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Jolie Day Spa

Jolie Day Spa was founded in 2001 by Suzanne Bitz and Kelly Ozmon in Lake Elsinore, California. A charming Country French setting provides our valued clients a warm and inviting atmosphere

Actives. Matrixyl 3000, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1 is coupled with Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 and the duo works in synergy to reduce wrinkles and give younger-looking skin. ... 39.4% reduction in surface occupied by deep wrinkles. 32.9% reduction in main wrinkle density. 19.9% reduction in main wrinkle average depth.


Petite pores solution. Get Rid of Big Pores with One Simple Trick You hear all about facial acne and dryness growing up.

Petite pores solution

No one really tells you about your pores getting huge. Maybe you don’t even notice it happening yourself. It could take a while before you look in the mirror and notice. The trouble is, once that happens, it’s impossible to ignore. This is not something to panic over. We’re going to show you how to minimize pores without much hassle today. Why do we need anti aging skin care & anti wrinkle treatment for skin. As we age, following anti wrinkle treatment turns into a significant concentration in our excellence regimens.

Why do we need anti aging skin care & anti wrinkle treatment for skin

All things considered, a significant number of us need to guarantee that we don't simply put our best self forward, however, are the healthiest ones. The sooner you start your anti aging healthy skin schedule the additional time you can get results, however, it's never past the point where it is possible to start. With the right products and the right daily schedule, you can have the outcomes you are searching for whether you start at age 30 or age 55. Kick Off the New Year with an Effective, New Skin Care Routine. Your skin is a direct impression of your health.

Kick Off the New Year with an Effective, New Skin Care Routine

A healthy body means a healthy and glowing skin too. This is why your skin should be your priority. It is not important to buy the most expensive products, but to invest in products that are most effective on your skin. Choosing the right kind of products for your skin will decide how you will be looking for a very-very long time. So here are some tips on having an effective skincare routine. Ceramide Trans Epidermal Replacement Serum.

What is ceramide?

Ceramide Trans Epidermal Replacement Serum

Ceramides not only help your skin retain moisture and fortify its protective barrier, they keep its appearance firmer and plumper, form 50% of the protective layer of oils and waxes that limit skin moisture loss, are essential for optimal barrier function, and should be added in to optimize every daily skincare routine. Because age and sun damage reduce the effectiveness of your skin’s natural ceramides, without any replenishment, you might notice rougher skin, wrinkles, irritation and redness.

Benefits: Learn how moisturizer with SPF is the best choice for skin – Jolie Day Spa. Did you realize you need to wear sunscreen throughout the colder time of year?

Learn how moisturizer with SPF is the best choice for skin – Jolie Day Spa

This doesn’t mean you need to put on the standard, worn-out SPF 15 preceding you take off from the house each day. Some dermatologist-defined the best moisturizers with SPF in them! So you can keep your skin looking shiny and lovely while shielding it from the sun’s beams all through the entire year. Tracking down the Right Facial Moisturizer with SPF Above all else, track down a decent lotion for your particular complexion. The Benefits of a Facial Moisturizer with SPF. MULTI-TASKING SPF FACE BALM. SPF Face Balms are on trend and here's the reason why.


We're long past addressing one issue with products. We want more and expect more from our products. Whether it is a serum that addresses fine lines we want the added benefit that softens and nourishes the skin, or a Glycolic Acid Cream in which we want to see hyperpigmentation lifted but the added benefits of Collagen Stimulation from Retinol added to the formula. That's what makes a Clinical Strength Product at Joli Visage Skincare. Our Face Balm offers an SPF 30 with Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide are considered mineral (or physical) sunscreens. S. Korean Beauty. Experience the Benefits of Anti-aging Serum. In case you’re looking to enhance your skin health routine with a product that offers a greater, more remarkable portion of active ingredients than a cleaning agent or cream, a face serum might be the appropriate response.

Experience the Benefits of Anti-aging Serum

TOPICAL OXYGEN PLASMA THERAPY "BUBBLE THERAPY" You may have heard of the term "Bubble Therapy" the catchy phrase for Oxygen Therapy.


RejuvenOx® PFD (Perfluorodecalin) Perfluorodecalin is an oxygen-carrying ingredient that helps to support various skin functions but in our product line it has a specific job that we intended for its purpose. Years ago, when we started Jolie Day Spa/Skin Clinic 2001, we fell in love with a product named Karin Herzog. It was product that was expensive, but we used it in our treatments. It was based on oxygen therapy and was developed by a world-renowned M.d. for the use of wound healing. Let me share what we did in treatment: Basically, several layers of active ingredients were layered onto the skin, for example for hormonal breakouts or acne: Toner, Petite Pores Solution, or Glycolic Serum & Oxygen Plasma Therapy layered over the top will infuse the skin with the Bubble Technology driving active ingredients further into the skin clearing & healing the breakouts.

LED BENEFITS. It's easy to be sinical when it comes to home devices, but I can honestly say that I am so convinced after observing my skin on the benefits of LED.


LED Therapy was used in the early 90's by U.S. Navy Seals to help wound healing and regenerate damaged muscles. The esthetic world quickly inserted into the professional treatment of skin treatments. What I've been noticing in my skin, (which by the way is very hard to see visible changes) is the homogenize color which means it has very little discoloration and any hyperpigmentation is faded. The Red Light, Infrared that do not contain ultra-violet rays and are absorbed into the skin help trigger collagen, and the more collagen that is produced the smoother the skin looks.

The LED Benefits of the Blue LED Therapy is the triggering of the Sebaceous Glands. The Ancient & Real Benefits of Turmeric. Turmeric (also, known as Curcumin) might be a Yummy Culinary spice added to your Curry Dishes, and it often is the spice that you either love or dislike, but what many are saying is it's a miracle worker for many skin disorders and concerns! It is often said, "That what is old, is new" and that is the case with Turmeric.

