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All products – designthinkingagency. How to use a semicolon. Robert Frost. Robert Frost introduction Here is the Powerpoint version of the introduction for the AS LitB1 course. ppt intro.

Robert Frost

Reform the Death Star of Ofsted, or it's time to blow it up. - Tom Bennett - Blog - Tom Bennett. It was a year ago, at the London Festival of Education, that I listened to Michael Wilshaw, the Commissar of Ofsted, promise a packed room that from then on, the inspectors wouldn't be looking for a particular teaching style; that what was sought was, instead, evidence that children were learning, however it happened.

Reform the Death Star of Ofsted, or it's time to blow it up. - Tom Bennett - Blog - Tom Bennett

The Dementors of recent history, with their prescriptions and prejudices, were to be retrained and taught to smile. This mattered, because many commentators, myself included had long noted that Ofsted had become a lash and a rack of good teaching, rather than an instrument of accountability. It had gone from microscope to centrifuge; it affected rather than observed the school experiment. Schools had evolved to anticipate its caprices, rather than rely on professional judgement and experience. An industry of consultants sprang up to sate the anxious appetites of school leaders, paid to read the entrails, runes and bones of the Ancient Ones. Www.nationalcollege.org.uk/cm-mc-lt-op-westburnham-curriculum-policy.pdf.

Schools Mace 2011 Debate Three. Targets, targets, targets. Target: Make a table.

Targets, targets, targets

So, you need wood, screws, a saw, screwdriver, a tape measure and spirit level. All the raw materials you need are laid out. Setting to work, you know that as long as you put everything together properly, follow the instructions and give yourself the time, you will end up with a table. But hang on, the wood has been taken off by someone else to be given some extra intensive wood training. The screwdriver decides that it is no longer interested in turning screws into wood and decides that it would rather just sit and watch. Www.banddpublishing.co.uk/Downloads/Reading Record.pdf. Arabella Della Casa Rothenberger Fischer-Dieskau Keilberth. Et Plagieringseventyr. Best Apps for Teachers. Free Plagiarism Checker - stop illegal copying. This is why teachers leave teaching. On Thursday, Mark Clarkson wrote a blog post that started off like this: I seriously considered leaving education today.

This is why teachers leave teaching

And if I had a viable exit strategy I might have taken it further. Note the end of that sentence: a young, talented teacher with to offer the world feels like he has no ‘viable exit strategy’. There are thousands of teachers up and down the country feeling the same thing. Education Blog Awards. Expert Advice & Support for Teachers - TES Forums.