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This is going to be list of things that I come accross along my learning for SAPUI5

SAP HANA INTERVIEW QUESTIONS. VALIDATION EMAIL. Qmacro/SAPUI5-Fiori. OData CRUD from XSJS-Outbound API. OData CRUD from XSJS-Outbound API SAP HANA Extended Application Services (SAP HANA XS) includes a server-side JavaScript API that enables outbound access to a defined HTTP destination. The HTTP destination provides services which an application can use. In the following steps , we will configure the connectivity with netweaver gateway system which provides us a Employee Odata service where we can C,R,U & D Employee details. Step 1 : Create a XS Project in the project perspective. Create a XS project in the project explorer, maintaine .xsaccess file and .xsapp files and create four individual xsjs files for CRUD operations. After this step , our project hierarchy will look like below. Step 2 : Create a XS HTTP Connection parameters. Maintain a folder under the main project level named service, inside which we can maintain our connectivity parameters to the net weaver gateway.

Create a file named gateway.httpdest with the connection parameters as below. host = "Target IP Address"; proxyPort = 0; MASTER DETAIL EXAMPLE.


Matt Harding’s Fiori Like Challenge &#821... Continued from Matt Harding’s Fiori Like Challenge - The Diversion... (Part 4). Happy New Year For all those living in the Northern hemisphere; if you've been following this series I've just demonstrated how inconvenient your summer holidays are to us in the Southern Hemisphere when it comes to US TV shows abruptly stopping in the middle of our Winter. So anyway, we've been enjoying our Summer Holidays down South, and with school now back, I can spend some time on this blog series again. Maybe we can consider this blog as the start of the 2nd season of the series with a really lame cliff hanger from last year! So with that, let’s get down to… The High Resolution Demo Well what you didn't see in the break is the numerous iterations I went through with my alter ego stakeholder and the number of changes made to the design.

Design Thinking Side Note During the “break” I was lucky enough to take part in a DT workshop at SAP, witnessing SAP run this first hand. Anyway, back to our main program: Fast SAPUI5 Develop tool. When we develop Fiori application ( other SAPUI5 development also similar), we meet following challenges: In order to make our life easy, recently I spent some effort developed one tool named "Fast Fiori Designer" which can help you Design View easily: Just select controller/property/aggregation/event/assocation from list, ( so the Enumable property can select from a ComboBoxEasily reuse others view by copy/pastePreview it immediately, can choose preview in iPhone / iPad Full Screen / iPad Master page / iPad Slave page model. Also provide the 'Fast Model' means even you have so many event/data binding, you can see result immediate without the controller.Generate Controller/XMLView source file, for the data binding also generate the sample demo dataConvert from HTML format to XML format batch.

Want to try it? (Please use Chrome Browser, if cant' run, please send me email) For Outside SAP: Just open. FastDesigner. SAP Web IDE - Enablement. (previously SAP River RDE) is a browser based development tool for SAP UI5 SAP's Browser Based Development Tool for SAPUI5 SAP Web IDE is an extensible development environment with a growing set of embedded tools covering the end-to-end development process.

It lets you rapidly design, build, and deploy Fiori-like web applications based on SAPUI5. Improved developer productivity through wizards, templates, and code editorsCustomize or build SAP Fiori applicationsDevelop your apps once and run them on mobile devices, or your desktop SAP Web IDE allows developers to collaborate with business experts and designers to fulfill end-users requirements and expectations more effectively. Free Public Trial You can access SAP Web IDE from the SAP HANA Cloud Platform website - free of charge!

What does SAP Web IDE do? How does SAP Web IDE benefit developers? Increased team productivityReduced cost and complexityLow barrier to entry for developers and non-technical people Wondering what's new in SAP Web IDE? Add Page to UI5 SplitApp Boilerplate | MYPRO Consulting Innovativ und Kooperativ. Geschrieben am von HP in Mobile, OpenUI5, SAPUI5, UI5, UI5-Boilerplate Tags Eclipse, OpenUI5, SAPUI5, UI5Boilerplate In previous blog posts we created the basis to work/develop with the UI5 Boilerplate in different environments (OpenUI5, SAPUI5, SAP or non-SAP centric Development Environment) and the app structure concept was explained in the SCN blog post UI5 Boilerplate explained (Part 1). It is now time to extend the UI5 Boilerplate: Step 1: Create new View and Controller for the new Page In this step we assume you work with Eclipse and the SAPUI5 Toolkit Plugin.

If you work without the SAPUI5 Toolkit you have to create the files yourself. Select the view folder and right-click to open the contect menu: New -> Other In the wizard select the View under SAPUI5 Application Development and press Next Enter the name of the view (here myPage1). Step 2: Add new View to SplitApp The View returns a Page (sap.m.Page) and we need to add this now to the SplitApp. Step 3: Add new Page to Menu. Simple SAPUI5 Views handling. Target of this post is to give an example of simple handling of the views in SAPUI5 mobile application. Before reading this post it can be useful to read an official SAPUI5 Developers Guide for Mobile Developments Example is represented by a simple mobile sapui5 application with 3 views and navigation between them.

Login page will take a login and password and make an authentication via service call. View mainView represents a list of Simpsons Family. View detailView shows details to each person. Application has been built with Microsoft WebMatrix. Struck out files are generated automatically and actually not needed, if you work with another editor. This file is called by default on IIS with ASP. <! <! Here is an explanation of included parts. First special part is including and initializing SAPUI5 library as described in developer guide. Second special part is calling own initialization logic, which is placed in app.js file. app.js is a customer file with own customer logic. appView.view.xml.

Building SAP Fiori like UIs with SAPUI5 in 10 Exercises. Getting started with SAP Fiori, NetWeaver Gateway & SAPUI5. So you’ve heard all about SAP Fiori, NetWeaver Gateway and more recently SAPUI5 and are looking to get started, but unsure how. There is a vast amount of information available on all of these topics, and as a result it can be very difficult to get up and running. In this post I’m going to distil some of the information and give you the material you need to start building apps. SAP NetWeaver Gateway Gateway is nothing new in the SAP world, however with the growing popularity of mobile applications and SAPUI5, it is becoming more prevalent. At its most simple level SAP NetWeaver Gateway is used to expose information from one or more systems, usually SAP ones, to the outside world.

If you do not currently have access to a Gateway enabled server you can download and install a trial, and guides for doing this on various operating systems can be found here. This concludes our introduction to Gateway so grab a coffee and I’ll see you in a moment where we’ll get started with SAPUI5. SAP Fiori.