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Meerkat, la app del momento que permite integrar vídeo en directo en Twitter. Meerkat, la prometedora aplicación de streaming que no le gusta a Twitter. Todo ha pasado en dos semanas: el pasado 27 de febrero se subía a la Apple Store Meerkat, una aplicación que permite hacer vídeos en streaming en directo y publicarlos en Twitter. La popularidad de Meerkat ha sido tal que 13 días después ya contaba con 120.000 usuarios, según aseguraba Ben Rubin, su fundador, a The Guardian. Pero Twitter decidía este sábado cortar las alas al proyecto y no permitir que al usar la aplicación, esta siga automáticamente a la gente a la que sigues en Twitter -lo que se conoce como su social graph- complicando así el concepto original de Meerkat. Todos estos acontecimientos han hecho que sea la aplicación de la que más se está hablando en estos momentos.

Estas son las claves para entender qué es Meerkat y por qué no le gusta a Twitter: ¿Qué es Meerkat y para qué sirve? Se trata de una aplicación descargable gratuitamente para iPhone. Imagina que estás en la calle y ocurre algo que quieres compartir en Twitter. ¡Ah! ¿Cómo se usa? ¿Quién puede ver los vídeos? Twitter “censura” a Meerkat, la aplicación de streaming de más vertiginosa expansión en la web - Noticias Uruguay LARED21.

Meerkat (en español “suricata” o “gato de roca”) es un pariente de las mangostas que da el nombre al animalito amarillo que aparece en la nueva aplicación descargable en forma gratuita para los iPhones. El Meerkat, permite usando Twitter, retransmitir videos en streaming, pero sin necesidad de “subirlos” ya que lo hace desde el primer momento. Pero se debe tener un usuario en Twitter, y permitir a Meerkat, sincronizarse con la cuenta personal. No tiene limitación temporal y tampoco es posible volver a ver lo que se envió al streaming, aunque existe la opción de guardar el video en el celular que no sube a ninguna plataforma. Paralelo al video, es posible tuitear con otros usuarios, lo que se publicará en Twitter.

Todos los seguidores en Twitter, tendrán un tuit en su timeline que les hará saber del video, que también podrá ser visto por cualquier usuario que tenga la url o el tuit del emisor. La prensa, Obama, la expansión y los negocios. Twitter bloquea parte de Meerkat después de comprar a Periscope, su competencia. La guerra del livestreaming en Twitter ha comenzado. Llevamos algunas semanas oyendo hablar bastante de Meerkat, aplicación para iOS desarrollada por una única persona durante dos meses, capaz de mostrar a nuestra comunidad de Twitter el vídeo que grabamos en directo. Su funcionamiento es sencillo: 1 – nos identificamos usando nuestra cuenta de Twitter 2 – Verificamos como, automáticamente, todos los usuarios de Twitter a los que seguimos, y que tienen cuenta en Meerkat, aparecen también como seguidos en nuestra cuenta de Meerkat. 3 – Comprobamos como eso también ocurre con nuestro seguidores: nada más crear cuenta en Meerkat, ya tenemos seguidores, los mismos que nos siguen en Twitter (y que cuentan con Meerkat, claro). 4 – Empezamos a transmitir vídeo, permitiendo que nuestros seguidores lo vean, reciban notificación cuando empieza la transmisión, y compartan el tweet con el vídeo a otras personas.

Twitter compra la aplicación de streaming móvil Periscope en pleno auge de Meerkat. Meerkat Founder Ben Rubin Discusses Twitter, VC Funding. Ben Rubin, the guy behind app-of-the-moment Meerkat, says he’s not surprised that Twitter gave his live-streaming startup a slap-down last night — and that he’s got a plan to deal with that. That doesn’t mean he’s happy about the way Twitter dealt with him, which he explained to me in an interview that Re/code Meerkatted (with limited success) and taped today.

You can watch the full interview below. This is a little rambly, in part because we were dealing with multiple forms of communication* during our chat. But I think even without tech issues, this would be a bit swirly, because 27-year-old Rubin is in a swirl. A couple of weeks ago, his service didn’t exist. Last week, it was the tech crowd’s most-chatted-about app, timed perfectly for the app-chatter convention that is South by Southwest, the annual interactive festival in Austin, Texas. That means Rubin can still use Twitter to promote his app, but it won’t be nearly as easy to do so.

