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Facebook Twitter Liz Steel. The Sketchbook Project. Create38 Watercolor Painting. Watercolor Lessons: Painting Tutorials & Step-by-Step Instruction. Watercolor Choose a Category Watercolor 171 Videos Learn to paint in watercolor with videos of step-by-step watercolor lessons from many of today's leading artists.

Watercolor Lessons: Painting Tutorials & Step-by-Step Instruction

Our selection of watercolor tutorials offers essential watercolor instruction and demonstrations for beginners and beyond. Sort By: AlphabeticalNewestMost PopularTop Rated Watercolor with Lian Quan Zhen: Elephants Lian takes you from initial review of color and composition, then guides you step by step to paint. . . . (4 customer reviews ) ArtistLian Quan Zhen Watercolor with Lian Quan Zhen: Figures In this watercolor video workshop Lian shows how to capture the soft, translucent skin and delicate. . . . (9 customer reviews ) Watercolor with Lian Quan Zhen: Frogs in the Pond In this watercolor workshop, watch Lian Quan Zhen demonstrate easy watercolor techniques for. . . . (4 customer reviews ) Create38. Free Printable – Value Scale for Painters One of the most important aspects of painting is learning how to recognize and use values in your painting.


As the ol saying goes, values do the work, color gets the credit. A great tool for learning about value is a value scale or a value finder. Here is a printable... Art Before Breakfast. Urban Beauty Hunting: sketchbooks and the life in between. Gurney Journey: Tiny Landscape Nuts and Bolts. This is an answer to the questions from Petr and Vicki from the previous post (by the way, I appreciate all the kind comments, and the haiku, Dan!)

Gurney Journey: Tiny Landscape Nuts and Bolts

Anyway, the tiny landscapes were done with a mixture of watercolor and water-soluble colored pencils. I usually start with a quick lay-in using a brown Caran-d'Ache pencil. The watercolor is a Schmincke half-pan set. Then I painted the sky with a flat watercolor travel brush. The brush is the gold metallic thing just to the right of the rows of paints. Then I painted the other big shapes of the landscape with watercolor, and added detail and foliage texture with the colored pencil. The rag is a scrap of cotton flannel, and the cup is a Nalgene plastic jar. Sorry, the Mac iBox (upper right) is a prototype only, and is not for sale.

Gregory Dyer - Prints, Posters, Canvas Prints, Framed Prints, Metal Prints, Acrylic Prints, Greeting Cards, and iPhone Cases. L'atelier Canson. For successful works, mastering the use and blending of colors is essential.

L'atelier Canson

As an introduction or a reminder, here are the basic concepts and principles to know! The Chromatic Circle This diagram or pie chart will help you understand the principal relationships between colors. Red is placed at the top of the circle, then, moving clockwise, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. A word of advice: in drawing or painting your own chromatic circle, you will memorize once and for all the relationships between colors. Pintando en cualquier parte. Urban Sketchers. my spare time. My usual drawing tools. You ask me many times about my drawing tools.

My usual drawing tools

What kind of pencil do you use? Do you draw with charcoal too? So, here's my answers for these questions. How to Plan a Watercolour Painting. It is always tempting to just start laying down watercolour on a blank page but, as tutor Rob Dudley explains, a more methodical approach can actually allow you more freedom to paint I’m often bemused when running workshops or giving demonstrations to local art societies by the number of times that someone will make a comment about the painting that I have worked on and then add almost as an afterthought ‘it’s as though you planned it!’

How to Plan a Watercolour Painting

Well I have. Whether it is a small demonstration piece or a larger studio painting, all my paintings will have been planned thoroughly. I often think painting a watercolour is very much like making a journey – you need to know where it is you want to get. If you just jump into your car and take the first left, you might not be going in the right direction and you run a greater risk of getting lost.

Question Yourself My planning starts right at the point of the initial inspiration. Casa Piera Belles Arts Barcelona. Artist Daily. Resources. The Copic Markers You Need in Your Starter Set. By Michelle Houghton How many markers do I need in my collection?

The Copic Markers You Need in Your Starter Set

I continue to get asked “What EXACTLY do I need to have in my marker stash to color images?” “Do I really need all 344 colors (and more as the collection grows)?” Sorry, Copic fans, there is no clear cut answer for this. But I can share my common sense approach on how to start your collection. Your collection should start with a base of 36 markers Why 36? Note: In the starter set above I did not include a Colorless Blender in the set, but I would still consider this to be a must-have, so that is marker number 37. A few of my favorites I also have a few favorites beyond these first 36, that that I use FREQUENTLY. Pintar a la acuarela: VÍDEO DEL ACUARELISTA RUSO ILYA IBRYAEV. SketchCrawl™ - drawing marathons from around the world.

Barcelona's sketchcrawl.