It was used medicinally for over 4,500 Years. It comes from the Curcumin Family and has been traded for thousands of years used in perfumes, cooking, medicine, textiles and traded throughout Asia, and the African Continent. Skin issues and disorders can benefit from the anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antioxidants found in the Compound Curcumin. Difference Between Green Peel & TCA Peel Treatment. The Green Peel doesn't care for a peel as you probably are aware chemical peels to be. The greatest difference being chemical peels peel your skin through acids in the item that lift your skin. Though the Green Peel's ingredients comprise reliable medical-grade flavours that work their direction deep into your skin's dermis causing a response that lifts flaws from deep inside without synthetically stripping the skin. Green peel energy The essentialness and recovery kick without stripping impact. This treatment with regular herbs perceptibly gives energy.

The chemical peel medicines When performed by an ensured proficient, a chemical peel is a protected and viable technique. Photo-Aging Treatment Creme. Benefits: Exfoliating acids combine with powerful replenishing ingredients to promote radiant, healthy skin. This hydrating cream features a blend of alpha hydroxy acids that gently dissolve dulling surface skin, encouraging fresh, vibrant skin to appear. It revitalizes and rejuvenates skin texture, revealing brightness and glow. Natural fruit oils nourish the skin and fight dryness, creating a soft, smooth look and feel. THE POWER OF VITAMIN C & TOCOPHEROL ACETATE, ViITAMIN E. Vitamin E has been around in skincare for a long time, which is why it’s so easily overshadowed by the newer, fancier-sounding ingredients. As it turns out, this workhorse ingredient shouldn’t be overlooked; it’s doing more to help protect your skin than you might realize. As the Founder of Joli Visage Skincare, my first experience with Vitamin E was when I was 16 Years Old.

I had become so intrigued by my mother & grandmother's skin and wondered what I could do to nourish my skin early on. My mother and grandmother were absolutely beautiful. My grandmother was part Cherokee and partially grew up on a reservation in Oklahoma and my mom grew up in Long Beach. I believe the problem was exacerbated by hormonal issues and female problems combined with the damaging sun rays!

Vitamin E is still one of my favorite ingredients. I recently received a call from the production manager of the lab that produces our Vitamin C. Makes your face adorable with Joli skin care products. by Jolie Day Spa. Joli Skin care products Care for your Skin, care for your beauty. by Jolie Day Spa. Top-quality anti-aging and anti-wrinkle serum – Jolie Day Spa. Skin serums are extremely light, exceptionally focused solutions, loaded with fundamental active ingredients. They’re comprised of quick retaining; little compounds intended to go where moisturizers and creams can’t.

The little particles infiltrate further into your skin to convey rich cancer prevention agents, collagen sponsors, and more that you commonly will not discover in non-solution products. Jolie Day Spa a trusted brand for skin care products. MULTI-TASKING SPF FACE BALM. A Little Bit About Peptides. There is so much to learn about Peptides. I recently did a video on Marilyn Mask for our Channel, Joli Visage on Youtube. I did another deep dive to remind myself why I love the many peptides that are in the paper mask and many of our products like Neuropeptide Serum & Triple Effect Hyaluronic Serum.

This is what I found and a reminder of why our products work. The high concentration of active ingredients that are scientifically proven from companies like Sederma the headquartered ingredient manufacturer in France. The Six Peptides I love are highlighted below: Oligopeptide, It tells the skin to produce more collagen, elastin and essential components of connective tissue which increases firmness and plumper skin. Filorga Nctf 135 Ha - Anti-aging Microdermabrasion or Nano Technology Infusion Home Treatment. 5 things to know about eye cream for dark circles.

Dark circles around the eyes are a typical worry among women, everything being equal. Luckily, there are numerous approaches to address them, from lighting up eye creams and serums to vitamin implanted concealers. Bring Perfect Beauty with Joli skin care products by Jolie Day Spa. Glowing Skin for Mom. Know the Benefits of anti aging & anti wrinkle serum – Jolie Day Spa. Skin serums are extremely light, profoundly focused fluids, loaded with essential dynamic ingredients.

They’re comprised of quick engrossing; little molecules intended to go where moisturizers and creams can’t. Enhance your beautiful skin With Joli day spa. How does growth factor serum help to regenerate the cell? With regards to skincare, it tends to be hard to tell which products turn out best for you. Enhance your beauty with skin care products. by Jolie Day Spa.

Cucumber Firming Peptide Eye Cream for Dark Circles. Joli Visage Skincare. How to pick the best moisturizer for aging skin. Hydration is very important. Tragically, as a woman begins to lose estrogen, hydration is more troublesome than any other time in recent memory. Trend Alert: Growth Factors. What’s the hottest thing in skincare right now? Possibly growth factors. Brows Microblading Services Online. Eyebrows. TOPICAL OXYGEN PLASMA THERAPY "BUBBLE THERAPY" Luxury Bag & 7 Gloss Kit. Growth factor Serum- Blemish Control Gel. Sculpt & Contour Creme. DRY RESCUE WINTER TIPS THAT KEEP YOUR SKIN MOIST. The Ultimate Guide to Aging Skin – Jolie Day Spa. Best under eye cream. Blemish Control Gel/serum. Photo-Aging Treatment Creme the best moisturizer with spf. The benefits of combining Retinol Cream & AHA Night Cream.

Buy Skin Care products Online. Getting peptides into your anti-ageing skincare regimen. MOISTURIZERS/SPF. Anti Aging Serum.