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Machine Learning Algorithms Grouped by Similarity. Machine learning in Python — scikit-learn 0.17 documentation. The Best Machine Learning Libraries in Python. Introduction There is no doubt that neural networks, and machine learning in general, has been one of the hottest topics in tech the past few years or so.

The Best Machine Learning Libraries in Python

It's easy to see why with all of the really interesting use-cases they solve, like voice recognition, image recognition, or even music composition. So, for this article I decided to compile a list of some of the best Python machine learning libraries and posted them below. Neuralconvo – Chat with a Deep learning brain. Intro to Hadoop. An Introduction to Hadoop Apache Hadoop is an open source software project that enables the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of commodity servers.

Intro to Hadoop

It is designed to scale up from a single server to thousands of machines, with a very high degree of fault tolerance. Rather than relying on high-end hardware, the resiliency of these clusters comes from the software’s ability to detect and handle failures at the application layer. The Apache Hadoop framework is composed of the following modules: Hadoop Common which contains the libraries and utilities needed by other Hadoop modules. Hadoop was created by Doug Cutting and Mike Cafarella in 2005. StratApps-Intro to Hadoop. System Architectures for Personalization and Recommendation. By Xavier Amatriain and Justin Basilico In our previous posts about Netflix personalization, we highlighted the importance of using both data and algorithms to create the best possible experience for Netflix members.

System Architectures for Personalization and Recommendation

We also talked about the importance of enriching the interaction and engaging the user with the recommendation system. Today we're exploring another important piece of the puzzle: how to create a software architecture that can deliver this experience and support rapid innovation. Awslabs/machine-learning-samples: Sample applications built using Amazon Machine Learning. Hadoop vs Spark Apache : 5 choses à savoir. Raspberry PI 2 Hadoop 2 Cluster - Jonas Widriksson. Setup your own Raspberry PI 2 Hadoop 2 cluster (Raspberry PI 2 Model B and Hadoop 2.7.2) on Rasbian Linux.

Raspberry PI 2 Hadoop 2 Cluster - Jonas Widriksson

For some background and general information around Hadoop please see my previous post: 3x Raspberry PI 2 Model B (4core CPU, 1GB RAM)3x 16gb MicroSDHC cards (Sandisk UHS-I 10x)Rasbpian Jessie Lite (Linux 4.1.17-v7+)Oracle Java java version 1.8.0_65Hadoop 2.7.2 (ARM native compiled from source) Some of the more major differences are: YARN (Yet Another Resource Negotiator) – Next generation MapReduce (MRv2) Separation of processing engine and resource management which was implemented in Hadoop 1.x mapreduceIn Hadoop 1.x all processing was done through the mapreduce framework. Depricated properties See the following urls for properties that are depricated from Hadoop 1.x: Building a Hadoop cluster with Raspberry Pi - developerWorks Recipes.

IntroductionHadoop has great potential and is one of the best known projects for big data.

Building a Hadoop cluster with Raspberry Pi - developerWorks Recipes

In this tutorial, we will install and configure a Hadoop cluster using Raspberries. Our cluster will consists on twelve nodes (one master and eleven slaves).Since Raspberries have a low price and Hadoop is open source, together they offer a great opportunity for anybody who wants to start working with big data. We will be configuring the cluster from a Linux workstation, we will be working exclusively with Linux commands. The cluster can be built with other families of operating systems, and the general steps in this tutorial would remain to be useful, but the specific commands would be different.Download and install an Operating System into the micro SD cards.Any OS that is compatible with Hadoop will work. How to build a 7 node Raspberry Pi Hadoop Cluster. A Hadoop data lab project on Raspberry Pi – Part 1/4.

Carsten Mönning and Waldemar SchillerHadoop has developed into a key enabling technology for all kinds of Big Data analytics scenarios.

A Hadoop data lab project on Raspberry Pi – Part 1/4

Although Big Data applications have started to move beyond the classic batch-oriented Hadoop architecture towards near real-time architectures such as Spark, Storm, etc., [1] a thorough understanding of the Hadoop & MapReduce & HDFS principles and services such as Hive, HBase, etc. operating on top of the Hadoop core still remains one of the best starting points for getting into the world of Big Data. Build a Raspberry Pi Hadoop Cluster to Run Spark on YARN - DQYDJ. Sometimes on DQYDJ we like to reveal a little bit of the process behind the data.

Build a Raspberry Pi Hadoop Cluster to Run Spark on YARN - DQYDJ

In that past, that has meant articles on how we ingest fixed width data with R and how we model the cost of a Negative Income Tax in America, amongst many other fine examples. Today I’ll be sharing some explorations with Big Data. For a change of pace I’ll be doing it with the world’s most famous Little Computer – the Raspberry Pi. Raspberry PI Hadoop Cluster - Jonas Widriksson.