Interview with Meerkat's Ben Rubin. LIVE IN MAY| Meerkat Founder To Speak At Disrupt NY. Few apps have instantly captured the hearts, minds and eye-rolls of the tech scene like Meerkat. And to think Ben Rubin was building something else. The CEO of Life On Air was working on a private live-streaming app for groups of friends when Meerkat’s public streaming app suddenly took off. Without hesitation, he reassigned his 10-person team to Meerkat, and now its little “LIVE NOW” links are taking over Twitter. In May, Rubin will join us for a chat at TechCrunch Disrupt NY, his first major onstage talk since his app took off.

We’ll ask Rubin about how to blow up on Product Hunt, pivoting a rocket ship in mid-flight, and whether live-streaming is just a fad. And of course, we’ll discuss the dark cloud on the horizon. And luckily, since all of Disrupt is live-streamed on TechCrunch, Rubin won’t have to hold his phone up the whole time. Rubin joins our speaker list that’s packed with notable founders and successful investors. Disrupt NY will take place May 4-6 at the Manhattan Center. Hot new video app Meerkat emerges as a possible citizen journalism tool. By Michael Carney On March 12, 2015 We’ve seen the power of platforms like Twitter and YouTube to empower citizen journalists and bring attention to the plights of the oppressed around the world. Twitter has the benefit of being real-time, something that proved crucial during uprisings like the Arab Spring and in recent protests in Ferguson, MO.

YouTube, which has become the global front door to online video, adds a visual richness to these stories. Today, we may have seen the first example of Meerkat, a real-time video streaming service built on top of Twitter and combining many of the best attributes of these two platforms, functioning to spread a similar kind of awareness. A little over an hour ago, Los Angeles-based angel investor Paige Craig streamed a feed that was watched by dozens of people concurrently at its peak, capturing an ongoing arrest near his home in the Venice neighborhood. There are, however, downsides to Meerkat as the product stands currently. Why Meerkat and other live video apps are going to succeed. If you thought you’d seen the last of the social media app frenzies, this week proved you wrong. Meerkat, the app that lets you live stream on Twitter with a tap, is two weeks old and already a giant — in the tech conversation, if not quite yet in reality.

“That is so bizarre,” a friend told me after I’d streamed from a bar in northeast Seattle Tuesday night. I could tell you I’m withholding judgment. For any kind of social media app to succeed, it has to convince lots of people to pick up a new habit. The revolution will be live streamed.— Ben Rubin (@benrbn) March 13, 2015 But I want this kind of easy, networked live video to make it — whether it’s through Meerkat, Periscope (which Twitter acquired this week) or anything else. Take it or leave it, here’s what you ought to consider about Meerkat.

It’s Twitter Here’s how Meerkat works. You open the app and see a text field and two buttons: schedule and stream. Just like that. You stream, you tweet. It’s raw With Meerkat, no one has any idea. What Will Meerkat Do Without Twitter? That’s the danger of building on someone else’s platform. You never know when they’ll pivot into your business and steamroll you. Last night, that happened to Meerkat. The livestreaming app was built entirely on Twitter, piggybacking on it for identity, communication, and distribution. Yesterday morning, Twitter confirmed reports that it had acquired an unlaunched competing app called Periscope, which also allows public livestreams, but also private streaming and replays of old broadcasts. 10 hours later, Buzzfeed’s Matt Honan reported that Twitter was cutting off Meerkat’s access to the Twitter social graph. If you’d rather watch what happens next, check out this recording of my Meerkat stream from an hour ago at a SXSW BBQ What Exactly Does “Cut Off” Mean?

Previously, when you joined Meerkat, you’d sign up with your Twitter account, and Meerkat would have you automatically follow everyone you follow on Twitter. Now Meerkat users must follow each other manually Platform Politics. Gear VR Used To Live Stream Birth. Virtual reality headsets aren’t toys says Samsung, they can also be used to make a big difference in people’s lives.

