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Joselin Hernandez

Hello, My name is Joselin Hernandez. I am from New York,USA. From last 2 years I am working in as a Sales Executive. I have 4 years experience in this field.

Why do businesses need responsive website design? - UniSecure Datacenters Blog. Many studies have reported that by 2016 most of the people will be accessing web on their mobile phones, compared to PCs and laptops.

Why do businesses need responsive website design? - UniSecure Datacenters Blog

This rise is already evident now as most of the internet users in US are online through mobile web. So, if you are yet to consider a responsive website design for, you are losing a major revenue since a major portion of the customer-base is available on the smartphones and tabs. No need to create a separate mobile site version: A responsive website design adjusts or scales the page size according to the resolution of the device on which the web is accessed.

So there is no need to invest additionally for creating a specific version for mobile site for the same web content. The visuals and display in the responsive websites are highly navigational. Google recommends it: Responsive websites even offer SEO benefits. Duplicate Content: Creating different versions of website for desktops, mobiles and tabs will mean repetition of the content. Hybrid Cloud: The Solution for Modern Businesses - UniSecure Datacenters Blog. Since its inception, cloud has enticed many organizations and even those reluctant to embrace the technology.

Hybrid Cloud: The Solution for Modern Businesses - UniSecure Datacenters Blog

We are at a stage where the market demands for the next, upgraded version of cloud, while on the other hand, we still have a bunch of them, standing miles away from the cloud because they doubt its security features. Amidst the revolutionary phase came a new concept: hybrid cloud. Organizations can experience the unified form of cloud hosting platform with the scalability and flexibility of public server, while performance and security of a private cloud.

As I mentioned, most organizations are yet to use cloud to its full potential. Why VPS is favoured over traditional shared web hosting ? Which data center to host in the US ? - UniSecure Datacenters Blog. Choosing a data center for your web services and managing your mission-critical business data is the most crucial part of IT management decision making.

Which data center to host in the US ? - UniSecure Datacenters Blog

The most suitable location, proximity, lesser latency, proper infrastructure, advanced technology, green power resources, security, all these are major considerations when you are looking for a data center services in US. US is the hub of data centers with numerous services providers. So choosing the right data center to host your web becomes all the more difficult here. However, a small effort and planning can make you find the best data center provider.

You just need to outline your business goals, plan in detail your web needs. Benefits of Solid State Drive Technology for Data Centers - UniSecure Datacenters Blog. Solid State Drives scored impressions way back as an high performance storage resource that improves data center efficiency and satisfies end-user experience with better response time.

Benefits of Solid State Drive Technology for Data Centers - UniSecure Datacenters Blog

It helped data center operators manage the rapidly growing storage requirements and maximize performance level. Although several new technologies emerged in the market, SSDs still address storage space required to house data in large quantities. Unisecure's Philadelphia based data center now offers dial-to-order services, Business - weSRCH. Unisecure, leading Tier IV data center provider in the US, has initiated dial-to-order services, a new component to promote quicker purchase of web hosting services via call.

Unisecure's Philadelphia based data center now offers dial-to-order services, Business - weSRCH

“Although our customers proposed the initiation of an element that would cut-down the extended route to placing order, we were unable to process the request due to some reasons. However, now we have a a completely practical dial-to-order feature and customers can sign up with us without filling out a bunch of online forms,” said a spokesperson at Unisecure. How is Backup Different From Disaster Recovery? - UniSecure Datacenters Blog. Do you consider backup and disaster recovery to be the similar concepts?

How is Backup Different From Disaster Recovery? - UniSecure Datacenters Blog

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. These two terminologies hold different meaning and are not interchangeable, but share quiet few similarities. Disaster recovery is a vast concept, whereas backup is an element of the massive DR abstract, both services are offered by data center service providers. Many organizations often regard it in the same context and end up tangled in a huge coil of trouble in the event of disaster.

In short, backup is a copy of your mission-critical data and applications, while Disaster Recovery as as Service ensure the safety of your entire infrastructure. Frequent file backups Backups are performed in different modes: daily, weekly or monthly. On contrast, disaster recovery requires to scale out the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) that states how long the business can survive without IT equipment post-disaster. DDoS: Predominantly Causing Costly Data Center Outages - UniSecure Datacenters Blog. While IT operators have discovered methods to avert unplanned outages, DDoS attacks are still playing its part in wreaking havoc in the data centers.

