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Jordan Wolfson

Jordan Wolfson was born in New York City, New York. In 2003, Jordan received his BFA in Sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design, a private design school located in Providence, Rhode Island, founded in 1877.

A world full of choices. Jordan Wolfson - Schinkel Pavillon. Schinkel Pavillon is pleased to announce the opening of Jordan Wolfson’s first institutional solo exhibition in Berlin on February 9th.

Jordan Wolfson - Schinkel Pavillon

Moderna Museet i Stockholm. Wolfson’s latest video “Riverboat Song” (2017–18), was recently added to the Museum’s collection.

Moderna Museet i Stockholm

This video sculpture mixes computer-animated scenes with found clips from the less savoury sides of the internet, loops of pop music and a monologue by the artist himself. ‘Colored Sculpture’, Jordan Wolfson, 2016. Colored Sculpture 2016 is a moving sculptural work that operates on a cycle lasting around fifteen minutes.

‘Colored Sculpture’, Jordan Wolfson, 2016

At its centre is a sculptural figure of a boy resembling illustrations of Huck Finn, the 1940s television character Howdy Doody, and the MAD magazine character Alfred E. Neuman, dating from 1954: cartoon-like in its modelling, the figure of the boy has red hair and freckles, and wears an old-fashioned green shirt and blue shorts. The boy’s body parts are made of Polyurethane Elastomer (an industrial material that is very resilient to impacts) and are connected by short chains. The figure is attached to three much longer chains linked to its head, an arm and a leg. These chains are connected to motors that run along tracks at the front and back of a square framework that is mounted to the ceiling. Jordan Wolfson's (Female figure)

Artist Jordan Wolfson's (Female figure), 2014, is an immersive environment that features a robotic sculpture.

Jordan Wolfson's (Female figure)

For seven minutes, the robot gives monologues and dances to pop songs. Jordan Wolfson: manic / love / truth / love. Part 1: MANIC / LOVE (until Jan 29, 2017) The exhibition begins with Colored sculpture (2016), Wolfson’s latest animatronic artwork, which is based on the legacy of American pop culture.

Jordan Wolfson: manic / love / truth / love

Q&A: Jordan Wolfson's robot-sculpture finds a home at the Broad museum. When downtown L.A.’s Broad museum finally opens this fall, it will have not only an inaugural exhibition featuring Eli and Edythe Broad’s contemporary art collection but also newly acquired works that will be rolled out later in the museum’s debut year, said Joanne Heyler, Broad Foundation director and chief curator.

Q&A: Jordan Wolfson's robot-sculpture finds a home at the Broad museum

One such piece is Jordan Wolfson’s life-sized, animatronic sculpture “(Female Figure) 2014.” The work generated much buzz when it premiered this year at David Zwirner gallery in Manhattan as part of the artist’s first solo show. The creepy-but-alluring blond wears a skimpy white dress, thigh-high vinyl boots and a dark green witch’s mask; her body is smeared with dirt. JORDAN WOLFSON. Alex Zachary Peter Currie 16 East 77th Street, Manhattan Through Feb. 18 “Animation, masks,” the 12-minute 29-second film that is the entirety of Jordan Wolfson’s New York gallery debut, has the hallmarks of a classic.


It rejuvenates appropriation art through the incisive use of digital animation, achieving an intensity that rivets the ear and the eye while perturbing the mind. Fluidly combining animation, photographs, clip-art and extraordinary color, this piece is like an exquisitely made Fabergé egg that explodes in your face. How Do I Feel More? A Weekend With JORDAN WOLFSON - 032c. The afternoon is hot and artificially bright.

How Do I Feel More? A Weekend With JORDAN WOLFSON - 032c

Sighs of breeze whoosh through the verdant fields, punctuating a monotonous drone of insects. Jordan Wolfson and I pace together in the musty shade – he in a pair of white Moschino shorts, I in a stifling dark suit – inspecting an empty farmhouse that he has just purchased in Upstate New York. “I want to knock this wall down,” the 36-year-old artist tells me, “And this wall down. And that wall down. I just want this whole thing to be a big. Jordan Wolfson: 'This is real abuse – not a simulation' In a room at Tate Modern, a boy is getting beaten up.

