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Aranda\Lasch. Eat-a-bug. Параметрическая архитектура. FANCYWIRES. You get the idea… Specify uniform vertical (N = iNside) spacing and radial (T = ouTside) sections for perpendicular cut planes.User defined vertical spacing and radial angles.Fine tune the start elevation of the N cut planes by shifting.Fine tune the center location of the T cut planes by shifting.Fine tune the start section of the T cut planes by rotation.A “defaultGrillage” state has been saved under the “Solution” menu for quick start-up.Pre-saved “input” and “output” views to easily navigate the definition.Automated layout of the rib sections for fabrication including notching, labeling and notch trimming.Visual 3D reference guide for construction.


Works only with closed BReps.Center of radial grillage must be located within a hole (temporary or otherwise) through the BRep. Same as for gFAB…Move the center outside the BRep for fan-like sectioning patterns. gRadFAB_v1.2.ghx (Right-click on link and “Save link as…”) The Geometry of Bending.

Geometry Gym.