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Photo by josepfh. Jason Alan Wilkinson - The Poetry Locksmith - EYE ON LIFE MAGAZINE. Jason Alan Wilkinson is a writer living in New York whose work has appeared through a gallimaufry of literary vehicles.

Jason Alan Wilkinson - The Poetry Locksmith - EYE ON LIFE MAGAZINE

P.ost. Josepf @ Books Of Wonder. #Blankverse #Poetry on #Passionating. P.ost. P.ost. #Passionating. Josepf Poet Trending. P.ost. Shashi Sharma. Josepf Poet Twitter tweets related to: Twylah, Kelly, Haiku, Poem, Poetry and more. Josepf Poet Trending. MomsofAmerica. #prose #poem on #Passionating #pfma. P.ost. #Passionating. On 91st street. Alice Anderson. Weeds-by-Matt-Rader. Foursquare. Juan Carlos Hernandez english interview in english for "Jazz Stew" Loud Silence... » Measurements and Metrics make for Masterful Marketing, SEO, CMO, SEOCMO. I hear her first a sound that stirs me calls me to her and then I see her across the room.

» Measurements and Metrics make for Masterful Marketing, SEO, CMO, SEOCMO

Move Me. Interview with Matthew Temple, Author of mURdEr cLuB cANDy « When did you first know you wanted to write a book?

Interview with Matthew Temple, Author of mURdEr cLuB cANDy «

When I read great ones in high school. I was probably first impressed by The Once and Future King and Lord of the Flies, around the fifth grade. By the eighth or ninth grade, I knew for sure I wanted to write a book. When I started reading Fitzgerald and Salinger around tenth or eleventh grade, I started wondering whether I would ever really be able to write a good one..and there I still stand. =) "The Love Song of J. Alfred True Klout" by #UsGuys Caveman. Here we are then, #UsGals and #UsGuys, When our network's reach grasps even the sky Like Prometheus Unbound in some old fable; Here we are, in certain well-formatted tweets, Quick-edited retweets, Of restless nights in hot-hash tag hotels and #coffee tweet-ups that #RingtheTribalBell, Tweets that follow like an #UsBlogs assignment Of Round-up intent, To lead #UsFolk to an overwhelming question Oh, do not ask, "What is it?

" Let Us go and make Our visit. ·ς←Ç→ς· walking through time {One Shoot Sunday at One Stop Poetry} Photograph by Iquanyin Moon iquanyin moon’s flickr photostream ·ς←Ç→ς·. i am walking through time.

·ς←Ç→ς· walking through time {One Shoot Sunday at One Stop Poetry}

·ς·.travelling alone ~i’m naked to the world{ if anyone could see me }creating my own field of gravityfootprints rising from ~not sinking into~ the sand. ·ς·.i’m moving as fast as light through normal spacebarely there long enough to take a few stepsthen disappearing into the cold dark voidin the time it would take for one breath{ if only there was air to breathe }. Tales Beyond the Frames. Moments that we see through the lens, moments that give us a gesture; a gesture that descends into the abyss of visual rhythm and harmonies through a kind of intuition.

Tales Beyond the Frames

It is an expression that we experience in that very moment; put a frame around and call it a “photograph”, but the story goes far beyond the frame. Guyku by Bob Raczka & Peter H. Reynolds. But Keep in Mind. . .

Guyku by Bob Raczka & Peter H. Reynolds

So keep a pencil and paper handy at all times—and share your future poetic and artistic creations with others. Show them to your friends and family, gather them to create a special portfolio you can share with people, or ask your teacher to let you hang them up in the classroom or hallway at school. Vampira’s Ball « Marousia. Twilight is falling, Vampira stirs in her carmine silk coffin, nostrils flare scenting of attar of roses, she stretches luxuriously stepping gracefully into the room.

Vampira’s Ball « Marousia

She floats to the French windows throwing them open, she bows very deeply to salute the rising moon. Outside snowflakes dance in the crisp cold night air. In the garden, the cawing of night jars rends the air while the lawns glimmer from snow like shot silk and filigree hazelnut hedges are kissed by the moon. Her chivalrous paramour was returning tonight, she waited joyously, her heart and the windows were open, tonight there would be a masquerade ball in that very room. Ric Dragon v2 » Blog Archive » Hippies. We saw the hippies on Sunset Boulevard.

Ric Dragon v2 » Blog Archive » Hippies

The Shorty Awards - Honoring the best of Twitter and social media. Grief Virus « Jessica Kristie. I pause in silence.

Grief Virus « Jessica Kristie

Honoring the fallen that still forge this ground with mystery and memory. Your vacancy leaves stains permanent and pressing. Questioning – even the questions to ask. A photography, a poem by Diana Matisz and a Chris Isaak song ~ Juan-Carlos Hernandez - Life Photographer. I'm honoured to collaborate with another US poet, Diana Matisz, who put her mature and sensitive words on one of my photos I hope you will enjoy this poem named by Diana, "The Spaces Between".

A photography, a poem by Diana Matisz and a Chris Isaak song ~ Juan-Carlos Hernandez - Life Photographer

Regards Juan Carlos. Welcome to Google Docs. The Wonders of One Stop « Jessica Kristie. Have you heard of One Stop Poetry? One Stop is combining the unique talents of American Poets Brian Miller, Leslie Moon, Adam Dustus, with British Poet, Pete Marshall, to bring you new and exciting opportunities as an artist. One Stop – Where Poets & Writers Meet. Leslie Moon added, “One Stop Poetry wanted to create a community to support the arts. Currently it offers a day for poets to share their current poetry (yes it can be in the working stage). Bending in Time – Author D.M. Landreneau « Jessica Kristie. It is my pleasure to introduce to you D.M. Landreneau, poet extraordinaire and Author of new release Bending in Time. Ms. Landreneau is most gifted with words.

I discovered her only recently and now wonder how I ever lived without her. She feeds my soul. Twitter: @poesravenlady Website: Poesravenlady. Betweenhearts75's Blog. Planetary Dream. Blogging Seems To Have Peaked, Says Pew Report. The Pew Internet and American Life Project released its latest report today documenting how different generations use the Internet, and most of the findings won't come as a surprise. Across generations and almost across the board, we're spending more time engaged in online activities, as watching videos, listening to music, and reading the news, for example, become inceasingly popular.

The one notable exception: a decline in blogging among teens, with only half as many blogging today as did in 2006. Blogging also declined slightly among adults aged 18-33. Its popularity did increase among older generations, and as a result the result for adult blogging overall went up, from 11% in late 2008 to 14% this year. #UsGuys. Shells of Love. #UsGuys East Coast Meet Up Jan 23rd 2011 in #Philly. #UsGuys East Coast Meet Up Final Details. Rendered Souls. Sitawa wafula. Gone Missing. Sprinkled by moon dust / Blessed excited inclusion / A long to belong. Corners « Marousia. All my paintings on one page.