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“Joolay, or ‘Juleh’ is the magical Tibetan word which is said when you want to say hello, goodbye, thank you, how are you, nice to meet you and you’re welcome” So when we add life to it, the word becomes HELLO LIFE! Heal is wealth and travel is a treasure! JoolayLife welcomes you to the world of happiness where you will discover endless ways to health and wellness. Conceived with an idea to share heal tips, travel hacks, delicious healthy food and yoga, JoolayLife will serve you with the best!

How Is Yoga Good for You? 30 Incredible Benefits to Share! How is Yoga good for you?

How Is Yoga Good for You? 30 Incredible Benefits to Share!

Yoga is enduring! After being around us for more than 5000 years and is practiced globally by yogis, fitness experts and doctors for its physical, mental and spiritual benefits that this healthy exercise incorporates within. Yoga for PCOS- PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome versus 6 Yoga Poses. Increasing work stress, lack of nutrition and unhealthy lifestyle, all have significantly increased in the past years.

Yoga for PCOS- PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome versus 6 Yoga Poses

This has lead to a hike in the level of PCOS. Coronavirus vs Flu- Fighting COVID-19 in 2020. Coronavirus, with a mortality rate of more than 3% has become the major concern of almost every nation.

Coronavirus vs Flu- Fighting COVID-19 in 2020

With thousands of casualties around the globe, it is not that easy to eliminate or quarantine it soon. Coronavirus vs Flu Sore throat, watery eyes, chest pain, short breath, and high fever are the first common symptoms of coronavirus. But if we keep COVID-19 aside for a while, these are also the symptoms of common flu! Both the viral diseases start with the respiratory illness but the question arises here how to identify the former from the latter in the battle of coronavirus vs flu? How to Read People? 3 Important Techniques to Remember! Psychologists aren’t the only ones who are mastered in reading people!

How to Read People? 3 Important Techniques to Remember!

All it takes is some research and your instinct to explore minds. If you are the one who’s wondering how to read people, things are going to get easier after reading this post! In this blog, we’ll be discussing verbal and non-verbal techniques of psychology related to reading people’s minds. Hold on as we begin with technique #1 #1 Observing Body language. Fetal Nonstress Test- Prenatal Care at its Best! Nonstress or fetal nonstress test is a common procedure during prenatal months.

Fetal Nonstress Test- Prenatal Care at its Best!

It’s a check to determine the baby’s present health in the mother’s womb! Why is it called a ‘non-stress’ test? The reason being that during the entire procedure, the baby doesn’t feel any stress, mental as we as physical! 7 Hair Loss Home Remedies for Men & Women. Every year millions of hair loss cases are reported with dermatologists where a similar question is asked; “what causes hair loss”?

7 Hair Loss Home Remedies for Men & Women

The answer is not one but many! There are several medical conditions that result in minor to chronic hair loss. Hair loss is a common condition that occurs to most people during their lives. Out of the most affected get recovered without medication; through hair loss home remedies. 1929 to 2019 Academy Awards Male. Academy Awards 2020 were recently announced!

1929 to 2019 Academy Awards Male

More than 100 Oscars have been won till 2020, but are you familiar with the Oscar winning best actors of all time? The Academy awards AKA Oscar is the most prestigious award in Hollywood and an actor who wins this glorious award adds his/her name to the wall of fame of great on-screen performers. How Everyday Yoga Benefits to Health. Wondering about the miraculous ways yoga benefits to health?

How Everyday Yoga Benefits to Health

India is the birthplace of yoga and Rishikesh, a small town in Uttarakhand is known as the yoga capital of the world. Yoga is one of the six orthodox schools of Hindu tradition and has been practiced for its physical and mental centuries all over the globe. With the introduction of yoga schools all across the world, yoga gained popularity and is also one of the mainstream professions of trained and experienced yoga instructors. Let’s find out why yoga today has become a lifestyle for the health enthusiasts by discovering 24 mental and physical perks to our health. Improves flexibility The primary function that yoga exhibits in the morning and the evening are opening up your clogged body which may have become dormant at some places due to lack of physical movement. Every yoga pose focuses on a particular body part of yours and the more you practice that yoga pose, it benefits the particular part of your body.

Gain strength. 7 Tangy Health Benefits of Vodka- On the Rocks! Vodka, the distilled, clear spirit had an origin history in Poland and Russia.

7 Tangy Health Benefits of Vodka- On the Rocks!

Since the 1890s it’s globally consumed, mainly for partying and not for the health benefits of vodka. It may surprise you that vodka has health benefits as mostly it is believed to affect your liver. Well, for that we say that everything outside the limits is harmful! In this blog, we’ll throw light upon some of the amazing health benefits of vodka (when taken in limited quantity). Yoga for PCOS- PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome versus 6 Yoga Poses. Kim Kardashian Net Worth 2019- Lesser Known Facts about Her? Wondering what was Kim Kardashian net worth 2019?

Kim Kardashian Net Worth 2019- Lesser Known Facts about Her?

It was stunningly higher than 350 Billion USD! In today’s quirky post, JoolayLife presents the coolest facts about Kimberly Noel Kardashian AKA Kim Kardashian, one of the most searched celebrities online! What’s Kim Kardashian Net worth 2019? At the end of the year 2019, West rose up to 370 Billion USD. According to Forbes, during the year 2019 Kim Kardashian West earned 72 Million USD!

What do you say about 39 years old LA goddess living in the Hidden Hills expected to earn in 2020? Amazing facts about Kim Kardashian: Kardashian West is of Armenian and Scottish descent, despite the fact that she does not hold citizenship of both these countries.We bet you didn’t know that Billions of USD net worth holder beauty went to Marymount High School.Once at an interview with People magazine, she told that as a teen she once dated Tito Joe Jackson, the nephew of Michael Jackson.

Her father had several nicknames for her. Elon Musk Hair Transplant- Mystery of Rocket Man’s Hairline. Just imagine Elon Musk without hair! Would he still be as charismatic and as influential he is? Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and founder of SpaceX with more than 21 billion dollar net worth is known for shaping the future. YouTube. How to Stay Motivated Eating a Healthy Diet- 7 Secrets - JoolayLife.

Do you often question yourself ” how to stay MOTIVATED when eating a healthy diet?” If yes! Skip whatever you’re doing, take a deep breath and understand, we mean understand not just read because the things JoolayLife is going to tell you will change your life forever! Being on a diet is not an easy thing as cravings, mood swings and low moral can act as the majot reasons behind quitting your healthy routine and shifting to a regular, NOT SO HEALTHY DIET!

: It’s an eternal bliss when a woman gets pregnant. A feeling of love, nervousness and sometimes fear though goes on inside every to-be momma’s elated thoughts. Yes, your life is going to change forever, once you impart a little soul inside your womb! So, be happy, because a happy pregnancy is the foundation of healthy childbirth. In this blog, JoolayLife will answer the question every first-time mother has in her mind, “how to stay happy during pregnancy”? Here are the easy-peasy but helpful daily things to-be moms should practice daily in their prenatal period. Don’t try to be perfect A famous doctor once said, “There’s no such thing as a perfect mother”. Hey! You’re looking beautiful! Hey there! You are an amazing person.