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Update Your WordPress Software Regularly For Best Results. There's no doubt about it; WordPress is one of the best website creation tools on the market. And more often than not, when it fails, it's because of 'owner error' - in other words, you've forgotten to update your WordPress software! Plugins are an essential part of the WordPress website, covering everything from security and speed to customer contact forms and email marketing tools. They are used extensively in website development on the Sunshine Coast. Security and Performance The beauty of WordPress plugins is that they are designed specifically for WP sites, so compatibility is never an issue.

Used properly, and regularly updated, they will keep your site secure, improve its performance, boost traffic, and make it easier to manage your site. If you are considering a new website - or you wish to make improvements to your existing WP website - you should talk to web development professionals on the Sunshine Coast. Keep Hackers Away iThemes Security is another must-have. Sunshine Coast SEO Increases Focus On Voice Search. When it became obvious that mobile search was rapidly overtaking any other method, it was really only a matter of time before Voice Search was under the spotlight.

And as we move into 2017, reports and statistics make it very clear that it will forever change the way we search. The number of people using Voice Search is now over 50%. Why? Because it’s perfect for mobile search, it’s quick, it’s easier than typing and it’s hands-free. Rapid Growth At the beginning of 2016, Google reported that direct answer results accounted for around 19.5% of total search engine queries – a 4% increase over the previous year. 12 months later and Voice Search is taking SEO by storm. What is amazing is that in 2014, Voice Search was more-or-less unheard of! Apart from it’s obvious benefits to the user, the increase has come about thanks to major advances in speech recognition technology.

Short Keywords Are Out When we speak, we tend to give more details and be more specific. Prepare For 2017. Web Development On The Sunshine Coast Is Getting AMPED. There's one thing I've learnt about Google over the years, and that's the company's obvious delight in throwing us a curved ball! Just as you think you've got their latest algorithm update covered, they come at you with something else altogether, like Google AMP. No-one in web development on the Sunshine Coast is a stranger to AMP - or Accelerated Mobile Pages. And on the whole, everyone thinks it's a great project. AMP is designed to speed up the delivery of content to users, thus improving the whole UX, or User Experience. To do this, it uses a stripped down code, known as AMP HTML. No surprise that Google mostly had mobile users in mind when it came up with this.

Initially, Google AMP covered just 'top stories' but, guess what, Google has announced that it is now rolling out AMP to ALL organic listings! But here's the thing, Google AMP is fairly easy to implement and, according to Google, is NOT a ranking signal. Alternatively, talk to a professional! Why Website Design And Development Should Go Hand-In-Hand. To many people, website designer is another name for a website developer, and vice versa, but these are actually two very different jobs. Whilst they share some common ground, there are fundamental differences: a website designer designs the look and feel of the website – theme, colours, font, images, while the website developer actually builds the site from the ground up, putting in the crucial links and codes that make it work.

This is a bit of a chicken and egg scenario, and there is much debate as to whether the site should be fully designed before the developer starts work, or whether they should work together to complete the task. Incorporate the Best of Both Worlds Generally, website designers have enough technical know-how to understand what works and what doesn’t, but wouldn’t open up more possibilities if they worked hand-in-hand with the developer? Surely the overall result will be a website that incorporates the best of both worlds. Looks and Functionality. Website Design Services Lean Towards Interaction Design. One look at website design on the Sunshine Coast today confirms that mobile device usage is king and, if your website is not responsive, you're going to miss out on business.

That's a very simplified explanation but the message is clear enough and, if you haven't yet made your website mobile-friendly, it's time you did. That need for great responsiveness has seen a huge push towards interaction design. Once just a small part of web and graphic design, it is now a trend, and a skill, in itself. An interaction designer must be able to create every element of the website that a user will tap, type, swipe or click. Engaging and Responsive And that style of design is needed in order to make the website more engaging and responsive to the mobile device user, giving them everything they need, as quickly as possible. Interaction website design services consider everything the use can do with their mouse, finger or stylus to interact with the device.

Why You Should Take Google Updates Like Penguin Seriously. What with Panda, Penguin and Possum, Google’s family of algorithms are quite the menagerie! But when it comes to updates, they are not to be taken lightly! Let’s take Penguin, for example. Launched in 2012, it’s been two years since the last Penguin Google update but some very big changes were made recently. Google designed Penguin to catch out websites who were buying links, or obtaining them through link networks designed to boost Google rankings, to boost their own rankings. Major Game-Changer Penguin 4.0 is a major game-changer for Google Search. Let me explain: While most Google algorithms refresh instantly, Penguin was spasmodic in doing this.

Equally, those who were spamming those rankings could get away with it for months, until the next Penguin update. Avoid Search Engine Manipulation By operating in real-time, this will all happen instantly now. Keep Your Content Fresh And Relevant Since the update, Penguin is also more focussed on specific pages, rather than the whole website. Boost Your Conversions With Professional Website Design Services. We often come across businesses who have tried to take a shortcut to creating their web presence, with DIY or low budget websites. Well, you know what they say, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is! Developing a website that not only looks great, but also delivers results is not easy. That's why it's best to use professional website design services. It's not just a case of sticking up a few pictures and a bit of promotional copy. Web Design On The Sunshine Coast That's where analytics come in.

