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Joseph Minetto

Joseph Mineto sought a career in digital marketing and advertising. From content creation to high-level consulting, he continues to provide technological solutions for small to medium size businesses throughout the country.

10 Best Workout Apps To Get Back In Shape. 4 Things To Know About Serverless Computing. Top IoT mobile app development trends that will dominate 2020. Joseph Minetto, a tech guru, digital marketer, consultant, providing technological solutions for businesses of all sizes and across various verticals explores the major IoT mobile app development trends to look out for in 2020.

Top IoT mobile app development trends that will dominate 2020

IoT devices are multiplying, radically transforming the IT landscape. It’s now being adopted to fuel innovation in most industries like healthcare, transportation, retail sector, public utilities, and many more. 2020 will see IoT becoming deeply ingrained in our daily lives both at home and at work. The smart future that we all eagerly await is finally here and practically everything we own might be able to transmit data and communicate over the global internet. With the need to provide great user experience, drive business efficiency, developers are now widely adopting IoT into their mobile apps development. IoT is now transitioning from the hype phase to a more established concept that is already shaping the app development sector. Home automation Wearables. The Google Nest Home. How Technology Improves Workplace Productivity? by Joseph Minetto.

Importance Of Artificial Intelligence  In This Advanced World. Top Technology Trends For 2020 by Joseph Minetto. Technologies that will improve our lives in the future By Joseph Minetto. The invention of technology is one of the greatest empowerment in the world.

Technologies that will improve our lives in the future By Joseph Minetto

Technology has been the most prominent helper for humans for decades. Its further development and advancement have made life easier and more people can fulfill their daily tasks without delay or stress. Since its evolution, lives have been improved by creating great resources and also putting every information we need at our fingertips. Today’s technology has provided multi-functional devices. The use of messaging apps, smartphones, and watches is now the norm, computers are now higher powdered than ever and are more portable. Joseph Mineto, a professional in digital marketing and advertising who provides technological solutions for small to medium size businesses takes us through some life-changing technologies that will revolutionize our lives in the future. Artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence has been around for a while now and greatly used in many industries in the world today.

Space tourism. Keeping Healthy By Staying Active! How Content Marketing Plays an Important Role in Business Growth? Managing Profitable Customer Relationships by Joseph Minetto. Three Big Data Mistakes - Joseph Minetto - Medium. Joseph Minetto – Big data Mistakes – 23/06/2020 Big data has recently taken over many businesses and organizations.

Three Big Data Mistakes - Joseph Minetto - Medium

It has greatly increased revenue and serves as a unique source for all businesses. The use of big data has greatly expanded. Its tremendous growth still leaving us all in awe Big data is a term used by computer scientists to create strategies needed for gathering large datasets. It processes, organizes, and analyzes data that exceeds a single computer capacity. With all this work done by big data, many business owners, organizations and companies thought their business will drastically take off and magically shows great results once they used a good data strategy. Here, Joseph Minetto, an expert in digital marketing and advertising, who provides technology solutions for small and medium-sized businesses around the world takes us through three big data mistakes you may never know. Focusing on Many Data Today, the source of data is endless. Poor Data Quality Like this: How to Choose Right Camera by Joseph Minetto. LinkedIn, Medium Journalist. How to Choose Right Camera Photography by Joseph Minetto.

How to Choose Right Camera - Joseph Minetto - Medium. Joseph Minetto – How to Choose The Right Camera by check camera features, megapixels, sensor, interchangeable lenses by comparing camera price.

How to Choose Right Camera - Joseph Minetto - Medium

We help you select the right one. Joseph Minetto, a tech guru and digital marketing expert explores some of the things beginners need to consider when buying a camera. Now that you have finally decided to take the plunge and get yourself a real camera, the next thing is to take a careful thought when purchasing one. Whether you are tired of your phone camera, or you need to vlog your activities for your online lovers, or you need to take banging pictures that portray your product or services, buying the right camera is the best decision you can make. What camera should I buy? Compare Camera Price As much you don’t want to spend a fortune while buying a camera, you still don’t want to compromise quality for the price. Megapixels Megapixels make a camera great and using one makes your photo more detailed for a professional level.

