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Dominio, poder y violencia contra el cuerpo

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Would You Don These Sci-Fi Skin Suits If They Could Improve Your Health? What if you could change your body just as easily as you changed your clothes?

Would You Don These Sci-Fi Skin Suits If They Could Improve Your Health?

The body suits of textile artist Chloe Cooper imagines a future of fashion in which people don't just buy clothes to improve their status or sense of style, but to improve their health. A student in Rhode Island School of Design's textiles department, Cooper developed her Future Suits as part of her senior year thesis project. There are four concepts in all: a stomach suit, a muscle suit, a lung suit, and a metabolism suit. When worn, each hand-knit suit looks almost like someone yarn bombed a Body Works exhibit. "My designs were all prompted by the question: 'If you could change a part of your body for a functional reason, what would it be and why? " Her first design was the stomach suit. "The idea is that people would be able to custom order these suits, and they would fuse to their body to enhance its natural abilities," Cooper explains. La venus de Hottetton: la mujer que fue esclavizada por el tamaño de sus nalgas.

Atraparon a Alias 'Yayita', la ladrona más buenona de Bogotá. Découvrez l’entrainement DÉJANTÉ de l’armée Nord Coréenne. The Invisibles: Moving Vintage Photos of LGBT Couples in the Early 20th Century. By Maria Popova Archival images — sometimes poignant, sometimes playful, invariably tender — of gay and lesbian couples privately celebrating their love in an era that denied it.

The Invisibles: Moving Vintage Photos of LGBT Couples in the Early 20th Century

Any form of excess can usually be traced to the seed of a basic human longing. Before photography turned into excessive “aesthetic consumerism,” long prior to the narcissistic golden age of the selfie, it was a miraculous medium that granted one simple, fundamental human wish — the desire to be seen and, in the act of seeing, to be understood. Perhaps that is why photography, in its dawning decades, had a particularly poignant role for individuals and groups who were largely invisible to society.

The Economist explains: Why the French are so strict about Islamic head coverings. Note: Join the author of this explainer here on July 10th, from 16:30 to 18:00 BST, when she will answer your questions on the rights and wrongs of France's "burqa ban".

The Economist explains: Why the French are so strict about Islamic head coverings

Leave your questions now in the comments section below. THE FRENCH breathed a collective sigh of relief on July 1st when the European Court of Human Rights upheld the country's 2010 ban on the wearing of full-faced veils in public places. It followed a separate ruling in June by a top French appeals court that a private day-care nursery was within its rights when it sacked an employee who refused to take off her Muslim headscarf at work. In France, such rules generate relatively little controversy. Yet they are often misunderstood in countries where liberal multiculturalism is the established creed. France adheres to a strict form of secularism, known as laïcité, which is designed to keep religion out of public life. Had the European Court ruled against France, it would have prompted an outcry there. Brutal New Gun Safety Ad Warns Parents About The Real Monster In The House. As unbelievable as it may be, according to States United to Prevent Gun Violence, more than 1.5 million kids live in a home with unlocked and loaded firearms, and every day at least six children are injured in an unintentional shooting.

Brutal New Gun Safety Ad Warns Parents About The Real Monster In The House

The nonprofit organization, agency Grey, production company Hornet and director Yves Geleyn created a new animated PSA to illustrate the brutal reality of these numbers. Watch A Woman Become A Man Before Your Eyes (It's The Only Way She Can Get Paid Like A Man) According to some studies, women in the U.S. are still paid only 77 cents for every dollar their male colleagues make and just 4.2% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women.

Watch A Woman Become A Man Before Your Eyes (It's The Only Way She Can Get Paid Like A Man)

Gender equality in the workplace is a global issue, as this new ad from Sweden's largest union effectively points out. It says a Swedish women earn more than 250,000 euros less than a man over the course of their careers, and that at the current pace it will take more than a century for women's salaries to equal that of men. So agency Volontaire decided to show the best way for a woman to get that equal pay much faster by giving Kommunal's chairwoman Annelie Nordstrom a makeover.

Prostitution in Germany: A giant Teutonic brothel. Das Experiment. This Gorgeous Campus Is The World's Largest Women's University. Saudi Arabia ranks near the bottom of the world on women's equality.

This Gorgeous Campus Is The World's Largest Women's University

In the country, women aren't allowed to drive and are required to have male guardians, who sometimes grant access to basic needs like medical care. In 2011, women made up only 14.4% of all employees in the workforce. And yet, despite all of this, women in Saudi Arabia can get a solid education. Experimento de la cárcel de Stanford. Experimento de Milgram. Tortured Beauties - China. El dolor ajeno, según Llinás. Esta se supone que iba a ser una entrevista con Rodolfo Llinás para hablar sobre el cerebro y la violencia.