You have literally seconds to grab the user. Avoid Fiddly And Annoying Navigation Take this further by using the right layout and colour scheme. Avoid fiddly navigation tools, sidebar distractions and annoying demands for information or registration. Latest Google Updates Causing Snack Pack Fluctuations. Looks like Google’s been at it again, secretly sliding in a couple more algorithm updates. It’s at times like this that businesses which have outsourced their search engine optimization to local SEO experts, breathe a sigh of relief, knowing the consequences will be taken care of for them.

If it feels as if there are more Google Updates than ever before, you’re probably right. By its own admission, Google makes around 500-600 algorithm changes every year – and those are the ones they tell us about! Should these updates concern you? If you have a website, yes they should. Every change Google makes effects your SEO is some way. Has Your Site Ranking Changed? An obvious giveaway when a change has been made is that your site suddenly ranks higher or lower for no obvious reason – something you may have noticed during September. We believe two updates were carried out, one affecting core web search, the other local rankings.

Penguin Now On Real-Time So what does that mean? Watch Out For The Possum. Trending Now In Sunshine Coast Web Design. While some of the world's major brands spend millions on professional website design and digital marketing, most SMEs have a much smaller budget. But that shouldn't mean they have to miss out on some of the great web design trends that we are seeing. Many of the current on-trend features are less about money, and more about the skills of the web developer, which means small businesses can find affordable web design. Better Use Of Photography One of the new visual trends we are seeing in Sunshine Coast graphic design is the more creative use of photography - most notably, the growing popularity of large background images. Done correctly, this can deliver a huge impact upon opening and draw the user further into the site. And joy of joys, we are finally moving away from using those cheesy, staged stock images to more natural, real photography.

Another trend in Sunshine Coast web design right now is more use of personal branding, a huge plus as far as marketing your site goes. How Rookie Errors Can Affect Small Business Web Design. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, an organisation’s website doesn’t just need to be good, it needs to be perfect! Or at least as perfect as humanly possible. But because we are human, mistakes do happen. Most website issues can be fixed pretty quickly but, what is interesting, is that there is a commonality to the mistakes we are seeing. So let’s take a look at some of those common mistakes, and find out how they can be avoided. Give Your Site Individuality When you look at website design on the Sunshine Coast, it’s usually pretty easy to spot the DIY jobs! Good website design is a skill, particularly as it needs to combine ‘art’ with technology, and produce something that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

How To Use A Themed Site Correctly One of the most common rookie errors is not having a plan. Another mistake we come across a lot is someone trying to squeeze too much into the site. Equally, however, you do want something going on! Keep The User Engaged. Why Businesses Choose Quality Assurance Training In Brisbane. There's an old saying that suggests you 'get what you pay for'. I've always taken this to mean that the more money you spend, the better the quality will be.

And there is some truth to this. For example, I could buy a pair of boots made from man-made materials or, for more money, I could buy leather boots. Obviously the leather boots will last longer, making them the better buy. However, having said that, the consumer should be able to expect quality either way, as it is the manufacturer's job to provide a quality product that is fit for use. Fulfilling that function is getting harder in many ways, as increased competition sees organisations cutting their prices to attract customers.

Poor Quality Loses Customers The irony is that by selling poor quality goods, they are likely to lose that customer to the opposition anyway! A better option is to consider quality assurance training in Brisbane, and the adoption of an ISO 9001 Quality Management System. Accessible And Cost Effective. Benefits Of Quality Assurance Management System In Queensland - ​Standard Consulting. Standard Consulting — Choosing The Right Quality Management System... Standard Consulting — Choosing The Right Quality Management System... Enhance Your SEO And Click-Thru Rate By Using Schema Markup. Why Choose ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems Training Queensland. Book Now For Quality Assurance Training Courses In Brisbane. Quality is a word we hear a lot of these days.

We read about quality homes, and quality food and wine, quality appliances, and so on. It's a word which we take to mean something that is top notch, hard to beat, and worth the money. But how do we measure quality? For a business to measure quality, there are several related approaches. The starting point is implementing a quality assurance management system. There is a difference between quality assurance and quality control. Whilst quality control - checking the quality of products after they've been produced - is essential, the aim of quality assurance is to remove the risk of things going wrong in the first place. Quality Assurance vs Quality Control Quality assurance training courses in Brisbane are helping organisations understand the difference, and implement the policies and procedures needed to consistently offer quality goods and services.

Proactive Quality Planning. Inbound Marketing A Key Factor In Latest Website Design Trends. When it comes to building your prospective customer base, wouldn't it be better if they came to you, rather than you going out to find them? Of course it would, which is why Inbound Marketing is such an important factor in website design trends these days. However, effective Inbound Marketing is quite a science, and remember, once you get viewers to your site, you also want to keep them. Sunshine Coast website design has focussed on this extensively of late, using the latest design techniques to create sites that not only look great, but also work effectively to generate more traffic and more leads for your business.

Simple is Best Like many things in life, the secret to successful website design is the concept that less is more. Whilst providing entertaining content, and essential information, the site should not appear cluttered or confusing. It's that easy to lose a viewer within the first few seconds! Naturally, upload speed is crucial, and the site should be easy and quick to navigate.