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Beskrivelse af uddannelse (kandidat) - Aalborg Universitet. Thiel Fellowship. Thiel Fellows. Thiel Foundation To New Crop Of College-Bound Grads: Don't Go. To overworked high school seniors anxiously filing college applications, we have some good news.

Thiel Foundation To New Crop Of College-Bound Grads: Don't Go

You don’t have to go. To 19-year-old college students ripe with talent we have even better news: You can leave. Your parents won’t tell you this, guidance counselors won’t tell you this, and university administrators, test prep companies, politicians, a nearly $1 trillion student loan industry, and other unscrupulous profiteers won’t tell you that you don’t have to go. They want you to believe that college is a guaranteed gateway to a successful career and that they’ll help you get there. But you already have what it takes to achieve great things and the price for what college offers--a wicked cocktail of debt, status, insurance, and consumption--is a scam. Last year, the Thiel Foundation (established by Peter Thiel, right) decided to start a revolution. It’s easy to see how people have been lulled into bad choices. We know what they’re not good for.

But you can say no.


Online. Co-opoly. General Assembly Provides Entrepreneurial Skills To A Chosen Few. FREMTIDENS FOLKESKOLE. The University Project: My TEDx London Talk - Dougald's posterous. The Social Science Centre: a radical new model for higher education. A co-operative education centre is opening in England, with no fees and no formal distinction between students and staff.

The Social Science Centre: a radical new model for higher education

A radical alternative to the Coalition's marketisation of higher education, the Social Science Centre, Lincoln, is set to open in the next academic year. OurKingdom talks to Mike Neary about the new centre. What is the Social Science Centre? The Social Science Centre (SSC) is a Lincoln based not-for-profit, co-operative model of higher education, managed by its members - academics, students, administrators, educators, activists - on the basis of democratic, non-hierarchical principles.

We are planning to get our first students at the start of the next academic year, October 2012. A predecessor in the radical education tradition When was the Centre established? We began thinking about setting something up in the summer of 2010. Who’s involved? The Centre does not have any formal links with the University of Lincoln or with any other university. How are you funded? The straws that broke this camel's back - philippa young. I arrived at The University of Oxford last Monday morning. Arrived to read a Masters in Migration Studies.

I have had a year-long public debate over whether university was a good idea or not. I have decided on the not. (At least not right now) Primarily I'm listening to my gut, which has been screaming NO at me about once a month for the past year and a half, placated only with the heavy hand of reason that threw around cards like: "it's only 9 months" and "it's Oxford " Then there are the voices that ask questions. Download this gallery (ZIP, null KB) Download full size (429 KB) The University Project - Home. What (& Where) Are the World’s Most Transformational Schools? OK, people, let’s get specific: Out of all the schools in the world, which ones are the most transformational when it comes to imagining a new way to think about teaching and learning in the 21st century?

What (& Where) Are the World’s Most Transformational Schools?

There are a lot of inspiring schools out there, so I want to repeat: which are the most transformational – by which I mean schools that are demonstrating, by policy and practice, 10 or more of the 22 core categories from QED Foundation’s Transformational Change Model? What I find so useful about the QED model (scroll down a bit on their home page to see it) is the way it identifies the central pillars of a high-quality education, and then demarcates what each pillar looks like in a traditional, transitional, and transformational setting. Of course, learning teams are just one part of a holistic system of environmental conditions. I’ll start the bidding with two examples, and a sample of the ways in which the school is modeling transformational practices: