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Wrapp. EYEMAZING EDITIONS. Intelligent light for photographers and videographers. (2) Crypteks. MetaWatch STRATA: the Smartwatch for the iPhone 4S & Android by MetaWatch. Strata, is a smart sportwatch designed to compliment your smartphone and give you Hands Freedom™.

MetaWatch STRATA: the Smartwatch for the iPhone 4S & Android by MetaWatch

Supporting a Dual-Mode Bluetooth 4.0** connection to your iPhone 4s, or a Bluetooth 2.1 (SPP) connection to your Android smartphone, you can check messages, see who’s calling, control music, view weather, and more, all from your wrist. Although still a work in progress, a first look is available in Update #6. They look awesome! These are available only at the "Susan Kare Signature Model" pledge level, you don't need to choose now, we'll ask you which one you want at the end. They are a limited edition, and will be signed and numbered. Just as the MSL mission lands successfully on Mars (Yay!) Engineering and Development What you see in the video above is our latest functional prototype showing you demonstrations of how we imagine the ways one can use Strata once this project is completed. To get this far, we have done quite a lot of work already:

ALPHA - the Holy Grail of Heart Rate (Look Ma, no hands!) by Liz Dickinson. Is it remotely possible to double our pledges in 4 days?

ALPHA - the Holy Grail of Heart Rate (Look Ma, no hands!) by Liz Dickinson

IT CAN BE DONE! IT HAS BEEN DONE! If each of you can get a friend to MATCH YOUR pledge, we CAN MAKE OUR OTHER VALUE ADD GOALS! (If your pledge level already includes a T-Shirt, we will send you a second T-Shirt of your choosing. If your pledge level includes three or more watches, we will add additional T-Shirts beyond the one gift offered if you increase your pledge by $5.00 for each additional T-Shirt you want.) AS WE PASS $400K EVERY PLEDGE @ $99** or up will receive ONE super coveted, sought after “I’m an ALPHA MALE” or “I’m an ALPHA FEMALE” T-Shirt. And they said it couldn't be done! Alpha is the world’s first strapless, continuous heart rate monitor watch you can wear on your wrist tested EKG accurate even while you are running at performance speeds of up to 20kph (12mph). * In the video, we are using our ANT+ version of ALPHA transmitting to the iPhone.

TechHive Beta Blog. A Social Media Company. MOTRR - Motion by You. LUNATIK. TikTok+LunaTik Multi-Touch Watch Kits by Scott Wilson + MINIMAL. "Thanks for stopping by!

TikTok+LunaTik Multi-Touch Watch Kits by Scott Wilson + MINIMAL

If you have missed the TikTok+LunaTik project, please come and visit us at, the new home of TikTok + LunaTik-- where you check out the latest news, updates and purchase product. We hope you will follow our progress! Or you can check out our new Kickstarter project, the TAKTIK Precision Protection for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 —Scott Wilson and the MINIMAL team—Scott Wilson and the MINIMAL team" Pebble. Product Design Engineering. 'Brandy ♥ Melville USA. Shut Up And Take My Money - Cool Gadgets and Geeky Products. Sous la peau d’Artoyz. (English version at the bottom of the page) Bonjour, comment ça va par chez vous ?

Sous la peau d’Artoyz

A cette époque de l’année, vous êtes sans doute occupés à chercher un coin d’ombre sur le long de cette plage infinie afin d’échapper à une insolation certaine, ou bien encore êtes-vous confortablement installé dans la salle d’un Multiplex pour apprécier à sa juste valeur le nouveau Batman. Peut-être que vous êtes en train de crever de chaud en costard dans votre entreprise, en vous accroupissant à la recherche d’air frais, prétextant à vos collègues que vous avez fait tomber pour la 15e fois en une heure votre stylo (excuse bidon au passage). Quoique vous fassiez, vous avez bien deux petites minutes à nous accorder pour lire ce petit billet doux rien que pour vous (cette rime aurait rendu jaloux François Feldman, à confirmer). Et si on en profitait pour vous tenir un peu au courant des projets que nous avons chez Artoyz et de ce que l’on vous prépare pour la rentrée et après, ça vous dit ?

Instacart. Pure-players USA. Industrial Facility. Where spirit of wood refined. Accessoires Tendances pour vos Cheveux : Bandeaux et Bijoux Cheveux de Créateur - Adéli Paris. Oh My Socks boutique en ligne chaussette et mi-bas - OhMySocks. Vêtement femme et homme sur mesure en cachemire, coton ... Thé bio Lov Organic : Vente en ligne de diverses variétés de thé bio. Lingerie et maillots de bain de grandes marques. Abonnement de culottes - LEMON CURVE - Le grand magasin de la lingerie. MR PORTER - The online retail destination for men's style. Startuppers - CONNECTING STARTUPS & INVESTORS ALL AROUND THE WORLD. Magicmamans., la vente privée pour Moms and Tots.

Code Year. - Run Subscription Programs. The last thing you need when you’re trying to get your company off the ground is to keep on adding people and people to your workforce. - Run Subscription Programs

It’s not just that more people equal more money to be spent on wages, there are also some practical considerations at play. The more people you’re employing, the most difficult communication will be. And that’s not changing if you bring your best friend in. It’ll be another person to speak at meetings, and another person that’s going to answer to some (and to whom some will also have to answer to). No, the best thing is to try and keep everything as compact and self-contained as possible. enables businesses to run their own subscription programs all by themselves, without having to resort to anybody else.

That’s pretty spiffy in itself, but there’s even more to the service than that as users of are enabled to have labels automatically created, and even have a portal of its own built up for the handling of customer correspondence. Similare website research. Design Within Reach: The Best in Modern Furniture and Modern Design. Droog - a different perspective on design. Color Trends + Palettes.