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Jonathan Otto

Jonathan Otto is an investigative journalist, filmmaker and humanitarian. His life narrative is characterised by his unceasing desire to uncover truth and alleviate suffering.

The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest 9 Part Docu-series. John Gray Key Takeaways Part 2 (Depression & Anxiety Secrets) John: 01:30:00 The most common mental illness in the world is depression.

John Gray Key Takeaways Part 2 (Depression & Anxiety Secrets)

Depression is an imbalance of brain chemicals. It is triggered by stress, something shocking to us, a loss and attachment. First, let's understand attachment and why that causes stress. If I grow up and my mother dies, I've been attached to my mother, I could become depressed. Why? John: 01:30:48 So depression is when we become attached to either an expectation or a person or a situation, and our brain has attached itself and says, "I need that situation.

John: 01:31:31 So therefore, my feeling grief is a sign that I love my mother. John: 01:32:16 It took nine months of my learning to process my emotions to let go of that. John: 01:33:02 I thought I was going to get this, and I didn't get that. John: 01:33:44 And again, you see, we can laugh about it, but you just built up an expectation. John Gray Key Takeaways Part 3. John Gray - Interview 1 Dr.

John Gray Key Takeaways Part 3

Gray: There’s caprylic acid, which is a supplement you can take which will get rid of candida. It’s pretty tough though, because as soon as you kill candida it’s like a wasp. It stings you. It puts out a toxicity when it dies. So you do it slow. What happens in the body is your body stops making hydrochloric acid. So, I highly recommend to everybody: Start your day with a hydrochloric acid enzyme supplement, even before your meals. Dr. Kathleen Toups Key Takeaways (Depression & Anxiety Secrets)


Dr. Kathleen Toups Key Takeaways (Depression & Anxiety Secrets)

Kathleen Toups Dr. Toups: Apart from emotional issues which of course play into every kind of disorder, most physiologic psychiatric disorders are due to problems in the body. So they don’t start in the brain, they start in the body and things get out of balance in the body. Jonathan Otto Explain Basic Phases of Video Production. Natural Way to Stay Healthy & Live Healthy Life. If you are obese, however, have determined to stay a natural health lifestyle style, you will have to cope with your weight hassle.

Natural Way to Stay Healthy & Live Healthy Life

Lots of people have lately used brand new diets, with mixed consequences. Jonathan Otto reveal some interesting facts to stay healthy. It is not clean to fit an ordinary period of exercising into your existence, while works and different considerations make heavy demands on your time. Weight reduction dietary supplements are from time to time marketed as being to be had to assist with weight loss, but might also leave out to emphasize that everyday workout is essential for your progress. It would help if you also regulated your food regimen within the know-how that meals are fuel, and any consumption surplus for your requirements could save as fat. Regular exercising is crucial, and strolling and biking blanketed in getting to and from paintings. Numerous individuals agree that they might locate it hard to manage to pay for to eat the natural health way. Some Easy Way to Stay Healthy & Fit.

Staying healthy is a concern that everybody should worried about; after all, the healthier you're, the better the first-rate of life you tend to lead.

Some Easy Way to Stay Healthy & Fit

There are many motives why humans need to live wholesomely. Possibly they want to spend more significant time with the circle of relatives and pals, or perhaps they wish to that allows you to lead an energetic way of life without restrictions imposed upon their sports because of age and a sedentary lifestyle. All You Need To Know Autoimmune Diseases. Autoimmune hepatitis is a sickness that effects-heavy liver damage.

All You Need To Know Autoimmune Diseases

It widely misunderstood reasons and the underlying triggers, via the quilt of this text, the reader will study the background of the disease. In the direction of the end of the object, we will look into recent traits that offer wish to those who be afflicted by it. On this disease, the frame receives its signal crossed, turns on the immune gadget, and puts it in "combat formation" to combat a non-existent enemy. It finally ends up inflicting damage to its liver cells. Your common autoimmune hepatitis is continual, which means that it could close for years, and may result in cirrhosis and scarring of the liver.

Who receives autoimmune hepatitis? How to Control Anxiety & Stress in Daily Life. Depression is not Sadness. Millions of people, all over the world, are experiencing depression or sadness at some point of their lives.

Depression is not Sadness

However, recognizing the difference between both and the diagnosis for depression (an illness) and sadness (an emotion) can help a person in a healthy way. The ADAA ( Anxiety and Depression Association of America) is one of the most common illnesses in the US. Feeling sad or upset in an integral part of the depression, however, the two should not be misunderstood. Knowing the difference and understanding the symptoms can help a person seek the right treatment on time. Knowing the difference- Defining depression and sadness is important to your wellbeing.

