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I am not say that I am professional for writing and editing industry but I am able to explain translation field very clearly. I believe in adventures both in personal and professional life. You can earn money through translation activity, it is very easily freelance job you can make money at your home in easiest way. So always we should connect with Internet Marketing and Social Media impacts, strategies and updates. I promise that you can get more knowledge from my blogs.

Portuguese Translation Services. Precise Portuguese Translation Services Language Oasis is a leading provider of precise and high-quality Portuguese translation services at competitive rates.

Portuguese Translation Services

Our certified translation services are ideal for individuals and companies seeking translation for legal, business, technical, financial, website and software. Our Portuguese translators are native-speaking translators who deliver top-notch and handcrafted translations to meet your needs. Most importantly is that we provide Portuguese translations for documents coming from and going to Brazil, as well as for those coming from and going to Europe, and any other Portuguese-speaking country. Languageoasis. Languageoasis. Trusted agency for Thai Translation If you have a document in Thai and you want to translate it to English or a document in English and you want to submit it to Thai authorities, then you have come to the right place.


Language Oasis is a renowned landmark for providing you with a trusted quality translation at an affordable cost. Since we only hire professional Thai translators, your documents will be handled proficiently and delivered to you sooner than you expect. Professional Thai Translators We only recruit professional Thai translators who have minimum 5 years on hand. 9 Marketing Fails Due to Wrong Translation – Languageoasis Blog. Knowing two languages is very different from knowing how to translate.

9 Marketing Fails Due to Wrong Translation – Languageoasis Blog

It is a hard-earned skill. Sometimes translation mistakes can cause big problems. Interesting Facts about the Italian Language – Languageoasis Blog. Italian is a language which is in existence for quite a few centuries.

Interesting Facts about the Italian Language – Languageoasis Blog

The language is known for its beauty, romance, and musicality besides other features. Here are some: 21 Letters Only: In Italian alphabet, there are only 21 alphabets. The alphabets which don’t exist are j, k, w, x, and y doesn’t exist in the language. Dates back to 13th-Century: The standard Italian derives from Tuscan or Florentine from 13th century. First Document Written in Italian: Placiti Cassinesi– some legal documents about a property dispute, is widely considered as the first document written in Italian. 5 German Words That Are Almost Untranslatable in English – Languageoasis Blog. German is a West Germanic language and mainly spoken in Central Europe.

5 German Words That Are Almost Untranslatable in English – Languageoasis Blog

Being one of the three official languages of Luxembourg, the German language is widely spoken in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, South Tyrol (Italy), German-speaking community of Belgium, and Liechtenstein. German is the third widely taught language in both the US after Spanish and French and the EU after English and Russian. Languageoasis. At Language Oasis, we offer translation services of manuals, guides and handbooks.


Thanks to our professional teams of translators in more than 65 languages offered at Language Oasis, the translation of manuals is marked by high quality accuracy and professionalism. The translation of manuals and handbooks is very important, especially if you have products sold abroad or if you are a company with your business expanding beyond your country’s borders. We have translated thousands of Manuals of every type, including human resources (HR), manufacturing, safety, procedural, final end-user, highly technical, medical, household appliances, etc. Whether you have a technical manual, engineering specifications or installation guides to be translated, Language Oasis is you destination for top-notch and reliable manual translations.

Manual translations are an essential element for any product manufacturing company. Languageoasis. Rare Translation Facts You Didn’t Know – Languageoasis Blog. Translation is an art.

Rare Translation Facts You Didn’t Know – Languageoasis Blog

Not everyone who knows two languages can translate one into another. It takes a great amount of patience, dexterity, and knowledge to be able to translate important documents or works of art. Here are a few rare known translation facts you might not know: “Translationis” is a latin word that makes the word “translation.” “Translationis” stands for “transporting or transferring something.” While there are estimated to be over 330,000 translators worldwide, there are only a few offering professional translation and interpretation services worldwide. What Are The Challenges Associated In Legal Document Translation? – Languageoasis Blog. Translation itself is a complicated process that requires a lot of skill, much care & dedication and time.

What Are The Challenges Associated In Legal Document Translation? – Languageoasis Blog

However, when we talk about translating a legal document, the complexity of the process increases manifolds. Cross-cultural elements in the documents make the things even more challenging for legal document translators. The situation must be handled with utmost care because even minor of the errors may make the concerned person land in troubled water. Let us see what difficulties a translator faces while translating a legal document. Differences in Legal Systems Obviously different countries have different legal systems in the world. Terminologies and their variant uses pose another problem in translating a legal document. Commas, accents, apostrophes and colons help building the syntax of a language. Even if it is a legal document, the tone should be maintained all the time. Power of Attorney Translation Services. All You Should Know About The Intriguing History Of Filipino Language – Languageoasis Blog. Filipino, standardized form of Tagalog has an intriguing history surrounding its name.

All You Should Know About The Intriguing History Of Filipino Language – Languageoasis Blog

Often confused with Tagalog (the language from which Filipino has derived), it was previously referred to as Pilipino. Until 1987, Filipino was not declared the official language of Philippines. Let us take a sneak peek into the rich history associated with the language. Classification of Filipino language Filipino has been derived from Tagalog language which falls in the Austronesian, or Malayo-Polynesian family of languages. Tagalog or Filipino. Did You Know These Interesting Facts About Portuguese? – Languageoasis Blog. Summary – Portuguese is an ancient language.

Did You Know These Interesting Facts About Portuguese? – Languageoasis Blog

Let us get to know some lesser known facts about this language. Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going. – Rita Mae Brown Portuguese is an ancient language which is known for its rich history. Do You Need To Translate Your Birth Certificate? Have you ever wondered why a few companies offer birth certificate translation service? You must have asked yourself whether you need to get your birth certificate translated. Let us understand why birth certificate translation is important and whether you need it at all or not. Take this as an instance, your birth certificate is in French, and you are moving to the United States.

You will need your birth certificate on various occasions, and it is obviously not possible for US authorities to decipher it in French. 5 Untranslatable Spanish Words You Should Add To Your Dictionary. Summary – Let us learn some beautiful Spanish words that have no replacement in any other language across the world. Spanish is acknowledged as one of the most beautiful languages of the world. Crowned to be official language of at least twenty different countries, Spanish has millions of native speakers. Besides there are numerous words in Spanish which don’t have a direct translation in English or other language and that is the beauty and essence of Spanish.

Let us learn a few such words and enrich our vocabulary. Maruja Commonly Maruja is referred to a traditional working class housewife. Power of Attorney Translation. Portuguese Translation Services. 10 English Words That Mean Totally Different In Other Languages. While learning a new language, you may bump into several words which mean totally different in English. This is one of the greatest as well as simplest joys a person comes across while learning a different language.

Several times, two words from two different languages either look or sound similar, however, they both carry totally different meanings. Quite interesting! Isn’t it? Let us come to know a few such words. We all are well aware of this English word. In Romanian, crap refers to carp which is a commonly eaten fish. Brat is a common world of English language which is used both formally as well as informally.

Quite frequent as well as popular on the internet, texting and messaging, lol in Dutch means fun. In Indonesian language, it refers to water. In French, it means ‘fart’. In German, it means ‘awesome’. Translation and Interpretation Services. Language Oasis is among the fastest growing interpretation service providers, known to provide exceptional services and fast turnarounds. When you contact us, you get quick customer support and quality services.

What is Interpretation? The process of interpretation includes taking an oral message from one source language and turning it into a different target language such as English into Spanish. During the process of interpretation, the interpreter takes in a complex concept from one language and finds an appropriate way in the target language to render the message in culturally, emotionally and linguistically correct manner. Birth Certificate Translation, Translation of Birth Certificate. Audio Transcription And Its Advantages. In today’s world of internet, tablets, and smartphones; we can communicate to any person sitting overseas in no time. In this sharing of ideas & thoughts, neither the geographical distance nor the language comes as a barrier. Blooming transcription services has made this work all the more convenient. Be it transcript translation for academics or business transcription, one can get it done with the help of experts and professionals within a small duration.

Now, we can get even audio/video data transcribed into text. Role of Translators in Today’s time. Getting a Better Idea on Translation and Interpretation Services. Translation and interpretation are beneficial services for companies, businesses as well as corporations dealing in foreign languages. Finding the Right Professional Chinese Translation. For companies all across the world, the Chinese market is turning out to be progressively fascinating. With over 1.3 billion people from 56 cultural subdivisions, connecting with Chinese institutions calls for local knowledge, professional understanding, and real-world experience. Which Kind Of Written Content Is Appropriate For Your Target Audience? Russian Translation Service By Experts. Russian Translation Service By Experts. How to Go About Translating Your Important Documents? Most of the times, people are told that they will need a certified and notarized translation of their documents, on the other hand, they are left wondering what these terms mean.

