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GitHub - khalim19/gimp-plugin-export-layers: GIMP plug-in that exports layers as separate images. Amazon.


Valuebasket. Compatible with Lumix G Micro Four Thirds cameras, this wide-angle Panasonic Lumix G lens has a super-fast f/1.7 maximum aperture, to let in more light for faster shutter speeds.


Trieste ...again. Blackmagic Cinema Camera LUT. Hey guys, I’m finally sharing my new LUTs i made for the Blackmagic 4K camera that have also been ‘adapted’ to work for the BMCC and Pocket Camera to be used inside of Resolve. // I highly recommend also checking out this LUT in beta: LUTs – Inside there’s an installer for OSX that places them in the correct location, or for windows/linux users a folder with the .cube files to manually place in the correct location.

Blackmagic Cinema Camera LUT

The easiest way to do this manually is inside resolve in the project settings tab, go to the “Lookup Tables” tab and choose “Open LUT Folder” and copy the files to that location. Compositing vidéo avec Kdenlive [1]: la rotoscopie (masque) Le compositing est un ensemble de techniques pour composer une image à partir de plusieurs sources différentes.

Compositing vidéo avec Kdenlive [1]: la rotoscopie (masque)

Avec quelques effets de bases pour découper et incruster de la vidéo on peut ainsi créer des images irréelles, des paysages imaginaires, des effets spéciaux fantastiques etc. Les effets de base que nous aborderons sur plusieurs articles sont la rotoscopie, qui permet de découper des zones dans une vidéo, et la technique du fond bleu ou vert, qui permet d’incruster des images dans les zones colorées d’une vidéo. Il faudra également aborder le sujet essentiel des images clés qui permettent d’animer des effets. Le logiciel de référence que nous utiliserons est Kdenlive. Il est libre et gratuit sous (gnu)Linux. La transparence dans Kdenlive Les deux techniques abordées reposent sur la possibilité d’appliquer une transparence sur une image, qui est appelé en général « alpha » ou « canal alpha ». Kdenlive tutorial - color correction suite.

Good photography doesn't just happen.

Kdenlive tutorial - color correction suite

Careful attention to lens settings, depth-of-field charts, and lighting will produce quality images but even those, since the days of the earliest photography, have been taken into the darkroom and adjusted. Read the other parts in this series: Part 1: Introduction to Kdenlive Part 2: Advanced editing technique Part 3: Effects and transitions Part 5: All about audioPart 6: Workflow and conclusion Kdenlive's color correction suite easily rivals any professional video editing application and in many ways surpasses the basic tools often found in the expensive industry application.

Let's look at the typical workflow of color correction, and then the tools. Francis Frenkel on Vimeo. Poor man's RAW video workflow; $0, it Just Works. Hello all - Just wanted to volunteer a workflow that Just Works for me on Ubuntu 12.10, using all open source software, since I don't want to spend any money on (or illegally download) After Effects, Premier, Lightroom, etc. or use Windows.

Poor man's RAW video workflow; $0, it Just Works

Lens 18-108. The Sun Came Out - Blackmagic Pocket Camera with 20mm f1.7 ii. Field of View on the BMPCC - The BMPCC’s Micro Four Thirds mount offers a wide choice of native and adaptable lenses.

In this post, we check ‘em out. The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera has become a popular camera with it’s small size (think: a thicker iPhone), under $1000 price and the ability to shoot in ProRes HQ and CinemaDNG RAW. Currently, the only other commercially avaliable cameras under $5,000 that shoot CinemaDNG are the 2 other cameras from Blackmagic and the Digital Bolex. To get a sense of what it can do, here are 2 films shot with the BMPCC: So, let’s talk lenses… The lens mount for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera is Micro Four Thirds, more commonly known as M43 or MFT. Image from B&H If you are used to shooting will Full Frame sensors (Canon 5D Mark III, Nikon D700) and standard MFT cameras (Panasonic GH3) there are a couple things to be aware of. The crop factor is different with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, which changes the effective focal length of lenses.

How Much Hard Disk Space Do You Need If You Shoot In 4K? Planning your feature film production is essential.

How Much Hard Disk Space Do You Need If You Shoot In 4K?

In fact, one of the most important aspects that you should take into consideration is the hard drive space you will need for your captured material and backup. Depending on your shooting ratio, the length of the material to be shot, the number of cameras you use, the format you choose to shoot in, the hard-drive space you will need will vary. So, let’s take a look at some of the common scenarios that will help you with your creative decisions, when choosing what to shoot your next project on, while considering storage space requirements. Bmpcc metabones speed booster Infinity focus problem - Page 2. Valuebasket. Field of View on the BMPCC -

TheDiveO/Int'l: Grading of Hero 3 (Above Waterline) Footage. In this article I'll show how to post-process video footage that was shot with a GoPro HD Hero 3 Black Edition (or Silver Edition) in Protune mode.

TheDiveO/Int'l: Grading of Hero 3 (Above Waterline) Footage

In order to better understand the details of what really is going on in post processing, I'll show the necessary steps using the non-linear video editor Kdenlive. On purpose, I'm not using proprietary software packages for demonstration, but instead open source software. However, with the knowledge gained here you should be able to easily transfer my description to any decent other video editor software ... as long as your software gives you the required basic tools.

As I mentioned basic tools: I won't cover reduced functionality video software, such as Cineform and GoPro Studio. Such software has been designed with the goal to make color grading as automatic and easy as possible for inexperienced users. Overview This blog article is a follow-up to Helpful Hero 3 Practice Above + Below the Waterline. CinemaDNG / ProRES 422. CinemaDNG / ProRES 422.