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Just how bad is bad grammar? Apostrophe now: Bad grammar and the people who hate it. 13 May 2013Last updated at 04:58 ET By Tom de Castella BBC News Magazine Children are again to be subject to a rigorous examination in grammar.

Apostrophe now: Bad grammar and the people who hate it

But why does it make adults so cross when other adults break the rules? A new grammar and spelling test arrives in primary schools in England this week. It is the first time in a while that such emphasis has been put on grammar. Some of the questions will seem straightforward for many adults, such as where to place a comma or a colon in a sentence. Grammar is not just an educational issue. The research arm of dating site OKCupid looked at 500,000 first contacts and concluded that "netspeak, bad grammar and bad spelling are huge turn-offs".

On the other hand, correct use of apostrophes was appealing. Twist Phelan, an American writer who went on 100 online dates in 100 days and later married someone she met online, says grammar is a vital "filter system". Continue reading the main story Try out the new grammar test. Grammar errors? The brain detects them even when you are unaware. May 13, 2013 — Your brain often works on autopilot when it comes to grammar.

Grammar errors? The brain detects them even when you are unaware

That theory has been around for years, but University of Oregon neuroscientists have captured elusive hard evidence that people indeed detect and process grammatical errors with no awareness of doing so. Participants in the study -- native-English speaking people, ages 18-30 -- had their brain activity recorded using electroencephalography, from which researchers focused on a signal known as the Event-Related Potential (ERP). This non-invasive technique allows for the capture of changes in brain electrical activity during an event. In this case, events were short sentences presented visually one word at a time. Subjects were given 280 experimental sentences, including some that were syntactically (grammatically) correct and others containing grammatical errors, such as "We drank Lisa's brandy by the fire in the lobby," or "We drank Lisa's by brandy the fire in the lobby. " Freelancers: How to Deal With Insecurities. The taste of success in the life of freelancers is much sweeter, if they can overcome the barrage of insecurities scattered on their path to success.

Freelancers: How to Deal With Insecurities

Take a peep into the life of a freelancer, and all may look hunky-dory: freelancers seem to work on less than what a full-time employee would, they seem to sleep a lot, and most importantly, they get work based on their own convenience. Those who are not freelancers are particularly impressed by the laidback style that defines the working life of freelancers, which may in turn spur them to decide going down the same path. (Image Source: Asuka111) What these ‘outsiders’ don’t see is the amount of hard work and insecurity every freelancer has to go through to realize their dreams. The truth is, despite consistent hard work, not every freelancer can turn up successful.

Recommended Reading: More Freelance-related posts. Ensuring a Steady Flow of Work The nature of a freelancing profession is such that nothing is guaranteed. Fear of losing clients. 20 Reasons To Say “No” to Freelancing. [series_freelance_guide] We’ve all heard great things about being a freelancer: having the ultimate independence to make all your creative decisions, no bosses to answer to, flexible hours and working from the comforts of home.

20 Reasons To Say “No” to Freelancing

It all boils down to a single theme: Freedom. Being a freelancer sure beats the constraints of a regular corporate 9-to-5 job, but as they say, freedom comes with a price. So many of us may have overrated the ‘freedom’ that is associated with freelancing without properly considering what we may have to give up in place to attain that. (Image Source: Fotolia) Instead of taking the usual path of examining what’s great about becoming a freelancer, we shall examine 20 good reasons why you shouldn’t be a freelancer.

10 Tips to Invoice Your Freelance Clients Professionally. Let’s face it, while receiving money can be very addictive, invoicing is a total nightmare for freelancers, especially designers with artistic talent.

10 Tips to Invoice Your Freelance Clients Professionally

However, the truth side about the freelance business is you not only need your design skill to succeed, but carefully and wisely managed invoicing to keep you business going smooth without troubles from the financial side, or frustration from the client side. (Image source: Fotolia) We talk about professionalism, but in fact all you need is to do it right.

Choosing the right invoicing software, implement the right policies and charge method, asking for a right payment method, manage the invoice record right, this article is all about sharing the right tips for you to do the right invoicing. Contact Us. Tips for Growing a Kitchen Herb Garden. By: Marie Iannotti, Reblogged from: Guide Probably the most popular herbs to grow and use are the culinary herbs.

Tips for Growing a Kitchen Herb Garden

Herbs used for cooking and seasoning can be incorporated into your existing flower or vegetable beds, grown separately near the kitchen door or kept handy on the kitchen counter. Growing culinary herbs is very similar to growing vegetables. HOME. Penguin_library_press_release. Make an Affordable Bookshelf with Bed Slats and Ikea Brackets.

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