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5 Content Marketing Trends that Businesses Need to Know in 2017. Content Marketing is becoming a part of core marketing strategy for businesses across sectors and regions. 88% of B2B marketers admit to using content marketing.

5 Content Marketing Trends that Businesses Need to Know in 2017

The field of content marketing is still evolving and there is a lot of change happening. So, here are the Top 5 game changers that will shape content marketing for small businesses in India as well as the big brands: Video Content will be preferred The Cisco Visual Networking Index has forecasted that video will account for almost 70% of consumer internet traffic by 2017. According to Nielsen, 64% of marketers expect video to dominate their strategies in coming years. There is a growing popularity of video content among st users and the same will be reflected in the content businesses and brands put out. Taking Matters into own hand Recent and frequent changes in Facebook and YouTube algorithms have highlighted the importance of having a loyal following even outside of these platforms. 8 Types of Digital Content Created by Content Marketing Agencies.

Your blogs might have been to be a hit among the audience in the past with lots of user traffic, visitors etc.

8 Types of Digital Content Created by Content Marketing Agencies

But then, the pace remained the same forever or a bit slower with visitors leaving your site on a daily basis. What could have gone wrong? Of course! They got bored of the same type of content you kept on giving them. Being creative is now the only way for your content to get notified. App Store Optimization - Should Businesses Give More Focus On It. What is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization - Should Businesses Give More Focus On It

App store Optimization or ASO is the process of improving your ranking in app stores such as Google play (on Android phone) or App Store (on iOS phone). It is similar to Search Engine Optimization to rank higher on a Google search, the difference being that here you are vying for the top spots in an App Store search. An experienced app store optimization company can help you in achieving this ranking. Why should I focus on ASO? So, why should you focus on ASO and how is it going to help your business? Building an app and putting it up on an app store is only half the job done. Best Social Media Posting Timings for Different Industries in India. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others can be your marketing weapons.

Best Social Media Posting Timings for Different Industries in India

But, only if you know how to optimize your content in a good way for your audience. From facebook posts to tweets, general information to personal experiences and stories, there are few factors that matter to the social media audience. 5 Innovative Email Marketing Strategies for Startups. Did you know that email marketing has the highest return on marketing investment?

5 Innovative Email Marketing Strategies for Startups

This primary source of lead generation gives an average return of 38$ on every 1$ spent! Marketers world over are going bullish on this direct marketing channel as there is no dependency on social media platforms or search engines here. The frequent changes in search engine algorithms and social media rules can make any regular marketer dizzy and hence they are turning to low cost email marketing services for small businesses.

We have 5 innovative email marketing solutions for startups to kick-start their effort: Integrate Email Marketing with Content Marketing There is a high probability of your mail ending up in the spam folder if it is irrelevant to the recipient. It is important to first build a relationship with potential customers by sending them what they want to read about. 10 Outdated SEO Practices You Need to Discard in 2017. For a digital marketer, learning and updating SEO skills is a never-ending process if you want to stay ahead of the game.

10 Outdated SEO Practices You Need to Discard in 2017

But there are people who use old school practices today as they are comfortable with them. These SEO strategies are outdated, obsolete, and some of them are deemed as black-hat by Google. Also, implementing them in your SEO campaign is a waste of time and may cost you money. GOOGLE TO CHANGE AMP DISPLAY TO MAKE IT EASIER TO FIND & SHARE PUBLISHERS’ DIRECT URLs - Google Introduces A New Look For Recipes In The Mobile Search Results -

This update will be useful for finding new ways of putting a twist to good old recipes. Currently this feature is available only for US mobile searches. – jointviews

How Successful Content Writing makes Marketing Easier. 5 Incredibly Useful Tips for Successful Content Marketing in Mumbai for SMBs. Business Strategy Con'rmed, forti'ed and planned business strategies are required before the start of content marketing.

5 Incredibly Useful Tips for Successful Content Marketing in Mumbai for SMBs

O track starting point for lack of better wor k is one of the reasons why many content marketing strategies fail. Required for success. 4 Tips Every Content Marketing Agency Should Know About – Jointviews. As everyone knows, Content Marketing is the most successful method of online marketing.