The company has tried to prove it by using the Gear VR to virtually put a faraway father in the delivery room, when his wife gave birth to their third son — an event he would have otherwise missed. Samsung united Jace and Alison Larke, from Perth in Australia, who were separated by 2,500 miles due to Jace’s work commitments when Alison was about to give birth. Samsung stepped in to make it possible for Jace to be present on the day, using the Gear VR headset. Related: Get a virtual test drive in a Lamborghini Huracan using Samsung’s Gear VR A special room was set up in the Queensland mining town of Chinchilla for Jace to wear the Gear VR, while in a Perth hospital room all those hundreds of miles away, a 360-degree camera, audio equipment, and a live streaming rig were installed inside Alison’s delivery room. ENTER.CO. ENTER.CO. For Mobile | Go Live from Your Mobile Device. How to Stream Your Games on Twitch TV.

Become a live video streaming expert! You’ve bought the game, you’ve mastered the basics – or failed horribly – and you’re ready to show off your exploits to the rest of the gaming world. Could you be the next Twich TV guru? That, or you’ve officially thrown in the towel on your Starcraft II career and are ready to become a broadcaster instead of a Baneling rusher. As Bronze Leaguers ourselves, we understand; multiplayer isn’t for everyone. Sometimes it can be more fun to watch than participate, especially if you catch a fellow Starcraft enthusiast throwing down the fabled Protoss Mothership as a last-ditch effort to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. The biggest name in the online broadcasting game is Twitch TV — a spinoff of the lifecasting service Justin.TV that’s become the place to go for match replays, streamed live broadcasts, and witty commentary for all walks of games.

What does it take to get a live game stream up and running? Create Your Account Twitch TV settings Got it? UpClose, una aplicación para emitir vídeos en directo. Si habéis estado pendientes a las redes sociales últimamente os habréis fijado en que hay un servicio que se está poniendo muy de moda que se llama UpClose. UpClose es una startup española que nos permite grabar vídeos desde nuestro smartphone o tablet, con la única diferencia de que podemos emitir en directo para que nuestro seguidores lo vean, todo ello sin necesidad de tener un ordenador y una webcam delante. Al igual que cualquier otra red social, funciona mediante seguidores y seguidos, es decir, cada uno de nosotros seguirá a una serie de personas y otras personas nos seguirán a nosotros. Cada vez que una de las personas a las que seguimos empiece a emitir en directo, nosotros podremos entrar en el vídeo y verlo en directo, comentar y compartirlo, por lo que la aplicación es ideal para emitir eventos de todo tipo.

¿Qué os parece UpClose? ¿La conocíais? Google Play l UpClose (Gratuita) Jose García Nieto Estudiante de Comunicación y friki de Android. Upclose - Broadcast live video. Social live streaming. - iOS Store Store Top Apps. Description Welcome to upclose, a simple app that connects you in real time with people you care about (friends, family, artists, followers, actors, athletes,...) through live and interactive videos. Connecting interactively with a wide community of fellow watchers, with the aim to live authentic and emotional moments together. • Broadcast live video for free just using your mobile device or PC. • Watch, chat and interact with broadcasters from all around the world. • Discover interesting broadcasters to connect with. • Be notified in real time when broadcasters that you follow go live. “I love it! It's an amazing app!” So, if you want to easily share your stories in real time with your people and make them be part of it, just try this app.

And if you like it, please share it with others and rate us with as many starts as possible. Bringing people closer together. Upclose, para transmitir vídeo en directo usando el móvil. Aplicaciones para ver y grabar vídeos desde el móvil hay muchas, pero la que os presentamos hoy juega con una variable extra: la transmisión de vídeo en directo. Hablamos de upclose, disponible para iOS y android, una aplicación que nos permite comenzar a grabar lo que vemos y dejar que nuestros seguidores lo vean en tiempo real, ideal para la transmisión de eventos, por ejemplo. El funcionamiento es sencillo: seguimos a ciertos usuarios y recibimos una notificación cuando comiencen a transmitir, existiendo varios perfiles recomendados de la talla de David Otero (El Pescao), Rafa Gutiérrez (Hombres G), Ramiroquai (RNE), Carlos Rodríguez Braun, Juan Ramón Lucas u Óscar Martinez (40 Principales).

También es posible ver usuarios que transmiten actividades del día a día, por lo que no siempre son eventos o grandes acontecimientos los que vemos dentro de la aplicación.