Sadness is one of the most natural human emotions that every single person experiences at sombre and stressful. If your sadness does not pass with time, or it becomes almost impossible to resume your day to day functions, it could be a sign of depression. “People can get their brains back!” - Healing from Dementia. Episode Summary Dr.

“People can get their brains back!” - Healing from Dementia

Kathleen Toups (Author of Dementia Demystified, Functional Medicine Psychiatrist, Principal researcher on long-term Alzheimer's and Mild Cognitive Impairment Dementia-MCID clinical trials) specializes in psychiatric disorders and cognitive impairment disorders. She believes that Dementia, depression, anxiety and ADHD are not mysterious diseases or conditions that just happen. In fact, she says that they do not even start in the brain, but instead are the result of an imbalanced, autoimmune-triggered body, leading to inflammation. Grandson & Heir to Baskin - Robbins (31 flavors) Empire chooses a different path- Spreading a message of hope and healthy living. Episode Summary Did you know that the U.S. weight loss industry pulls in close to a hundred billion dollars a year?

Grandson & Heir to Baskin - Robbins (31 flavors) Empire chooses a different path- Spreading a message of hope and healthy living

Ocean Robbins (Author, Health Advocate and CEO/ Co-founder of Food Revolution Network Inc.) wants us to STOP being a society that shames and blames ourselves for carrying extra weight. Sugar can be more addictive than cocaine and people are both mentally and physically addicted to unhealthy foods. But with nearly three quarters of Americans struggling with weight and obesity, where do we go from here? Ocean has the answers!

Mary Newport Key Takeaways (Depression & Anxiety Secrets) Dr. Mary Newport Dr. Newport: Well, my first result was with my husband. I just happened upon this information about ketones as an alternative fuel for the brain on the Internet, a press release about a medical food that was being studied. It wasn’t going to be out for another year. But with Steven, what happened was I knew that coconut oil was available over-the-counter and I learned from the pan application that MCT oil is extracted from coconut oil and coconut oil is about 60% medium-chain triglycerides. I thought, “What do we have to lose? Masato Kinjo Key Takeaways. Masato Kinjo Dr.

Masato Kinjo Key Takeaways

Kinjo: So, a lot of things get maybe put to the side. The hydrotherapy part. We do a lot with hydrotherapy. You talk to 50 different naturopaths, you’ll get 50 different protocols for treating whatever disease, right? Dr. Michael Merzenich Key Takeaways (Depression & Anxiety Secrets) – Health Secret. Dr. Michael Merzenich Dr. Merzenich: the brain has been changing itself plastically. Neil Nedley Key Takeaways Pt 3 (Depression & Anxiety Secrets) Dr. Dr. Nick Delgado Key Takeaways (Depression & Anxiety Secrets) – Health Secret. Dr. Nick Delgado - Part 1 Dr.

Delgado: The first, there has to be an understanding of how does the body work? We have to understand that the gut plays a major role in all of health. We know that the human body has more bacteria than human cells. Also, we know, that if we chose the right plant based whole foods, we get vital chemicals and nutrients. The reality is when you look at a book written by Brooke Goldner. Why is Depression beyond Medication? Can Fish Oil Help You Lose Weight In Absence Of Exercise? – Jonathan Otto Fan Page.

While the benefits of fish oil are undoubted but a lot of people often find them ineffective. Why it is so? Do they work in association with some physical activity? Here lies the answer. There have been several studies that proved that fish oil helps you lose weight even if a person is not actively engaged in physical activity and consuming carbohydrates on regular basis. Fish oil and exercise. Rodger Murphree Key Takeaways Pt 1 (Depression & Anxiety Secrets) Dr. Contact Us – Bible Health Secrets. Medical Disclaimer. Effective as of August 14, 2017. Fish oil Capsules for Weight Loss.

Unhealthy heart, obesity, joint pain, back problems- these are some of the most common symptoms of malnutrition where the diet lacks omega 3 essential acids source. Fish oil, a product rich in omega 3 essential acid can be used in daily many and help you get rid of such problems. Stress, the Enemy of Cholesterol. More and more people suffer from stress these days. And it is that this evil has begun to be known more in recent years and thus triggers a series of diseases, such as cholesterol. EPISODE 01: Uncovering the Truth Behind Women’s Health Secrets. Own a Women's Health Secrets Package for Life.

First of all, congratulations for taking a huge step in your healing. By choosing to invest in one of our packages, you are also helping us by supporting our mission and allowing us to create more educational, life-changing materials like these. The Silver Package is available in a digital-only format. This means you have lifetime online access to everything included in the Silver option, from videos, to the MP3s and downloadable files. However, with the Silver Package, you won’t receive any physical goods, such as DVDs or printed books. The Gold Package is the PHYSICAL version of our program. The Platinum Package is the best of both worlds, and also our best-value option. To get all the information you need, plus the 93% discount (only available today!)

