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AB Tasty : une solution d’A/B testing française. Une accélération forte depuis 2010 - Grande distribution et mobile.

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Le futur? Tesco teste un supermarché virtuel à Séoul. Magento. eMarketer: Online Ad Spending Expected to Accelerate This Year To $31 Billion. Online ad spending keeps ramping up thanks to an upswing in display advertising.

eMarketer: Online Ad Spending Expected to Accelerate This Year To $31 Billion

A new forecast from eMarketer puts online ad spending at $31.3 billion this year, up 20 percent. That is double the 10.5 percent growth rate it put out last December for 2011. The new forecast shows online ad spending reaching nearly $50 billion in 2015. What is driving this growth is display advertising. Top 10 controversies of Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft. Without doubt, the four major pillars of the technology community are Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft.

Top 10 controversies of Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft

From search to operating systems, browsers to mobile devices and social networks, collectively the four companies have nearly half of the world's population using one of their products, services or devices. But with worldwide brand recognition and sales into the hundreds of millions, there is bound to be something that goes horribly wrong from time to time.

And these companies have had their fair share of controversies. Most of them, even in light of the extension of the Patriot Act, ironically fall down to user privacy. FaberNovel Presentations Channel. eCommerce: la France se classe en 6e position du e-shopping européen en matière de pouvoir d’achat. Groupon Signs Exclusively with AdParlor for Facebook Ads. Groupon Signs Exclusively with AdParlor for Facebook Ads Groupon has signed an agreement to allow full service advertising services provider AdParlor to handle the local deals network’s entire Facebook advertising spend.

Groupon Signs Exclusively with AdParlor for Facebook Ads

The exclusive contracts represents tens of millions of dollars in spend, as Groupon uses Facebook ads extensively to drive email signups and sell daily deals. However, Facebook’s own upcoming local group buying coupon service Deals will have placement in the news feed, so Groupon’s ads will soon have to compete with a more centrally visible competitor. This could drive up the cost per acquisition for Groupon, which could lead it to either advertise less or have to spend more with AdParlor to achieve the same conversion volume.

Groupon has been advertising on Facebook and using Facebook Connect for over a year. Why We Invested In Groupon: The Power of Data. Editor’s note: The following is a guest post by Greylock Partners VCs Reid Hoffman and James Slavet.

Why We Invested In Groupon: The Power of Data

Reid Hoffman is Co-Founder and Chairman at LinkedIn and a partner at Greylock. His complete profile can be found at James Slavet is a partner at Greylock. ++ Synthese + Bulle / Groupon : arnaque ou bonne affaire ? En mai 2010, les internautes français découvraient Groupon, le site de deals d'achats groupés locaux à la croissance la plus rapide de l'histoire du web.

++ Synthese + Bulle / Groupon : arnaque ou bonne affaire ?

Le 6 mars 2011, les téléspectateurs de l'émission Capital sur M6 découvraient qu'il y avait "forcément-une-arnaque-quelque-part" dans ces bons plans. Fin mars, une commerçante belge expliquait sur Facebook comment Groupon avait entraîné la faillite de sa boutique de décoration, ce qui a ouvert une brèche à d'autres accusations d'escroquerie. Des attaques qui pourraient remettre en cause le modèle économique de Groupon et son objectif de valorisation en bourse de 25 milliards de dollars. Car, ne l'oublions pas, la bulle guette. Il n'est pas difficile de trouver des critiques de Groupon sur le web : des clients insatisfaits ou des commerçants qui se disent floués. Ce n'est pas rentable pour les commerces. Ces industries absorbées par le web. Il est bien loin, le temps où vous deviez consulter l’énorme bottin en papier jaune en blanc pour trouver une personne que vous désirez contacter, ou l’époque où vous cherchiez dans le journal, les appartements à louer.

Aujourd’hui, internet vous rend un nombre insensé de services directement sur votre bureau ou votre mobile. Si le web permit à de nombreux marchés de s’étendre et d’arriver jusqu’à votre salon, de nombreux business et industries l’ont payé assez chez, voici un tour d’horizon : Les agences de voyages Pourriez-vous encore réserver vos vacances dans une agence avec toutes les complications que ça peut amener, alors que vous pouvez réserver très facilement votre billet en quelques minutes ? Why Payments Are Hard, Even For Apple And Google. Editor’s note: Guest author Ohad Samet is an expert in managing fraud and other risks in payments systems.

Why Payments Are Hard, Even For Apple And Google

He was previously a senior manager at PayPal and blogs at As Risky At It Gets. We hear a lot of chatter about new payment services, and who’s competing in the space, and obviously who’ll win the space or own a big piece of it. Lately we’ve seen some movement when both Apple and Google announced new payment options for digital publishers and exchanged a few blows. So are the giants going to displace PayPal soon? The problem with discussions about payments is that they are often times misinformed.

Opti- e-Commerce

Photographie de l'e-commerce europ?en en 2010. Forrester: E-Commerce To Reach Nearly $300 Billion in U.S. by 2015 [STATS] After a healthy 12.6% increase to $176.2 billion in 2010, U.S. online retail sales are expected to reach $278.9 billion in 2015.

Forrester: E-Commerce To Reach Nearly $300 Billion in U.S. by 2015 [STATS]

Online shopping will continue to cannibalize in-store shopping as consumers become more familiar and begin, in many cases, to prefer the convenience of online shopping, Forrester says. The 2011 Most Innovative Companies. Les palmes de l'e-commerce 2011 sont attribuées à... Time Inc. 10 NYC Startups to Watch. Time Inc.

Time Inc. 10 NYC Startups to Watch

Announces List of "10 NYC Startups to Watch" June 1, 2011 Gearing up for Internet Week New York, Time Inc. today unveiled its list of the “10 NYC Startups to Watch” that will be recognized at a special event on June 8th in New York City. Energized by an ever-growing number of startups, New York City continues to cement its reputation as a hotbed of tech innovation. To recognize the impact these companies are making in areas from entertainment and fashion to travel and commerce, editors from Time Inc. brands, including PEOPLE, TIME, FORTUNE, CNNMoney, Entertainment Weekly, Sports Illustrated, InStyle and Real Simple, scoured New York’s tech scene to select the city’s most promising innovators. “As an industry, publishing itself is awash in digital change, so Time Inc. as a company is always on the lookout for the next wave of innovation,” said John Huey, Time Inc.’s Editor-in-Chief.

How Small Businesses Can Use Quora. The Q&A site Quora has been blowing up with new users for the last few weeks, initially thanks to some much-due love from Robert Scoble, and then by growing enthusiasm for the site among the tech press.

How Small Businesses Can Use Quora

While tech writers, VC's and geeky enthusiasts of all stripes have an obvious, immediate use for the site, it may not be as clear how owners of small and medium-sized businesses can take advantage of Quora and Q&A sites in general.