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The Ideal approach for outsourcing: Agriya's detailed explanatory. How Online Appointment Booking System Revolutionized Business. The emergence of Online appointment booking system and it’s reminder based approach have given businesses a new avenue for accommodating their customers.

How Online Appointment Booking System Revolutionized Business

Appointment booking system is beneficial to both the customers and the business establishments. In order to succeed in today’s technology-driven World, it doesn’t matter whether you have a personalized Salon, a clinic or a veterinary hospital as long as you don’t have a completely automated appointment booking system growth of your business will be stunted. In order to succeed, organizations have to provide convenience along with effective service and care.

Appointment scheduling software’s efficient management of bookings and reservations helps organizations to stay connected with their customers, clients and patients. This results in significant time and revenue savings. Enables Quick Report and Record Compilation Appointment scheduling system eliminates the need to manage information in separate files and folders manually. How to overcome Outsourcing Challenges? Get a Complete Insight of Agriya's Web Development Service and Solutions. Freelance platform, freelance marketplace platform, Marketplace script - Agriya. Awards - Agriya. Online Food Ordering Script, clone of Just Eat, Foodpanda - Agriya. Fiverr Clone, Fiverr Clone Script, Micro Jobs Script, Gigbucks Clone - Agriya. Hi Colin, thanks for agreeing to do this interview!

Fiverr Clone, Fiverr Clone Script, Micro Jobs Script, Gigbucks Clone - Agriya

Can we start with the introduction, tell us who you are, where in the world are you from and do you have a real life job? Agriya Introduces New Car Rental Software - Rent&Ride. The car rental business model is now experiencing new and flourishing change as the technology advances.

Agriya Introduces New Car Rental Software - Rent&Ride

As the self-riding is today’s business requirement from the Car Booker, this on-trend demand brings out an interesting business prospect. Agriya’s recent off the shelf solution becomes the exact answer. Car Rental Script, Vehicle Rental Software, Auto Rental System - Agriya. Kickstarter clone script. PHP web development company. "Project summary: The client is an online staffing agency that helps small- and medium-sized businesses find the professional freelancers.

PHP web development company

The client needed a technology partner to redesign t... heir primary website and provide digital marketing services. Agriya was one of several potential vendors to receive a request for proposal from the client, and they were selected as the solution partner due to their demonstrated capabilities. Once commissioned, Agriya was responsible for the complete website redesign, which involved requirements gathering, project scoping, wireframing and template deployment, custom backend development, data preparation and migration, systems integration, UI/UX and performance testing, and ongoing support.Feedback summary: The client remains quite pleased with the work delivered by Agriya.

According to the client, their successfully deployed website generates more than three times the traffic of their previous site. Agriya. Agriya is an Indian web development and mobile application development company headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.


Agriya helps startups, entrepreneurs and medium scale enterprises to start niche specific websites.[1] It has its virtual office in the USA and various countries in Europe. [1] Its officially registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.[2] Agriya is the associated brand name of Ahsan Technologies.[3] It is registered member of NASSCOM [4] [3] and it is certified with ISO 9001:2008 for providing quality web development services. [5][3] History[edit] Agriya was founded by Aravind Kumar in 2000. He is the current CTO of the company.[1][6] The company was registered as a partnership firm in the registrar of companies, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

An honest review about Agriya's software from Mr. Ozmr Goren. Coursera clone. Teamtreehouse clone. Khan academy clone. Udacity clone script. Skillshare clone script. Udemy Clone Teachr. Lynda Clone Tutor. Fundraising script. Glance of Crowdfunding DonateJust sit back and relax, while this fundraising software creates a remarkable donation based crowdfunding website in a short span of time.

Fundraising script

This software will assist you to launch a website for any niche, any region, any currency and any language of the world.Each multi-beneficial feature of your website will meet all the necessary needs of the webmasters and the users. It’s super responsive pixels are always on the toes to present the entire website in crystal clear and detailed way. Besides them, it also has multiple revenue options to earn money smoothly from the website.Mechanism of Donation Business ModelUsers list their projects on the website, donors view these projects and if they feel the projects are worthy, they donate money.

The website draws a dedicated amount of commission from every donation made on the website. Besides that, it also makes money from other revenue options. Agriya. Agriya. Agriya Profile and Client Reviews. Could you briefly describe your company?