El dolor ajeno, según Llinás

Hace tres meses visité Woods Hole, un pequeño pueblo en la costa este de Estados Unidos en el que funciona desde hace 125 años el Marine Biological Laboratory. Cada verano, desde hace 50 años, Llinás se refugia allí para investigar y compartir ideas con decenas de científicos de Norteamérica. Steven Pinker, la nueva vedette de la psicología americana, había publicado meses atrás un libro titulado Los mejores ángeles de nuestra naturaleza, en el que defiende la hipótesis de que la violencia humana ha venido declinando con los siglos. Japón ejecuta a reo de 73 años, Mundo. Truths behind the gay torture images from Russia. This guest post, Truths behind the gay torture images from Russia, was published on August 11 in A Paper Bird and is republished with permission from the author: Abuse of an “Uzbek waiter”: From Mikhail Solovyov’s page at, Russia now is a story told in pictures, still and moving.

Truths behind the gay torture images from Russia

Everybody knows about Putin’s anti-gay law, because it’s been at the top of the news, gay and straight, for two weeks running; and if you’ve been following this even slightly, you’ve seen images like these — of homophobes brutally abusing Russian queers. But what do they mean? Clips and snapshots keep cropping up on Western blogs. Stealth Wear Makes A Jump From Art To Product. Artist Adam Harvey has been working with the idea of anti-surveillance for years, creating, for instance, a handbag that thwarts paparazzi with a flash of its own, a series of portraits that fool face-recognition technologies with blocks of makeup and obtrusive hairstyles, and a line of “stealth wear” designed to camouflage its wearers from drones.

Stealth Wear Makes A Jump From Art To Product

But only recently did his projects begin to seem as marketable as they are provocative. His latest invention, a collaboration with performance wear designer Johanna Bloomfield called “OFF pocket,” is an envelope for cell phones that supposedly blocks all cellular, Wi-Fi, and GPS signals. More than 650 Kickstarter backers have contributed $56,447 to see it be manufactured en mass. The project may not have generated as much interest before the NSA’s mass electronic surveillance program was revealed to the public earlier this year. “In the first few years after 9-11, talking about privacy was nearly taboo,” Harvey says. Daily chart: Too much of a bad thing. Estos productos lo pueden defender contra los tragos 'envenenados' O guia da ultraviolence. Childbirth vs Getting Kicked in the Balls. La Cosificación Sexual: Representación de la Mujer en los Medios. Siete tradiciones que matan a las mujeres. Hoy por hoy, son muchas las situaciones en las que se violan los derechos humanos de las mujeres por el hecho de serlo.

Siete tradiciones que matan a las mujeres

Emma : « Escort, c’est pute, et ce n’est pas fun » En couple, il ou elle se masturbe. Pourquoi l’autre s’inquiète ? Collants à poils et autres gadgets antiviols. Bonnes idées ? Cette semaine, en Chine puis partout dans le monde, une photo a fait le tour du Web. Femen - Sextremism in Paris. The topless protest group Femen started out in the Ukraine in 2008. Today it's a global movement, and more than 300 topless warriors have joined the naked revolution. Their fans say they're courageous, no-nonsense activists, while their critics say their tactics devalue the fight for female equality. Miss USA Winners For PETA: Four Crown-Holders Pose Naked To 'Say No To Fur' (NSFW VIDEO)

Como se siente una mujer. Gun Rights And Gay Rights Linked In Posters In Washington State. These weird posters found in Washington state are trying to turn being pro-gun into a gay thing. If you're attending any gay weddings this summer, you'd better be packing. These posters that appear to be recruiting gays to support gun-owners' rights started appearing around Washington's state capitol recently, and the mash-up of the traditionally liberal and traditionally conservative messages has drawn a lot of attention.

Does supporting marriage equality translate into support of huge-ass assault weapon sales? Are guns gay now? The poster above seems more likely to frighten anti-gay people with the vision of armed gay newlyweds on the loose. Halal business: Consuming passions. “EVEN in Mecca and Medina people have intercourse,” says Abdelaziz Aouragh, a Dutch Muslim who runs a “sensuality shop” (not a “sex shop”, he insists) for his co-religionists, under the slogan “Feel admired. Feel loved. Feel sensual”. El-Asira, which means “society” in Arabic, sells online and at Amsterdam airport. Bestselling items include massage oils and lingerie. Cage-fighting in New York: No holds, barred. La experiencia sociocultural del dolor. Entre lo orgánico y lo psicológico · Quiero ver Policias golpeando Hippies!

Saudi Arabia lifts ban on women riding bicycles.