Medical Disclaimer – Bible Health Secrets. Last updated April 16, 2018 All content of this website is presented for educational and general information purposes only. Unless otherwise stated, the information is based on the research and experience of Bible Health Secrets, LLC (“we” or “us”) and the individuals featured on this website and in its content. News Flash: Gut Bacteria Stealing Your “Longevity Vitamin” Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below! See How to Nourish, Enhance & Protect Your Brain for Better Memory, Focus & Happiness.

Jonathan Otto. Scientific evidence confirms Gladiators followed vegan diets ensuring optimal performance for the body, spirit and mind. A new normal”-Emotional Testimony. Autoimmunity clearly explained finally. Health Secrets Podcast. Get Your Body to Work for You — Not Against You — By Supporting 3 Top Pathways That Clean Out Cellular Waste Products and Foreign Invaders.

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below! I hear from many people burdened by chronic health issues. 7 Dangerous Toxins Lurking in Your Home. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Dr. Rodger Murphree Key Takeaways Part 2 (Depression & Anxiety Secrets) Dr. Sruti Lam Key Takeaways (Depression & Anxiety Secrets) Jonathan Otto — Autoimmune diseases can be fatal if not cared for. Some Important Tips of Video Making For Armature- Jonathan Otto. Bible Hidden Secrets to Live a Healthy & Happy Life. Natural Food-A Secret of Healthy & Happy Life. The Sacred Plant 7-Part Docuseries. Bible Health Secrets - Terms & Conditions. Autoimmune Secrets - Terms & Conditions. Jonathan Otto explains Bible Health Secrets. Jonathan Otto explains Autoimmune Secrets. Women's Health Secrets. How to a Healthy Life with Autoimmune Disease. Jonathan Otto Explain the Different Step to Deal with Anxiety. Jonathan Otto Reviews.

Bible Health Secrets. Womens Health Secrets. Checkout - Natural Health Secrets. Jonathan Otto Autoimmune Secrets Transcript. Jonathan Otto Reviews. Bible Health Secrets. Dr. William Davis Key Takeaways Pt 1 (Depression & Anxiety Secrets) Dr. William Davis Key Takeaways Pt 2 (Depression & Anxiety Secrets) Dr. Todd Watts [Food for Brain Health] Vitamin D3 and K2. Autoimmune Secrets. John Robbins Key Takeaways (Depression & Anxiety Secrets) Jonathan Otto Films. Jonathan Landsman Key Takeaways (Depression & Anxiety Secrets) Find Autoimmune Secrets by Jonathan Otto. Jonathan Otto. Filmmaker, Journalist and Humanitarian. Krystin Henley Key Takeaways (Depression & Anxiety Secrets) Nadine Artemis Key Takeaways (Depression & Anxiety Secrets) Parasite Cleanse.

Well Of Life. The subtle connection between the brain and intestines. The challenge of doing things differently in depression. Methods to cleanse the body from stress, negativity and bad hormones. The Truth About Vaccines by Jonathan Otto. Diet Against Disease by Jonathan Otto. BHS – GOLD PACKAGE – Bible Health Secrets. Episode 6: Autoimmune Connection with Obesity, Diabetes & Cancer - Bible Health Secrets. Maria Whalen - Jonathan Otto Reviews. New Page & Filmmaker. Depression: know it and face it. Brief About the Job Responsibility of a Documentary Experts. Different Kinds of Food Describe in Bible for Healing. Foods Advice in Bible to Consume Keep A Young & Healthy. Jonathan Otto Explain About Different Kinds of Anxiety.

How to Deal With Autoimmune In Natural Way. How everything you eat affects your brain? Depression, Dementia and Alzheimer diseases- all linked and one! Depression and anxiety in somatic diseases: jonathan2019 — LiveJournal. The roots of depression and anxiety. Job Role of TV Director Explain By Jonathan Otto. Benefits of Consuming Healthy Meal as per Bible Instructions. What Is Natural Health & How Restore Aging Signs.

Krystin Henley Key Takeaways (Depression & Anxiety Secrets) – Health Secret. How to Deal With Depression in Natural Way. The 10 main essential oils to treat diseases and how they are used. Fighting yourself: How people with autoimmune diseases live. Jonathan Otto Help to Know Brief about the Autoimmune Diseases. Jonathan Otto Describe How to Deal With Depression Conditions. Job Role of TV Producers to Prepare the Best Video.