I am proud to announce that the great animation movie Room on the Broom, directed by Max Lang and and Jan Lachauer, my brother, will premiere tomorrow, on Christmas Day at 4:35pm on BBC1. Based on a book written by by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler, the movie tells the story of a kind witch who invites a surprising collection of animals to join her on her broom, much to the frustration of her cat. The gang ultimately saves the witch from a fearsome dragon, and in gratitude she rewards them with a magnificent new broom which has room for everyone. The film is produced by Magic Light Pictures. The Observer states that for those of you, who have been disapointed by Peter Jackson's Hobbit, Room on the Broom might be more satisfying, since it "largely eschews tricks that have made Peter Jackson's Hobbit film controversial".


Точка Ветвления | параметрическая архитектура :: лекции / воркшопы / исследования Уже почти четыре года назад мы запустили проект Точка ветвления, целью которого было пустить волну интереса и профессиональной вовлеченности в вычислительную парадигму в архитектуре, урбанистке и дизайне. Нами постоянно муссируется тема о том, что необходимо выращивать архитектурные объекты или урбанистические ландшафты из контекста. Контекст и другие обстоятельства определяют параметры, которые подключаются к алгоритмам, а те в свою очередь, выводят финальное решение. Так грубо можно описать общий подход. Чем больше взаимосвязей тем более натурально можно встроить объект в человеко-архитектурно-природный «биоценоз» города. Точка Ветвления | параметрическая архитектура :: лекции / воркшопы / исследования
o---FANCYWIRES--{>} You get the idea… Specify uniform vertical (N = iNside) spacing and radial (T = ouTside) sections for perpendicular cut planes.User defined vertical spacing and radial angles.Fine tune the start elevation of the N cut planes by shifting.Fine tune the center location of the T cut planes by shifting.Fine tune the start section of the T cut planes by rotation.A “defaultGrillage” state has been saved under the “Solution” menu for quick start-up.Pre-saved “input” and “output” views to easily navigate the definition.Automated layout of the rib sections for fabrication including notching, labeling and notch trimming.Visual 3D reference guide for construction. Works only with closed BReps.Center of radial grillage must be located within a hole (temporary or otherwise) through the BRep. Same as for gFAB…Move the center outside the BRep for fan-like sectioning patterns. gRadFAB_v1.2.ghx (Right-click on link and “Save link as…”) o---FANCYWIRES--{>}

The Geometry of Bending

(As reported earlier in this previous post) Daniel Piker is developing ways to accurately simulate physical behavior in his Grasshopper component "Kangaroo". In the latest release there are tools for simulating bending geometry. This is nothing but a revolution for this investigation! Never before have I been able to recreate bending geometry so accurately in an "artificial way". At the moment Kangaroo works very accurately for 2d-bending with both fixed and hinged ends and also in 3d for rods. 3d-bending of developable surfaces is a little more tricky and requires a careful setup to make sure the surfaces stay developable. The Geometry of Bending

There's been a few private and public discussions about Parametric IFC and IFC for Content. As a prelude refer to http://mdradvies.blogspot.nl/2013/10/ifc-for-content.html and perhaps we need a twitter hash tag? Manufacturers and suppliers are caught in a difficult situation at the moment about generating BIM data and leveraging the best value (and success) in doing so. There is obviously a cost in preparation and there is little choice at the moment but to either generate pick which BIM software that native content can be created for or generate IFC as neutral data. Budget, time and expertise constraints make it highly unlikely anyone will author native content for all BIM software (and is a lot of duplicated effort). Current BIM software capability with IFC is presently leads to a lot of frustration and poor performance, but I don't think it has to be that way and will try to convey that with this blog post. Geometry Gym

Geometry Gym