4 Tips Every Content Marketing Agency Should Know About – Jointviews

Many businesses, from startups to MNC’s have proved successful with this innovative form digital marketing. As businesses begin to realize the possibilities of marketing via quality content, there is a considerable increase in the number of content marketing agencies in the recent years. Unfortunately, many of them fail to generate quality conversions. Lack of implementing proper strategies to meet the business goals is one of the main reasons for this. If you need to be successful in online marketing, you should understand the basic facts to get leads and better conversions. 301 Redirects Won't Improve your Home Page Rankings - 3 Content Writing Tips Every Writer Should Know. As everyone knows, content is the real SEO superstar in the online world.

3 Content Writing Tips Every Writer Should Know

To be precise, it’s the real social media ruler. As Google changes their algorithm, writers are struggling to create quality content in order to rank higher in the search engine results page. They need to create engaging content to please the audience and the search engine as well. If you are a writer, we would like to share some of our interesting findings to publish content that matters.

Here are 3 tips to excel with your Content Writing in Mumbai. How a Content Marketing Agency in India is Beneficial for SMBs. As you might know, Content Marketing is the successful way of marketing for modern marketers.

How a Content Marketing Agency in India is Beneficial for SMBs

Many multi- national companies and popular brands have proved it as the most successful method of online marketing. Engaging and quality content has made remarkable changes in ROI’s of many popular brands. Businesses, especially small businesses (SMB’s) and local businesses can improve the reach of their products with this innovative way of marketing. In fact, SMBs can stand out against their multi- national counterparts with the help of a Content Marketing Agency. But many marketers are still sceptical about the possibilities of this innovative marketing technique. Now Get Registered to Vote with New “Google Doodle” - Jointviews. Search Engine Giant, Google has enlisted its Doodle to remind Americans to register to vote. While clicking on the Google Doodle, you can see it flashes “Register to Vote” in different languages. It also helps you by providing step-by-step instructions on how to get registered and also provide information about all the necessary requirements.

Read Also: Google Maps Now Showing Beam Instead of Direction Arrow As a number of people are searching information in this platform, it also came up with some tools to help voters. Google Maps Now Showing Beam Instead of Direction Arrow - Jointviews. Google maps for android has changed its standard way of showing route arrow with a blue beam. “Think of it as a flashlight guiding your travels,” product manager Raja Ayyagari wrote in a blog post. Last month, Android users had got the facility to use Google Maps offline. So now, while you are travelling, just use “Wi-Fi only” to enjoy Google Maps services. Read Also: Now Google Mobile Search Results Started Showing Images in the Snippets - Jointviews. Google is now started showing image in the mobile search results for select queries. It is visible in the product based queries where the user might find an image of the product which they search in the Google.

Read Also: Finally Google Maps Starts Showing Speed Limits Actually Google was testing this back in August 2016 and also in December 2014. But now it seems to be visible to all the mobile users. Here are some screen shots of how they look in the mobile search results. How Successful Content Writing makes Marketing Easier - Jointviews. Finally Google Maps Starts Showing Speed Limits - Jointviews.

European Court says Publishers' Linking to Copyrighted Content is Illegal - The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has taken decision against hyperlinks and in favor of copyright owners. CJEU took decision that the publishers linking to illegal content will be liable for infringement. Here are the facts given by CJEU- “In 2011, GS Media published an article and a hyperlink directing viewers to an Australian website where photos of Ms Dekker were made available.

Those photos were published on the Australian website without the consent of Sanoma, the editor of the monthly magazine Playboy, which holds the copyright to the photos at issue. Despite Sanoma’s demands, GS Media refused to remove the hyperlink at issue. This decision will become a burden for search engines to find whether the sites are indexed or not.

Facebook leads retailer digital marketing spend. Social media and mobile marketing are gaining traction and budgets, despite the paid search and email marketing efforts by the retailers. This is evident from the annual report,” State of Retailing Online 2016: Marketing and Merchandising,” published by the National Retail Federation (NRF). Google AMP expanded across Search Results. Google Assistant Finally Gets A Female Persona! - Google is now one step closer to creating a program similar to Samantha(from the movie “Her”). While competitors such as Apple (Siri) and Microsoft (Cortana) already had created personas for their voice assistants, Google voice only had a female voice. That is all changing with the “Google Assistant”. It may not be a humanized name, but still conveys the purpose.

