I first learned to clean my own place, I thought Saturday had to be an all day clean-a-thon.

How to Clean Your House in 20 Minutes a Day for 30 Days

I didn't really have a concept of how to balance the work load during the week so weekends could be reserved for larger projects or even you know…fun! Now I clean in 20 minutes a day — every day — and things just seem to take care of themselves. Here's a glimpse at the schedule I use! No one said you had to do everything at once and even when time seems short, if you can manage one task a day, things should start to work themselves out. Adjust this list as your family's needs require (those with more or less children might require doing certain activities more or less). 1) Dealing With What Comes Through The Door Set up a small area by the front door to act as a "landing strip" for incoming items to your home. 2) Do Your Dishes After Every Meal This will help you stay on top of your kitchen instead of having it turn into a monster!

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 3 Ways to Chill Your Super Bowl Beer FAST (2 UPDATES) How To Be a Great Host: 13 Tips. Between high school and college I went to school in England and stayed often with a family in London.

How To Be a Great Host: 13 Tips

The parents, Tim and Caroline Gladstone, were the kindest and best hosts I've ever encountered. Whenever I rang their doorbell, Caroline would greet me, welcome me right in the door with my dirty backpack from the train station or airport, and ask me whether I wanted to eat first or wash up. While this seemed like an odd question the first time I showed up at their door, I soon realized that it was the BEST one and accurately captured the two greatest areas of need or discomfort I could possibly have upon any arrival.

For the record, I usually took the bath. Caroline would then proceed to set me up with the further instructions that Tim and she would meet me afterwards in the dining room to hear about everything I'd done, at which time, they'd also give me their complete schedule for the next few days.