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Why is my Samsung dryer not heating up? Samsung is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to high-quality electronic appliances.

Why is my Samsung dryer not heating up?

Having a cloth dryer is a necessity for a lot of people and Samsung dryers are quite popular. But there are certain occasions when the drying process would take forever. It usually happens when your dryer is not producing any heat, therefore, it will spin but will not heat up. This will ultimately lead to a major problem – the Samsung dryer not drying your clothes. There could be many possible reasons why people complain about one common issue and that is, ‘Samsung dryer not heating up.’ How does the heating element work in Samsung dryers? If the heating element is burnt or faulty, it will stop the dryer from spinning or running. When you switch on the motor, the Samsung heating element will start working. How do I fix a refrigerator that is not cooling?

A refrigerator is something that we all need on a daily basis for some obvious reasons.

How do I fix a refrigerator that is not cooling?

Apart from elongating the life of food and packages items, it also keeps our dairy products and veggies fresh. However, when it stops to perform its cooling function properly, there is nothing more annoying than that. This makes you doubt that why is my refrigerator not cooling. Well, we have covered all these topics in this article. It is not plugged in properly- this is the first thing you need to verify, although this might seem silly to you. Ways to Fix Refrigerator Problems Replace the compressor Before you think of replacing the compressor completely, think of changing just the start relay. Clean the condenser coils A condenser plays an important role in the working of your refrigerator. How to fix DNS server not responding? The domain name system or DNS is a structured and hierarchical decentralized system that is made for the computers, services, and other resources that are connected to the internet along with a private network.

How to fix DNS server not responding?

This system translates the hostnames to IP addresses if DNS did not exist, then surfing the web will not be easy, since DNS servers are used it is very much easy to understand and remember the words than numbers but because the computers need to use the IP addresses in order to access the websites. A DNS server is just like a translator between a hostname and an IP address. Moreover, the computer stores the DNS responses locally, so the DNS request doesn’t work every time you connect to a specific domain name which you have earlier visited. How to fix Xbox One disc drive not reading error? For gamers, it is a big nightmare when they are all geared up to play their favorite title and suddenly an error occurs.

How to fix Xbox One disc drive not reading error?

Xbox One is one of the most preferred gaming consoles that offers an unmatched gaming experience. But a major issue like Xbox One not reading the disc might leave you disappointed. How to fix broken registry items Windows 10? Windows registry plays an important part in the working process of your computer.

How to fix broken registry items Windows 10?

They are responsible for storing all the necessary information of your computer including settings and other values that are essential for running PC programs. There are two essential parts of the registry items which include keys and values. If your computer is working fine, it means your registry items are also fine. How to fix windows 10 black screen on Windows 10? It is very frustrating when your PC greets you with a black screen every time you start working on it.

How to fix windows 10 black screen on Windows 10?

This is a very common error and usually occurs in your Windows operating system that keeps you in a frustrating situation. There is a never-ending rotating circle or there is just a Windows logo when you try to boot up. This is a very irritating situation, and there is a need to fix it. In this article, you will learn the instructions to fix the windows 10 update black screen error.

So, let us start the topic and learn the basics for the same. The possible cause can be anything. Hardware detects loose cables in the PC.Problematic startup application or the driver runs automatically.Connection issue between the PC and monitorGraphic- card driver problem. How to fix Xbox One disc drive not reading error? How to fix Ethernet connection Windows 10? As we all know, setting up an Ethernet connection is easier than setting up a wireless connection but on an off-chance, you might face issues while setting up or using an Ethernet connection on your Windows 10 device.

How to fix Ethernet connection Windows 10?

In that case, you need to fix windows 10 Ethernet connection issues. Thus, if you are also someone who is facing any similar issue with your Ethernet connection on Windows 10, then you must fix this issue as fast as possible in order to continue receiving internet connection without any interruptions. In this article, we shall discuss the correct way to configure or setup the Ethernet connection manually along with some of the ways to fix the issue. Configure or setup Ethernet Connection Manually on Windows 10 Troubleshoot Ethernet problems Windows 10 In case your Ethernet won’t connect to a network, then you must follow the workarounds given below: Method 1- check for viruses If there is a virus on your device, then you will surely face issues like these.

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