Ergonomics Sensor. Shredder Acrylic Art Painting by Joseph Minetto. Twitter. Smart Gadgets Will Rock 2020 - Joseph Minetto - Medium. Joseph Minetto, a tech expert providing technological solutions to both small and medium-sized companies, provides his pick on the top exciting gadgets that will make 2020 an exciting one.

Smart Gadgets Will Rock 2020 - Joseph Minetto - Medium

Technology is ever-changing, forever growing and there will always be something new and exciting. Hence, it’s hard to keep us with the pace and stay up- to- date with the latest technology and gadgets. While 2019 witnessed a myriad of gadgets like smartphones, smart watch, smart shoes, smart home speakers including PC gaming.

You will be amazed at some of the eye-catching gadgets that will rock 2020. Art of the Day Painting by Joseph Minetto. Why Exercise Is Important - Joseph Minetto - Medium. Do you want to stay healthy, feel, and appear good while having a good life span?

Why Exercise Is Important - Joseph Minetto - Medium

Exercising is key. We all know exercise is good. Some of us have even already started but quit along the line for good reasons. Life is busy, being consistent with exercise is not so easy and you are finding hard times exercising with the busy schedule. Regular exercise has been proven to be a good mood booster and can promote good nice physique, make you more confident, retain memory, and help feel relaxed. Saatchiart. Tips to Increase Your Metabolism by Joseph Minetto. 2020 Top Technology Trends by Joseph Minetto. Joseph Minetto — 2020 Technology Trends - Joseph Minetto - Medium. As a digital marketer also providing technological solutions to drive business to success, Joseph Mineto, a Washington-based tech guru predicts technological trends that will disrupt business and drive significant opportunities in 2020.

Joseph Minetto — 2020 Technology Trends - Joseph Minetto - Medium

IT leaders, businesses and marketers must decide what combination of the trends will drive the most innovation while propelling the business forward. In the wake of the 4th industrial revolution, technology is skyrocketing like wildfire. what is abrupting the society and shaking humanity just a decade ago have experienced advancements, developments with new innovations being giving birth to. From the internet of things to self-driving cars, Joseph Mineto explores top tech trends that will make the next decade an exciting yet challenging one.

Read on! Increasing Innovative AI Companies and Factories AI is one of the most disruptive technology trends impacting businesses and their operations. AI Security and Regulations 5g Network- The New Era of The Internet. Joseph Minetto – Tips to Increase Your Metabolism – Joseph Minetto. Ever wonder why you cut down your foods and eat less but still gain a lot of weight but your best friend eats so much and never had weight?

Joseph Minetto – Tips to Increase Your Metabolism – Joseph Minetto

Here is your answer, your metabolism, that part of you that burns calories day after day and allows you to carryout out your daily task. Metabolism is a chemical reaction that happens in us which helps the body to convert food into energy. “As we grow older, the rate at which our body metabolizes decrease because it loses muscles continuously,” says Joseph Minetto. Top Tips For Great Digital Advertising by Joseph Minetto. Digital Advertising Tips - Joseph Minetto - Medium. With 88 percent of consumers searching online prior to making a purchase or availing a service, it is safe to say you have already gone digital when it comes to marketing.

Digital Advertising Tips - Joseph Minetto - Medium

And if you are yet to, you might be missing out on a lot of opportunities. From access to a wide range of audiences to converting them to leads and customers, digital advertising is a game-changer for businesses. The digital landscape can, however, be overwhelming. Saatchiart. Joseph Minetto — Effective Tips to Reduce Body Fat - Joseph Minetto - Medium. Who doesn’t love a banging beach-worthy body?

Joseph Minetto — Effective Tips to Reduce Body Fat - Joseph Minetto - Medium

I bet no one! While this is not only the reason to burn those body fats, removing excess fat is also important for overall health. These body fats tend to be so easy to get and keep hanging on especially when we don’t want them and we are striving to get rid of them. The good news, however, is that there are many effective ways to boost fat burning easily and fast.