Tips for Successful Content Marketing in Mumbai for SMBs. Content Marketing in Mumbai Is Crucial To Business. If you have come in contact with the online marketing world, the term “Content Marketing” might have grabbed your attention. The term’s popularity would have made you wonder what it is all about. Winning Clients through Content Marketing in Mumbai. 4 Tips to Create a Winning Content Marketing St... - Jointviews - Digital Marketing Services - Quora. 7 Ways To Reinvent Your Content Writing in Mumbai. 4 Tips to Excel at Content Marketing in Mumbai – Jointviews. Google Launched Search Live Coverage Carousel. Google said “content that makes sense for this live coverage carousel includes “live sports, elections, and breaking news” and “can include live blogs, full length articles, videos and more.” Google Publishes Labor day Logo for American Workers.

Top 6 Tips To Grow Your Content Marketing in Mumbai. Penguin 4.0 will be launched soon, says Google. Google revealed that the latest update to Penguin 4.0 will be launched as soon as its ready. It’s been a year and 10 months, since Google launched Penguin 3.0 in October 2014. Google to Improve Mobile User Experience. Google Updates Local Review Guidelines. How to Spot a Good Content Marketing Agency in India. Content marketing in Mumbai. Google Restricts Keyword Planner Officially. Google Adwords Adds a New Feature- Report Editor. 7 Ways To Reinvent Your Content Writing in Mumbai. 9 Ways Content Marketing in Mumbai Improves Advertising. App Store Optimization will change in the Near Future [2016]

Top 10 Professional SEO Services in India. Why Your Small Business Needs Content Marketing? 9 Smart Tips to Choose the Best Content Marketing Agency. SEO Services. Google's Hasten Mobile Pages to Make Their Way to Search Results. Google Honors 2016 RIO Games With an Animated Fruit Game App. Google's Browser to Block Flash Content. 7 Ways App Store Optimization will change in the Near Future. to Google's Big Migration. SEO Services in India Focus High Quality Content. What are the Common Services Provided by a Digital Marketing Agency? How businesses know they need to hire a content marketing agency in India – Jointviews. 9 Signs of Good Content Writing Services. 87% Brands are Now Opting for Digital Marketing.

7 Tips to Choose a Great Digital Marketing Agency. Google Analytics in a new design. Common Services Provided by a Digital Marketing Agency. Should SEO Services in India Concentrate More on Content. Google Sneak Out Another Algorithm Update. How is App Store Optimization Different from SEO. How to Choose a Good Content Marketing Agency in India – Jointviews. 11 Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List. 7 Ways To Provide Great Social Media Customer Service. Jointviews: 7 of the best Online Marketing Blogs in recent years (So Far) Google Dropping Custom Date Range Search Filter for Mobile Users.

What Kim Kardashian Can Teach You About Social Media Marketing. Why Successful Content Writing is not as Easy. Google Tests New Look for “People Also Search For” Springboard. Google's Newest Mobile Friendly Update- Winners and Losers - Blogging the Best Form of Content Marketing. Sundar Pichai Says 20% of Mobile Queries are Voice Searches - Jointviews. Tips for Hiring the Right SEO Company in India. Google Might Review Your Website. What to Look When Hiring Social Media Marketing Services. Google Introduces New Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool. Google Testing Black Links in Search Results.

How to Get your Facebook Page Verified. 7 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency in India. Google Secures Every Blogspot Domains by Changing it with HTTPS. Google's AI Reads 3000 Romance Novels. Internet Explorer- Not the Primary Window into the Web Anymore! Facebook Changes Branded Content Policy, Makes Verified Facebook Page Mandatory! Inbound Marketing Services. Microsoft Blocks Google and Chrome from Cortana on Windows10 - 10 Must-have Tools For App Store Optimization Company. Tips on effective Social Media Marketing for SMBs – Jointviews. Google Testing Purple Ad Labels On Google Maps - 7 Tips to Choose the Right Content Writing Services in India.

Popular Myths of App Store Optimization. Created By Jointviews Digital Marketing Agency PowerPoint Presentation - ID:7331223. Content Marketing Agency in India PowerPoint Presentation - ID:7325598. 6 Ways Hiring SEO Services in India. How SEO Services Can Increase Your Business? – Jointviews. Jointviews: 7 Reasons You Should Hire a Digital Marketing Agency. Google is Showing Additional Search Filters for the Local Results in Mobile - Is Google Testing Green "Ad" Labels?&...

Content Marketing Agency in India.