DDoS: Predominantly Causing Costly Data Center Outages - UniSecure Datacenters Blog

UPS system failure was considered as one of the most common factors leading to power outage. The recent reports released by Emerson states that unexpected downtime can add a whopping $9000 expense to the IT bill. It is said that the costs associated with IT infrastructure outages have increased by 38% since 2010 and the citing figures collected shows that nearly 22% of downtime is caused by DDoS. The dark world is even bigger than we imagine. DDoS is a form of cyber attack and the invaders are paid to induce system failure, especially to hit market giants. Security Benefits of Migrating Corporate Network to Cloud - UniSecure Datacenters Blog. The cyber crime rate is skyrocketing and the pressure on the enterprises is thriving, compelling them to move to a more proportioned area.

Security Benefits of Migrating Corporate Network to Cloud - UniSecure Datacenters Blog

While cloud computing has turned into such a major component of utility, most organizations are planning to shift their corporate network to the cloud. Nevertheless, it is imperative for them to understand the underlying benefits of the migration, so that organizations can work to maximize security and minimize risk factors. When relocating the network to the cloud, you need to know the reason why companies are making cloud their first choice. Why Data Center Colocation Is A Better Option? - UniSecure Datacenters Blog. Setting up your own IT infrastructure is not only an expensive business in terms of money, but it also requires both your time and effort to make things work out efficiently.

Why Data Center Colocation Is A Better Option? - UniSecure Datacenters Blog

A data center is of no use if it fails to reach the top level of performance. That’s what is directing most organization toward data center outsourcing, better known as colocation services. Is Bare Metal The Ideal Option for Businesses? - UniSecure Datacenters Blog. Over the years, bare metal cloud has drawn attention of the global audience and it is not at all surprising.

Is Bare Metal The Ideal Option for Businesses? - UniSecure Datacenters Blog

All of this owes to the flexibility, scalability and efficiency of the cloud that allows smooth interface without burning a hole in the IT budget. In short, bare-metal enables its users to enjoy more for less and that clearly explains why it is pulling organization towards it. But not for long did bare-metal endure in the limelight as soon it was overtaken by new emerging technologies. While bare-metal flourishes users with all the necessities to work efficiently, certain conditions occur that diminishes performance level. Initiating hyper visor layer benefits the user with easiness and managerial abilities to run a number of virtual machines on a specific machine, but there is a hidden drawback here. It’s Important to Backup Your Data Regularly - UniSecure Datacenters Blog.

Hybrid Cloud: The Solution for Modern Businesses - UniSecure Datacenters Blog. Simple Ways to Protect Your Dedicated Server Like a Pro. Easily build powerful user management, authentication, and authorization into your web and mobile applications.Download this Forrester report on the new landscape of Customer Identity and Access Management, brought to you in partnership with Stormpath. Users choose dedicated servers for their many advantages that no other hosting solution can offer. They provide high performance with better flexibility, scalability, and above all a greater degree of security. Although resources in dedicated web hosting are exclusively for one user and not shared with anyone else, still there lies the chance for security issues.

There are certain smaller steps which dedicated server users must follow to additionally protect their servers like a pro: Server Administration Tips. Ways a Hosting Provider Can Protect Your Company’s Reputation - UniSecure Datacenters Blog. It takes years to build reputation and just few seconds to drown everything. We put in our blood and toil to bring our organization to the top from scratch; to make it recognizable, but a single mistake and things go completely wrong.

It doesn’t matter how big the enterprise is, reputation stands equal among all. How does Exchange hosting beneficial for Enterprises? - UniSecure Datacenters Blog. Exchange Hosting is the communication tool to allow the employees remain connected and communicate whether they are in the office or they are on the move. It helps in improving their productivity and create a highly efficient working environment.

Look for good Exchange hosting service providers to make the maximum out its benefits. It offers extreme mobility to the users as they can securely be in touch with co-workers, associates, clients/customers remotely. Here are few benefits of Exchange Hosting for enterprises: Improved communication: Exchange hosting enables remote access to the data through laptops, smartphones, ipad and desktops. Mobility: The mobility feature with fast and high quality exchange hosting makes the users access their accounts, emails, organizer, tasks and contacts remotely, which improves their productivity as they can work from anywhere, from home, from any remote location.

How to Get WordPress Content Shared on Social Media - UniSecure Datacenters Blog. Developing a great content with correct keywords will be of no value if it is not shared and viewed by the online visitors. A right SEO and social media strategy needs to planned to increase the traffic to your website. Optimizing the posts for social media is very important for it be seen by the viewers. Relying only on the Search Engine Optimization is not enough today. The posts need to be shared, retweeted and repined as much as possible to enhance its visibility and value. Ways You’re Increasing Efficiency by Using Managed Hosting - UniSecure Datacenters Blog. Managed hosting services take care of your hardware and applications, allowing you to focus on the business competencies. Not only is it a great option for big enterprises, small businesses can equally enjoy the perquisites by handing over few essential components to the service provider. Developing and managing own IT infrastructure has always been a challenging task, but the alternative saves you from the cost of maintenance and upgrades.