If you like Raspberry Pi’s and like to get into Distributed Computing and Big Data processing what could be a better than creating your own Raspberry Pi Hadoop Cluster?

Raspberry PI Hadoop Cluster - Jonas Widriksson

The tutorial does not assume that you have any previous knowledge of Hadoop. Hadoop is a framework for storage and processing of large amount of data. Or “Big Data” which is a pretty common buzzword those days. The performance of running Hadoop on a Rasperry PI is probably terrible but I hope to be able to make a small and fully functional little cluster to see how it works and perform.

RabbitMQ - RabbitMQ tutorial - "Hello World!" Introduction Prerequisites This tutorial assumes RabbitMQ is installed and running on localhost on standard port (5672).

RabbitMQ - RabbitMQ tutorial - "Hello World!"

In case you use a different host, port or credentials, connections settings would require adjusting. Where to get help If you're having trouble going through this tutorial you can contact us through the mailing list. Front End Developer Playground & Code Editor in the Browser. JS Bin - Collaborative JavaScript Debugging. Create a new fiddle - JSFiddle. Express - Node.js web application framework. Naresh Ganatra. SAP Business Objects Universe - Information Design Tool.

Old PDF course files. InAll categories Web development12 Courses Entrepreneurship2 Courses Design1 Course. USB RFID + Python + Pub-Sub (MQTT) Now that we've got an RFID reader and pub-sub client working separately, it's time to combine the two functions to achieve the end result.

USB RFID + Python + Pub-Sub (MQTT)

The following code does exactly that. Here's how it works: - When the script starts the 'open_reader()' function is called which opens the card reader or exits the script upon failure. - Displays card information - Connects to the MQTT server of quits upon failure. - Begins the main loop - The listen_card(card, interval) function starts a loop that checks a card is sitting on the reader. Once a card is found, the card ID, time and date, and action (placed or removed) is published and the function returns. - The listen_remove(card, interval, card_id) function works the same as listen_card, however, the data is publish when the card is removed. - The loop repeats. Lancez-vous dans la programmation avec Ruby. Créer une classe en PHP. Les classes sont le coeur de la programmation Objet en PHP.

L'idée générale derrière la POO est de regrouper les fonctions similaires au sein d'objets. Ces objets représentent des choses réelles comme des gens, des lieux ou des choses. D'une certaine manière, si un programme était une phrase, tous les noms de cette phrase seraient des objets. Talend Tutorials - How to create a REST service. Learn how to create a REST service provider with tRESTRequest and tRESTResponse components In this tutorial, you will see how to build your first simple REST data service in both Talend Open Studio for ESB and Talend Enterprise ESB Studio by using Talend ESB REST components and the new tXMLMap component. With this REST service, we will be able to explore the data of a simple database table containing information about customers. To do so, we need to create a service provider job. Prerequisite:To follow this tutorial, you need to download the file available at the bottom of this page, in the Download it!

Section of this tutorial. Talend Tutorials - Déployer un Job en tant que Web service (Etape 3/3) jQuery spherical panorama viewer. Php - Microsoft SQL group by to get multidimensional array. Php - Returning a two dimensional array from SQL query. Load div on click only - JavaScript - The SitePoint Forums. Ok, well the difference is that jQuery is a library written in JavaScript, whereas JavaScript itself is a scripting language for browsers.jQuery is often overkill for small projects, but it does offer a simplified syntax for AJAX stuff, so I'll use it here. What we need to do is to make a HTML template, include the jQuery library and attach an event handler to the link that will be responsible for loading the content into the div. After that we need to create a file that will hold the content we will be loading.I'll call mine content.html.

Then we can use jQuery's .load() method to load the content from content.html into the div. The whole thing looks like this: Contrôlez votre Raspberry Pi avec SSH depuis votre ordinateur. Depuis un an et demi que nous tenons le blog Raspbian France, nous avons eu l’occasion de recevoir de nombreux mails d’utilisateurs se posant des questions sur des sujets très divers. Gérer son nom de domaine. OpenClassrooms - Gérer son nom de domaine. OpenData : quels usages pour l’entreprise ? Si les usages de l’opendata dans les sphères publiques et para-publiques ne font plus de mystère, les usages que l’entreprise peut avoir de l’opendata sont plus obscurs.