Agriya Profile and Client Reviews

We help residents offer excess space and property to travelers in search of cost-effective hotel alternatives. Agriya Reviews. Agriya’s review and video testimonial from Mr.Ozmr Goren. Agriya on Vimeo. In Depth Review of Agriya’s Fiverr Clone Script. Image 12. Agriya review - Jonathan Carroll from US has given a valuable feedback. Agriya - About - Google+ Agriya - crunchbase. Agriya (@agriya) SlideShare. Why Jason chooses Agriya FPPlatform? Uber clone script. Design contest script.

What is 360Contest?

Design contest script

Agriya warmly greets you to the highly lucrative world of online business. Recent days, this exceptional contest industry is getting more energetic and competitive. Millions of ideas and concepts are evolving every day. Contest driven websites proves to be one of the strongest concepts among them. Analyzing various aspects of the contest industry, we have developed a vibrant script which is capable of hosting any kind of contest based on design, video, audio and text.How this Contest Software Works? " You can check all the features of contest software here.Technologies UsedIn this effective contest driven script, we used the combination of following technologies. Freelance platform. Freelance economy is booming that it grows by leaps and bounds and considered to be an evergreen business in this digital era.

Freelance platform

It’s an absolute instance to have a quick look at the different kinds of flourishing freelancing models straight away. Each model has its own distinctiveness in working mechanism and its functionality. Every single model not only meets the business requirement promptly, but also exceeds your expectation by means of excellent performance.

Booking Software. Etsy Clone Script. What is BuysellVisualizing the wave of future in the Etsy business model, Agriya launched its advanced ready-made Etsy clone script with new responsive design and many productive features.

Etsy Clone Script

It helps the entrepreneurs to launch an advanced online marketplace website within a short period of time.How it WorksUsers can act as both buyer and seller with the flexible dual login option available in this script. Sellers can list the products by paying a listing fee and post it in your website. On the other hand, buyers can view all listed products through collections, shops, items and category. They can purchase the products with secured payment gateway.As a webmaster, you can earn a commission fee for every purchase made in the website.Why we developed this Etsy clone script? Android Application Developer. Custom Mobile Application Development. Mobile Application Developer.

Agriya have talented analysts and developers to develop mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android Devices. – josephinek

Iphone Application Development Services. Clubplanet Clone. Set Your Own TonePartyPlanet comes with two totally unique designs built in as standard so you can choose a stylish and dark theme or if you want to be more modern and clean there is also a white theme available. Switching the themes is as easy as selecting which one to use from a drop down menu in the admin area and saving your selection. You can change the theme back at any point too without losing any information so you can give your site a complete makeover at a click of a button.Set Your VenuesYour users have the option to signup as a regular member or a venue owner.

As a venue owner the person can add their venues where events can be held, create a profile page for each venue and showcase upcoming events along with highlighting events that have already taken place. Party Planet is ready to demo and test drive today. To get started simply fill out the form below and tell us a little bit about your requirements or any questions you might have about this software. Zocdoc Clone Script. Fiverr Clone, Fiverr Clone Script, Micro Jobs Script, Gigbucks Clone - Agriya. What is Fiverr Clone? World is fully made of talents and knowledge. The crucial challenge that, they don’t have the proper platform to project themselves successfully. Agriya identified these growing demands, analyzed the needs of the community and formulated a fixed price platform called FPPlatform, an exclusive Fiverr clone script.How Fiverr Clone WorksFiverr clone acts as a best platform which connects the users who are looking for micro jobs with the users who can do the micro jobs with his personal interest.

Here the webmasters are allowed to run a micro jobs marketplace by let their users to buy and sell the jobs in terms of gigs. So the users can sell their micro talents in terms of gigs. Technologies UsedWe used the combination of following technologies,Linux, Apache, Ngnix, MySQL, PostgreSQL and PHPIn addition to that, we have specially developed using Bootstrap design for its reliable and crisp design framework. Fiverr Clone, Fiverr Clone Script, Micro Jobs Script, Gigbucks Clone - Agriya.

Fiverr Clone, Fiverr Clone Script, Micro Jobs Script, Gigbucks Clone - Agriya. Fiverr Clone. Agriya is reviewed by Jonathan Carroll from US. Agriya is reviewed by Jonathan Carroll from US. How Crowdfunding provides a great support to the budding entrepreneurs?

Crowdfunding is the latest technique for the promising entrepreneurs to raise funds to start up a new business smoothly. – josephinek

Google’s algorithm updates 2014.

Google algorithm is one of the techniques to perpetually tune and refine sites across the globe. Google algorithm update 2014 framed using high end technology that delivers excellent search results. – josephinek

Custom Web Development Services Company India.

Agriya is the remarkable web development company in India,that provide splendid services in launching your next generation website effectively. – josephinek