Let’s take a closer look at why managed hosting makes a good choice for most businesses: Minimizes operational costs: Choosing unmanaged hosting buries you under the pressure of maintaining the server all by yourself. You have to rent the equipment and invest largely on its cooling, network connectivity and other technical needs. Why do businesses need responsive website design? - UniSecure Datacenters Blog.

Web Hosting: Secure Configuration of cPanel and WHM - UniSecure Datacenters Blog. cPanel and WHM (Web Hosting Manager) help greatly in controlling and managing the web servers. The users can easily control their web hosting servers, email accounts, FTP, security settings, databases, application and more through easy-to-use GUI and automation options of control panel. Before we move further, let’s see the pre-requisites for cPanel/WHM installation: Finding New Data Centers Sales Opportunities in Changing IT Markets - UniSecure Datacenters Blog.

How’s the Idea of Sparing an Extra Server? - UniSecure Datacenters Blog. Spare servers can be a good idea in the case of any downtime due to some equipment failure. Things will remain functional even if there are hardware issues. It will help in minimizing the downtime and ensure business continuity. Managed hosting services help businesses in carrying out their IT operations in much better way. Ask your web host for managed services where the experts will take a complete care of your computing needs assuring better uptime and server availability. Keeping in mind the downtime factors, Managed hosting providers also offer spare servers or equipment for short-term as one of their services. Setting up Email Server in Linux System - UniSecure Datacenters Blog. Are you looking for assistance regarding the installation of email server in the Linux system? You may contact a Linux administrator for help or follow the guidelines and instructions explained in this blog.

There are many server software like Postfix, Qmail, Sendmail and Exim that can be configured on the Linux server using cPanel or Plesk control panels. This tutorial has the steps to quickly install Exim Mail Server on Linux Control Panel. Review Data Centers Strategies to Stay Competitive. Internet Policies that can Influence Web Hosting as We Enter 2016 - UniSecure Datacenters Blog. 2016 Belongs to The People with These IT Skills. In the adversity of unemployment situations, IT industry is still going well. Its evolution and development is not going to stop any soon. This is why the industry has its doors open for multiple job opportunities. However, it’s dynamic and ever changing which means there will be constant change in the demand of IT skills expected by the companies.

People who are looking for personal growth, ready to do multi-tasking and expecting a great pay-scale, can find an ample of opportunities in the IT industry. Linux Server Backup Practices that Administrators Probably Don’t Know - UniSecure Datacenters Blog. Unlike Windows, Linux is extremely secured, stable, open sourced and affordable OS. However, Linux servers are vulnerable to few events that can cause data loss. Why to Choose Outsourced & Managed Services at Data Centers - UniSecure Datacenters Blog. How to protect your Linux Server against Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability - UniSecure Datacenters Blog. Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability is a security loophole in the Linux Kernel 3.8 or the superior version.

Managed Dedicated Server In US. Which is Better-Colocation services or Managed Web Hosting - UniSecure Datacenters Blog. Protecting Linux Servers Against Glibc Vulnerability - UniSecure Datacenters Blog. POP Before SMTP: Supported no further - UniSecure Datacenters Blog. What is CISPA 2015 and why should you know about it? - UniSecure Datacenters Blog. The growth of Self Service platforms in Hybrid Cloud Hosting - UniSecure Datacenters Blog.

Modern Data Centers: Security is becoming a Bigger Challenge - UniSecure Datacenters Blog. Why to Choose Data Center Colocation for Disaster recovery? - UniSecure Datacenters Blog. Data center Consolidation: Optimization of IT resources - UniSecure Datacenters Blog. What Favors the Data Center Market Boom? - UniSecure Datacenters Blog. Everything you should know about IPv6 - UniSecure Datacenters Blog. Be prepared: The only solution is the disaster recovery plan. Emails Accounts with Domain Name Add Value to the Business - UniSecure Datacenters Blog. What are the concerns of shared hosting services? - UniSecure Datacenters Blog. Are You Looking for 1Tb Server Storage? - UniSecure Datacenters Blog. Why is everyone looking for Hybrid Cloud? - UniSecure Datacenters Blog.

Can You Trust Your New Web Server? - UniSecure Datacenters Blog. Unisecure Data Centers Reviews and Ratings.