Jordan Wolfson: 'This is real abuse – not a simulation'

He has a chain fixed to the top of his head, another attached to an arm, a third to a leg. As I watch, computer operatives sitting next to me press buttons, activating cranes that pull the chains taut. He spins into the air, limbs fly out, the torso swivels upside down. The chains loosen, he smacks into the ground. Then music kicks in over loudspeakers. Frieze Editors Debate the Artist of the Decade. Phyllida Barlow Amy Sherlock: Thinking across the past decade, it’s definitely been one for older women artists – the so-called OWAs.

Frieze Editors Debate the Artist of the Decade

From a UK perspective, I feel like the 2010s belong to Phyllida Barlow. In 2009, she retired from London’s Slade School of Art after a 40-year teaching career. At that point, she didn’t have commercial representation. A lot of her works from before the 2010s no longer exist, because she would break up sculptures to re-use the materials or throw them away. The 100 Works of Art That Defined the Decade, Ranked: Part 3. This is the third part of a series looking at the art of the 2010s. The other parts are here, here, and here. 50. Fictilis, Museum of Capitalism (2018) A view of the Oakland exhibition of the Museum of Capitalism. Photo by Cinque Mubarak, courtesy Museum of Capitalism. An authentically viral project, based on a good idea. 49. Jordan Wolfson: Artists Friends Racists at Sadie Coles review. In possibly the most Jordan Wolfson move ever, the American artist has made a new work that might physically injure you if you get too close.

Made up of spinning LED filaments – halfway between a cooling fan and a weed whacker – the whirling strands in front of you spit out endless holographic images, but they could slice off your hand too if you’re not careful. The installation’s no less threatening from further away. The fans sync and unsync, displaying visions of animated love hearts and puppies, robot experiments, American police cars and 9/11 rescuers. Words come crashing down and split apart: ‘artists’, ‘friends’, ‘racists’, ‘anxiety’, ‘stress’. The fans hum loudly. ARTISTS FRIENDS RACISTS review – Jordan Wolfson soundtracks the data era.

Jordan Wolfson has created a work that cannot be photographed. You can try, but the best you’re likely to achieve is a grid of bleached-out blurs, little resembling the crisp spectacle of floating cartoon bunnies, caged cats and animated stone lettering visible in the gallery. It’s like a sharp prod, a reminder: the world seen through your phone camera is not the world as perceived by humans. ARTISTS FRIENDS RACISTS is made for a 3D holographic system called HYPERVSN. Developed to create eye-catching displays at trade fairs, the technology carries pictures on fan blades fitted with micro LED lights that move too fast to see, so the images appear to float. Here, 20 fans show subtly different imagery, rapidly edited: disembodied Mickey Mouse hands beating a puppy, Dutch revellers blacked up as Zwarte Piet; agile quadruped robots tramping across snowy mountains.

ARTISTS FRIENDS RACISTS review – Jordan Wolfson soundtracks the data era. Press articles about Jordan Wolfson. Jordan Wolfson - Sadie Coles HQ. Jordan Wolfson (b. 1980, New York) received his BFA in sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design, Providence (RI) (2003). Over the past decade, Wolfson has become recognised as one of America’s most ambitious and provocative artists. Jordan Wolfson. Jordan Wolfson is an American artist living and working in New York City and Los Angeles. His work is known for investigating violence, sexism, semitism, and racism within popular culture,[1] using video and film, sculptural installation and virtual reality.

Biography[edit] Wolfson was born October 9, 1980 in New York City. He graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island, in 2003 receiving his BFA in Sculpture.[2] There his peers were artists Ryan Trecartin and Dan Colen.[3] Starting at that time Wolfson produced early film and video work and computer animation which were shown in the US and Europe.[4] For his more recent works, Wolfson uses very different media, ranging from digital shine painting to animatronic sculptures and new immersive technology such as virtual reality.

Wolfson was awarded the Cartier Award from the Frieze Foundation in 2009.[6][7] He is represented by David Zwirner Gallery and Sadie Coles HQ.[8][9] Work[edit] Female Figure[edit] A new doc asks: is art enfant terrible Jordan Wolfson actually a bad guy? Accesswire.