A mon sens, il existe de nombreux usages possibles pour l’entreprise, tant comme consommatrice de données ouvertes, que comme productrice.Avant toute chose, je pense qu’il convient de rappeler ce que sont les données ouvertes (opendata) et ce qu’elles recouvrent. OpenClassrooms - TP : générateur de galerie d'images. Apprentissage automatique. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

XML Tutorial. What is the best way to apply Machine Learning algorithm in PHP project, using PHP or any other language with a bridge or else...? - Quora. Sans titre. MongoDB Community Server does not come packaged with a GUI-style administrative interface. Instead most administration is done from command line tools such as the:program:mongo shell. However some GUI’s are available as commercial offerings or separate community projects and are listed below.

Some of these tools are focused on administration, while others focus on data viewing. Sans titre. La plateforme ouverte des données publiques - Axel H. TensorFlow — an Open Source Software Library for Machine Intelligence. Installer un serveur web sur votre Raspberry. Après avoir créé votre carte SD, et après avoir démarré pour la première fois votre Raspberry Pi, il y a de fortes chances que vous souhaitiez l’utiliser comme un serveur web.

Edit fiddle.


BI project ETL and analysis using TALEND. Edit fiddle. Comparison of OLAP Servers. The following tables compare general and technical information for a number of online analytical processing (OLAP) servers. Please see the individual products articles for further information. [resolved] tFileFetch and tHttpRequest not saving entire file to disk (Page 1) / Open Data Integration - Usage, Operation / Talend Community Forum. Hi fellow Talend'ers. Executer automatiquement une macro avec talend. Créer une classe en PHP. La%20programmation%20orientee%20objet%20en%20PHP. Quick way to add transitions in Kdenlive.

Blender Basic Animation - Inserting Keyframes, Getting the Cube to Move (New Version) Easiest way to do "Fade to white" Kdenlive Transition: Cross-Fade How-To. How to make your voice deeper - Audacity Tutorial. D3 Tag Cloud. Word Cloud Generator. How the Word Cloud Generator Works The layout algorithm for positioning words without overlap is available on GitHub under an open source license as d3-cloud. Note that this is the only the layout algorithm and any code for converting text into words and rendering the final output requires additional development. As word placement can be quite slow for more than a few hundred words, the layout algorithm can be run asynchronously, with a configurable time step size.

This makes it possible to animate words as they are placed without stuttering. It is recommended to always use a time step even without animations as it prevents the browser’s event loop from blocking while placing the words. The layout algorithm itself is incredibly simple. TagCanvas - an HTML5 Canvas Tag Cloud. TagCanvas - an HTML5 Canvas Tag Cloud. Tutorial - How to make a robot voice in audacity. How To Sound Like Morgan Freeman (Audacity Tutorial) Improve Your Vocals/Commentaries! SSAS Cube Design I MSBI. SSAS Cube Design I MSBI. Excel Tutorial: What is Business Intelligence and an OLAP Cube? Create a query based on an OLAP universe: SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.0.

Mysql - How to use cURL to fetch specific data from a website and then save it my database using php. Php - Selecting a specific div from a extern webpage using CURL. Curl Post Data / Login. PHP cURL Tutorial Part 3: Posting Data To The Server. cURL - Envoi de requête POST - Le blog de Xav. Recording Macros in Excel. Afficher une partie d'un site web dans Iframe. [resolved] How to use POST method of the tRESTRequest (Page 1) / ESB - Product usage, architecture, user scenarios, suggestions & feedback / Talend Community Forum. Talend Tutorials - How to create a REST service. Le menu démarrer, Cortana et de la barre des taches qui ne fonctionnent pas.(solution)

Assistant(e) à Maîtrise d'Ouvrage. Développeur Big Data. Opportunités d’emplois. OLAP, les fondamentaux. Creation de Cube OLAP : DATAWAREHOUSE. How to Extract SharePoint List Items into Talend. Battery Lid for Nintendo Game&Watch by wizard23. "$ is not a function" dans JQuery - La solution - Javascript. Wordpress - TypeError: $ is not a function when calling jQuery function. How to create a QR code reader in a HTML5 website? GitHub - dwa012/html5-qrcode: A cross platform HTML5 QR code reader.

Comparer 2 dates en PHP simplement et rapidement - Blog personnel de Julien Bourdeau. Traduire un thème Wordpress automatiquement. How-To: Search in files with GEdit. [Plugin: The Events Calendar] Multiple Calendars. Un viewer de panoramas simple en jQuery - Le LAB : OpenStudio innove et partage ses développements libres. jQuery virtual tour - Le LAB : OpenStudio innove et partage ses développements libres. Afficher des panoramas sphériques avec jQuery - Le LAB : OpenStudio innove et partage ses développements libres. Php - Microsoft SQL group by to get multidimensional array. JREAM. Forum du club des développeurs et IT Pro.