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Clear Aligners - Illusion Aligners. Best Digital Marketing and Creative Agency USA - Tactis. Hire Dedicated Magento Developers. Sea Freight Tracking by Bill of Lading - GoComet. True School of Music Has Partnered with Vijaybhoomi University - The True School of Music. We’re proud to announce that we are shifting our school to Vijaybhoomi University, India’s first liberal professional university, to offer our highly acclaimed professional courses as music degrees in a 55-acre eco-friendly campus at Karjat.

True School of Music Has Partnered with Vijaybhoomi University - The True School of Music

Some of the highlights of this new step are as follows: All our Pro students will now receive degrees at the end of their programme. B.Mus Music ProductionB.Mus Contemporary Performance B.Sc Sound Engineering & ProductionB.Mus Hindustani Playback Vocals Students can also choose from the following along with music to customise a degree programme. Best Freight Management & Logistics Software Services - GoComet.

Professional Drum Classes in Mumbai - True School of Music. 1.1 – Ear Training (Credits: 2) In this module, you will learn to sing the major and minor scales ascending, descending and in 3rds, and learn to find and sing all the intervals of the major and minor scales starting on any note, along with other specific singing exercises.

Professional Drum Classes in Mumbai - True School of Music

Employee Financial Wellness Guide - Koppr. The survey presents some great insights on the financial wellness of employees.

Employee Financial Wellness Guide - Koppr

Employees are stressed despite the strong economy In the US, the reports indicate that the economy is solid, and the unemployment rate is at a49-year low. Role of HR in Employee Wellness. As we step into a new decade, there is a major shift in organizational development, moving from a “wisdom economy” to the “human economy.”

Role of HR in Employee Wellness

Companies and organizations have started adopting network and team-based structures where the growth of the organization and the well-being of the employee have turned essential. When it comes to employee well-being in an organization, the human resource plays a major role in building bridges between the administration and the employee panel. They also help the administration realize that the best wellness program is not just concentrated on cost-saving and absenteeism, but they also donate to the organization’s growth, long term, and short goals. This article would help us understand the necessity of employee well-being in an organization and how human resource plays an important role in handling employee well-being. Why does an organization need a wellness program?

Now let us study what actually is human resource? How to build an everlasting company culture? As an entrepreneur when you are thinking about setting up a team for your company where employees are happy, engaged, enthusiastic and energetic, there is one word which is likely to come to your mind time and again, that is ‘culture’.

How to build an everlasting company culture?

What does company culture refer to? When we consider an individual, culture refers to a basic set of values or principles that a person has. Similar to this, company culture refers to the core values followed in a company, right from the CEO to the junior employee. In addition to values, a company culture consists of goals, ideologies, purpose, mission, vision, beliefs, learning, leadership, assumptions, expectations, work environment and ethics. Should you hire employees for a cultural fit?

Cultural fit is quite popular in today’s date in the HR industry, not only in conversations among the human resources team but is also being used as a replacement for what was known as the gut feeling factor in the old hiring process.

Should you hire employees for a cultural fit?

Many times we miss out on a key individual who could have been an asset if we had hired them.The job market is becoming increasingly competitive, and the job cultures are turning diverse. At this time, hiring the right people is more important than ever before, because, a candidate once rejected will not turn back to you. EQ - The need of the hour for leaders - Koppr.

What comes to your mind when you imagine the ‘ideal’ leader?

EQ - The need of the hour for leaders - Koppr

The ideal leader is someone who doesn’t let his temper get the better of him no matter how complicated the situation is. The ideal leader is also the person who leaves their doors open to communication with everyone and anyone in their team – they are ready to listen – they have the complete trust of their team members – and they make informed decisions keeping in mind the interests of all the people involved. Well, if you look at it generally, you won’t find anything special about these qualities, but there is more to these qualities than meets the eye. The Impact of Social Media Usage on Employee Productivity. Once considered as the new fad, social media has gone to garner massive growth and popularity over the years.

The Impact of Social Media Usage on Employee Productivity

Such has been its prevalence that it has managed to change almost every facet of how we communicate, socialize, and engage for both professional and personal activities. However, the usage of social media platforms in the workplace toes a fine line. While it can have a highly positive impact on the marketing efforts of a company, it can also drain employee productivity.A recent study published by TeamLease World of Work Report provides detailed insight into how unlimited social media usage allowance by employers is affecting workforce productivity comprehensively. The report has clearly stated that organizations that allow unrestricted usage of social media are risking somewhere between 15% to a whopping 45% drop in productivity of their employees. According to the same study, Facebook is the most visited social media platform during work hours.

The Issue at Hand Fret not. How to choose the right financial instrument? Investing your hard-earned money is an important step towards wealth creation. However, you need to invest properly and through the correct instruments to ensure you get the returns you desire in a time that suits you well. Do you need a personal financial advisor? A personal finance advisor is a trained expert who guides you with your investments and financial planning.

Do you need a personal financial advisor?

A financial advisor may simply offer you his advice or he may plan your investments for you. You need to hire a manager after assessing your requirements and understanding how the manager can be of help to you. Take a look at this article to know what a personal finance manager does and the different ways in which he can help you. Who are personal finance managers or personal financial advisers? Personal finance advisors are trained and experienced professionals who offer customized financial guidance to their clients. Top personal finance management apps in India.

Financial management apps are extremely useful.

Top personal finance management apps in India

From offering reminders about your upcoming EMIs to offering a comprehensive budget plan related to your expenses, these apps help you to manage all aspects of your financial well-being on a day-to-day basis. Whether you use an Android or an iOs platform, you can find many interesting money-management apps. Vintage Ceiling, Wall, Table, Standing Fans – Anemos.

EPF - Employee Provident Fund. EPF is otherwise known as the Employee’s Provident Fund and is a retirement plan available for salaried individuals. This retirement scheme will help your employees to save a portion of their salary every month. Employee expense reimbursement - How to handle employee expenses. Employee expenses are a part and parcel of every business. When employees spend on behalf of a business, the company needs to reimburse these expenses. What is goal based saving? Experiences Popular Tour & Travel Destinations - QuaQua. Professional Bass Classes in Mumbai - True School of Music. Marios Menelaou Marios Menelaou was born and raised in a tiny Mediterranean island, Cyprus. Laying in the crossroads of three continents, Africa, Asia and Europe, he has been influenced since young age to a variety of musical traditions.

At the age of 13, he was introduced to guitar and later on, at age 16, fell in love with the bass guitar.