Most of the people get confused by these terms ever since they have different meanings in different contexts. In this write-up, we will take out the misunderstanding about certified and notarized translations. Going By the Laws Fundamentally, to make a translation authenticated, it needs to be ascribed according to the legislation in the destination country. As a general rule, the certification procedure is different in different nations due to different requirements to translators’ authorizations.

In general, if a document is a correspondence or a technical guide, website, brochure, or a document that is not being given to a formal party, then certification is not essential. Different Countries, Different Rules. Certified Language Translation Service. Language Oasis - LanguagesTranslationServices - Indonesian Translation. High-Quality Indonesian Translation. 7 Italian Words That Are Almost Untranslatable. Every language has its own grace, uniqueness, and complexities.

Spanish Translation for Business. Hola! Yes, at Language Oasis we speak your language and Spanish is one of the 65+ languages we serve at the company. Whether you need to translate your legal documents, medical reports, transcripts, or even your business documents from Spanish into English or English into Spanish, you’ve come to the right place. At Language Oasis, we’ve got it all! Your translations will be handled by the finest translators in the industry.

Your document will be processed in two stages. Portuguese Translation Services: Get a Glance Information. Portuguese Translation Services: Get a Glance Information There are many reasons for a person or business to undergo translation of the materials into a foreign language. Moreover, the most obvious reason is that it is a requirement for business or education purpose. Like, if you are studying in China, you will need your personal documents to be translated into Chinese, or when conducting business in the Middle East, your contracts will need to be translated and so on. The Chaos in English Language- Part I: Invasion and Theft. Portuguese Translation Services. Languageoasis. 5 Arabic Words That Have No English Equivalent. Language Oasis - Documents Translated - Contracts. Power of Attorney Translation. 5 Filipino Words That Should Have An English Equivalent. 7 Hebrew Words We Wish Had Direct Translations in English.

This Wearable-Device Translates Your Conversations Real Time. 5 Tips for Choosing Chinese Translation Service... - Useful Language Translation Tips - Quora. Beware! Hilarious Translation Fails Ahead. Understanding need of Notary translation Services. Drivers License Translation Service. Drivers License Translation Service. Useful Language Translation Tips — The Increasing Role of Translation Service in the... Countries that Got Their Names from Foreign Language. Origins of Common Bird Names.

Origins and Meaning of Some Common Sign-Offs. Language Translators Tips. Power of Attorney Translation. Some Untranslatable Words From Around the World. Some Untranslatable Words From Around the World. Importance of Professional Chinese Translation Services on Behance. Professional Chinese Translation Services. Birth Certificate Translation, Translation of Birth Certificate. Power of Attorney Translation. The Present and Future transformations of Afrikaans Translation: Business Articles. Progression of Language Translation Services and Its Rising Eminence      -

The Significance of Choosing Professional Academic Translations. The Legal Translation Service and Its Significance. Document Translation Services - Language Oasis. How language translation service can be beneficial? Using Slang and Plain Languages to Reach People. Using Slang and Plain Languages to Reach People. How Can You Learn Languages Through Movies?

What Is The Magnitude Of Translation Industry Today? Transcripts Translation -Language Oasis. Languageoasis Blog. Languagetranslationservice.kinja. Certified Translation Service - An Art of Expanding Business in the Foreign Land (with image) · josegdavis. Benefits and Essentials of a Professional Translation Service. Power of Attorney Translation. Professional Chinese Translation Services. Certified Language Translation Service. Considerations While Hiring a Professional Chinese Translation Service : josegdavis. The Evolution of Professional Language Translation Services - All. Professional Chinese Translation Services. Improve your Business with Certified Translation Service. Legal Translation Services - Elements and Facts. Certified Language Translation Service. The Increasing Demands of Filipino Language Translation - Language Translation - Green Blog.

Professional Chinese Translation: Different Variations to the Process and Services. Jobs in Chennai - Fresh Job Openings in Chennai. When-birth-certificate-translation-services-are-required-2015-12-07. Mexican Language and Its Some Factual Aspects about Its Translation. There Is A Great Role Of Translators In The Field Of Translation Services. How? Why there is Need of Translation Service? (with image) · josegdavis. Documents Writing And Editing — The Importance of Spanish Translation in Business... Certified Language Translation Service. Drivers License Translation Service. Certified Language Translation Service. Notary Translation Services - Notarized Document Translation Services.

Translation: fact behind its need in every working sce... Certified language translation is the NEED of today’s Business world - All. Notary Translation Services - Notarized Document Translation Services. Get accurate translation for birth certificates through online services. Sign on with Notary Translation Services to Reel out National Boundaries of Business. Different Fronts of Notary Translation Services.