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Simple free learning tools for students and teachers. Tcireportfe.pdf. FOSS. Free software (Freeware) is software that you can use completely free of charge.


FOSS (or FLOSS - Free/Libre/Open Source Software) is software distributed on licences that allow you to use and adapt the source code. In the case of FOSS, free refers to the 'freedom' to use and edit the program, but much of it is also available free of charge. Before downloading any Free and open source software we advise you to look at this video about keeping your computer secure using Antivirus software. Wide range of tools Many Freeware and FOSS tools can be of benefit to learners and staff, those with disabilities as well as those without. To help you find those most useful to you, we will group these tools by type. Advantages of these tools The main advantages are: Be aware There is unlikely to be a great deal of technical support for smaller programs apart from a helpfile. Related Resources. Software — oats.


Lessons Worth Sharing. Make a Comic. - brainstorm and mind map online. Making Online Learning and Teaching Easier and Affordable. Explain EverythingSocrative. Annual list compiled by Jane Hart from the votes of learning professionals worldwide. Ebooks. Video. Reference Management. Making Interactive Activities. Educational Apps. Turn your presentation into a video - PowerPoint. You can now save your Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 presentation as a video, making it easier for you to distribute, and easier for recipients to view.

Turn your presentation into a video - PowerPoint

In this article Why turn your presentation into a video? When you want to give a high-fidelity version of your presentation to colleagues or customers (either as an e-mail attachment, published to the web, on a CD or DVD), save it and let it play as a video. In PowerPoint 2010, you can now save your presentation as a Windows Media Video (.wmv) file, and distribute it confidently, knowing that your animated, narrated, multimedia presentation will play without a glitch. If you do not want to use the .wmv file format, you can use a preferred third party utility to convert your file to another format (.avi, .mov, etc). Jane Hart's independent website about learning trends, technologies and tools.

Home - Mahara ePortfolio System. Storyline - Online Training Software. Downloads & Resources. There are loads of resources for using Moodle which are available on the web.

Downloads & Resources

The Moodle community contains a plethora of links, as does YouTube and SlideShare. To get you started, we've created some of our own resources below which we think you might find useful. Skills sheets & e-Bytes Below you will find a series of printable guides and demonstrational videos (e-Bytes) which cover a range of key skills you will require when using Moodle. Please select your choice from the options below. The Basics: Getting started & logging in Making your course unavailable to students Creating an account - external users Changing to a new course layout (new in 2.3) Assignments: Moodle Assignments Handbook Submitting an assignment Using a Marking Guide (new in 2.3)

Présentation de Classroom pour Google Apps for Education.

This is weird! I pasted the link to the English language site, but Pearltrees picked up the French language version. No idea why. – jojacob_uk

WebPA. Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder. 30 Audio/Podcast Editing Tools. This is a page of the DIRECTORY OF LEARNING & PERFORMANCE TOOLS If you would like to submit a tool for this Directory, please use this form.

30 Audio/Podcast Editing Tools

Top Tools 2014 Free Tool Audacity : Cross-platform sound editor and recorder. Open Source, Download Audio Acrobat : Create audio and video. Audio Conversion Wizard : “All to All” converter of digital audio formats. Aviary : Media creation tools: image editor, audio editor, screen capture. BlogAmp : Audiocasting for the masses. Blurts : Instantly add life to static photos, tweets, emails, social posts and more by tagging them with a 30 second voice caption, voice comment, spoken story or rant. Clipfair : free tool offering ready-made activities for captioning and revoicing in foreign languages. Easypodcast : A GUI tool for easy podcast publication Open soure, Download ePodcast Creator : Complete podcasting software for beginners or professionals. Evoca : Record your voice on the web; capture your readers’ voices.

iSpeech : Convert text to Speech. For Education. OoVoo Video Chat. Audience Response Systems. Text message (SMS) polls and voting, audience response system.