Kellen Fujimoto | Parkour Photography There are a many great apps out there to help with organizing your reading material. Pocket is a great start: it's free, has some necessary features (primarily offline storage), and will display more readable text than most web pages. I personally like Instapaper: it offers a more minimalist interface, with finer control over text display, more apps that save to it, at a cost of $4. I've found that Pocket's web scraper will often miss chunks of content that I want, and I love having so much control over how Instapaper behaves. Kellen Fujimoto | Parkour Photography
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.:Le Parkour - Official Website of Team Traceur (TT) - Index:. Team Traceur - Running and Athletics Information - Sponsored By Businesses Such As PCT National Stage In humanity's early days, we were much to occupied by the minutiae of survival - hunting, gathering, shelter building, seeking out water - to bother inventing games that would help us fill our spare time. However as modern farming and manufacturing methods took more and more of the onus off the individual to provide everything needed for survival, we found we had more free time to play with. Many of our old survival skills gradually turned into sports, which we played for fun and fitness. Parkour, for example, the sport which Team Traceur is famous for, was originally invented by the French army as a method of moving through rough terrain. On this website, you'll find all sorts of fun sports facts as well as advice on getting started and tales of the more famous sports players. .:Le Parkour - Official Website of Team Traceur (TT) - Index:.