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Los honestos retratos de Jo Schwab - Cultura Inquieta. Jo Schwab (nacido en 1969) es un fotógrafo alemán con sede en Berlín que a través de cada una de sus fotografías de desnudos, por simples que sean, se las arregla para captar una actitud, una mirada que hace que algo suceda.

Los honestos retratos de Jo Schwab - Cultura Inquieta

Su trabajo se centra en los retratos y moda. Principalmente trabaja para revistas, publicidad y arte. Pieter Hugo.

Pavel titovich

Проект Джимми Нельсона "Пока они не исчезли" Фотограф Джимми Нельсон (Jimmy Nelson) путешествует по миру: от Чукотки до Папуа Новой Гвинеи, знакомится с представителями малых народов и делает фантастические фотозарисовки об их быте.

Проект Джимми Нельсона "Пока они не исчезли"

Проект называется "Before they pass away", то есть "Пока они не исчезли". Проект открывает многообразие культур и народностей - о многих из них мы могли даже не слышать. Да и они о нас не слышали, ведь многие из них живут в полной оторванности от цивилизации, благодаря чему и сохранили свою самобытность. Рекомендуем также зайти на сайт проекта, чтобы посмотреть остальные фотографии и почитать о путешествии фотографа. Hannah Gottschalk on Behance. Clarissa Bonet. Desert Cantos. Mad Hatter Photography - Anthony Marcus Black - Artist and Photographer - Fort Worth,TX. Maria Elisa Duque.

Anastasia Chernyavsky Photography - San Francisco, Creative, Artistic, Baby Portraits, Pregnancy Portrait, Family Portraits, Pregnant, Maternity, Newborn, Pictures. Gallery Charlotte Lund. Victor Cobo. As crianças surreais de Loretta Lux. “Imagens não podem ser reduzidas a palavras”, é o que diz a fotógrafa hiper(sur)realista Loretta Lux.

As crianças surreais de Loretta Lux

Photographer > digital artist > Stock. ISABEL MUÑOZ. Denis Rouvre . Low Tide. Texte de Christian Caujolle Après chaque photographie, il y a un silence.

Denis Rouvre . Low Tide

Un autre temps s’installe, dont on connaît mal la nature, qui peut sembler verser l’instant à l’éternité, qui peut nous donner l’illusion du prélèvement de l’infime dans le flux qui s’écoule. Un temps qui nous dit simplement qu’il y eut un avant et que nous sommes après. Que l’avant, définitivement, a disparu. Que nous n’y aurons plus accès. Ici, nous sommes après. Dans un après moins immédiat que le constat du désastre dans le cadre de l’information un photographe, français, est venu à deux reprises dans la région de Tohoku, là où le tsunami avait dévasté 600 kilomètres de côtes et où les habitants avaient tout perdus. Ed Ross Photography. Aaron Hawks. Howard Schatz - Portfolio. Reach Out, I’m Right Here. Steve Shaw Photography. Gallery. Tomoyuki Shinohara : Native Publications. Welcome : nicolas. Jan saudek. Noell S. Oszvald [Fotografía] Noell S.

Noell S. Oszvald [Fotografía]

Oszvald "Prejudice (Prejuicio)" © Noell Oszvald Poco sabemos de Noell S. Osvald, salvo que es una fotógrafa húngara y que ha realizado una hermosa serie de trabajos en blanco y negro sumamente llamativos. Sus imágenes resultan evocadoras, ingeniosas y muy atractivas. Steve richard photography - home. Olivia Locher.

JKB fletcher

Mecuro B Cotto. Omni-Phantasmic. Dossier th matique - Le Portrait. JOYCE TENNESON PHOTOGRAPHY. STUDIO ERWIN OLAF. Saskia edens web site. Nadav Kander's Nudes Challenge Our Perception Of Beautiful Bodies. The human body is a wonder of diversity.

Nadav Kander's Nudes Challenge Our Perception Of Beautiful Bodies

You wouldn’t know it from perusing your local magazine rack, though. In his latest exhibition, Nadav Kander offers a new view of the nude that’s at once classic and contemporary and one that also offers a corrective to the tyranny of airbrushing in popular media. "Bodies – 6 Women, 1 Man" opened in London last week at the Flowers Gallery, offering visitors a veritable feast of the flesh. Rather than utilize the visual auto-tuning that is fast becoming a society standard--one in which female celebrities are sometimes called "brave" for posing sans makeup--these images emphasize the natural idiosyncrasies of the human form.

All the models involved are covered in white marble dust and shot against a black background. The show will run through February 9th, and a book is set to follow. Eric Marrian. Mariel Clayton - Doll Photographer with a subversive sense of humour. Photographer Kassandra (ЕлкаВизерская)

Marcos Lopez

Archives Alécio de Andrade. Carlos Nunez Photography. Sweet and Sexually Charged Photography (20 photos) Originally from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Carlos Nunez is an LA-based photographer whose gorgeous shots can easily range from sweet and demure to downright sexy.

Sweet and Sexually Charged Photography (20 photos)

You can tell that he has that rare ability to put his models at ease, making them feel free to express themselves and show us a side to them few people ever get to see. Take a look at Nunez's blog and you'll see shots we can't necessarily feature here on My Modern Met (in other words, NSFW). Sexually charged, the photos are a tribute to the empowered woman and her willingness to be unabashedly free. I was able to get in touch with the elusive Nunez to ask him a few questions.

Read that short interview, below, after enjoying his sweet and seductive photos. Q: Can you give us a little background about how you got started in photography? Q: How would you describe your style? Q: What are some of your secret to getting such sexy shots? Q: Which photographers do you admire? Q: Can you give us some tips for aspiring photographers? Tono Stano. Uda Dennie Photo Art - When photography is a way to think more. Homepage.

Galerie de leonhard.kätzel. Leonhard Kätzel at the Feaverish Photography Blog. Damien Blottière’s Fifth Element Photography. Photo © Damien Blottière You may have heard of him lately if you so happen to be a part of Paris’ fashion and photography circles.

Damien Blottière’s Fifth Element Photography

Peter Lippmann: um pé na publicidade, outro na arte clássica.

Ross Feighery

Porohnyak Valentin. STANISLAS GUIGUI. PIETER HUGO - Photographer. Lucien Clergue, French photographer.