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Educación y valores para la convivencia. London 2012 - Get Set. All you need is YOU to get active on Olympic Day!

London 2012 - Get Set

On 23 June, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Olympic Movement are celebrating its 65th Olympic Day! Join in the fun, get active and you could win a trip to the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland. The IOC celebrated its first World Olympic Day on 23 June 1948 with nine National Olympic Committees hosting ceremonies in their respective countries. Today, Olympic Day has evolved to become a key date in the Olympic Movement’s calendar and has gained momentum worldwide with last year, almost 4,000,000 participants from around the world and over 150 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) taking part.


ED386327 Aug 95 Fostering Resilience in Children. ERIC Digest. Fostering Resilience in Children Bonnie Benard Source: Benard, B. (1995).

ED386327 Aug 95 Fostering Resilience in Children. ERIC Digest.

Fostering resilience in children. Urbana, IL: ERIC Clearinghouse on Elementary and Early Childhood Education. [ED386327] Return to: | Readings in Educational Psychology | Educational Psychology Interactive | This digest summarizes a growing body of international, cross-cultural, longitudinal studies that provide scientific evidence that many youth--even those with multiple and severe risks in their lives--can develop into "confident, competent, and caring adults" (Werner & Smith, 1992); and discusses the critical role schools can play in this process. SOCIAL COMPETENCE includes qualities such as responsiveness, especially the ability to elicit positive responses from others; flexibility, including the ability to move between different cultures; empathy; communication skills; and a sense of humor.

Schools also communicate expectations in the way they are structured and organized. Benard, B. (1991). Comer, J. (1984). International Bureau of Education. Bureau international d'éducation. Oficina Internacional de Educacion. IBE. BIE. OIE. Homophobia, sexual orientation and schools: A review and implications for action. There has been growing concern in recent years about bullying in general, and homophobic bullying in particular, and the effect these forms of discrimination have on the academic, emotional and physical well-being of children and young people at school.

Homophobia, sexual orientation and schools: A review and implications for action

The review is quick to point out that teachers can also suffer from homophobia, with possible detrimental results to their careers. This review aims to answer the following main questions: what’s the extent and impact of homophobic bullying, how are homophobia and sexual orientation addressed within classrooms and across whole schools, and finally how are these sorts of issues being addressed among the school workforce?

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It Gets Better Project. Bullying. Chart of Lawrence Kohlberg's Stages of Moral Development. Parenting and Development. Girls Empowerment Network.