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How to easily keep your cloud files private with Rclone. When cloud storage services first came on the scene, personal data security wasn’t a common feature. Even now, as concern over data privacy has grown, many cloud storage services don’t encrypt the user’s data by default. It’s largely up to the user to take the initiative and enable settings that ensure files are encrypted and private, which can be tedious. Demonsaw. Exploits Revealed.


Exploits Revealed

Exploits Revealed.


15 Best TOR Tools for anonymous Browsing. Anonymous surfing is being getting popular in recent years.

15 Best TOR Tools for anonymous Browsing

Anonymous surfing allows the user to access the internet without sharing their personal information and can hide their computer’s identifying information. Anonymous surfing has their merits and demerits. There are many purposes for using anonymizers. Anonymizers help minimize risk. They can be used to expose human rights abuses without retribution, to speak about a taboo without loss of reputation, to receive information within a repressive regime, to prevent identity theft, or to protect search histories from public disclosure. Anonymizers can be used by individuals wishing to avoid the consequences of engaging in criminal, disruptive, or socially unacceptable behavior online. Best Websites To Learn Ethical Hacking. Best websites to learn Ethical Hacking As there is the increase in demand of hackers these days, in fact from the past few decades there is ultimate need of hackers.

Best Websites To Learn Ethical Hacking

These hackers are popularly known as “white hat hacker” or “penetration testers”.


Enigma ICO Heist Robs Nearly $500,000 in Ethereum From Investors. Microsoft's Really Hidden Files - SillyDog701. The following article is mirrored with permission.

Microsoft's Really Hidden Files - SillyDog701

It originally appeared on this website, and is "Copyright (c) 2000-2002, The Microsoft Eradication Society and The Public Internet, Inc. " > An older version of this article (v 2.1b) containing MS Outlook issue is available here. Security Intelligence and Analytics Solutions with IBM QRadar. Why are free proxies free? Head of NSA's Elite Hacking Unit: How We Hack. Inside the notoriously secretive National Security Agency is an elite unit made up of some of the best hackers on the planet, charged with breaking into computer networks around the world.

Head of NSA's Elite Hacking Unit: How We Hack

Exactly how the Tailored Access Operations (TAO) cell works is a closely-held secret -- despite some recent leaks -- but in a rare public appearance, TAO’s chief shed some light on how America’s top cyber spies do their thing. “I will admit that it’s very strange, to be in that position [and] up here on a stage in front of a group of people,” Rob Joyce, Chief of the NSA’s TAO, told an audience at the Usenix Enigma security conference in San Francisco Wednesday. “I’m in a unique position in that we produce, in TAO, foreign intelligence for a wide range of missions to include advice [for] informing policymakers, protecting the nation’s warfighters 24/7 and in that space we’re doing nation-state exploitation. “Our key to success is knowing that network better than the people who set it up,” he said.

How Amazon customer service was the weak link that spilled my data. Amazon’s customer service backdoor As a security conscious user who follows the best practices like: using unique passwords, 2FA, only using a secure computer and being able to spot phishing attacks from a mile away, I would have thought my accounts and details would be be pretty safe?

How Amazon customer service was the weak link that spilled my data

Wrong. Hackers Handbook. Using DarkComet This tutorial will walk you through setting up a Remote Administration Tool (aka RAT or trojan) which you can use to send to your victim.

Hackers Handbook

Once they open your RAT file, you'll be able to access and control their computer as if you were sitting at it, download and execute files, retrieve saved passwords, look through their webcam, keylog, and more. What you need: Zero-Day Flaw Puts Millions of Linux Machines, Android Devices at Risk. Free E-Mail News Alerts from ECT News Network Keep up with the latest breaking business and technology news from ECT News Network.

Zero-Day Flaw Puts Millions of Linux Machines, Android Devices at Risk

Receive real-time alerts as stories break -- or a daily version dispatched once each day. Easily add or eliminate keywords and modify service right from your inbox. Target your news today! Tens of millions of Linux PCs and servers, as well as 66 percent of all Android mobile devices, are vulnerable to a zero-day flaw that could allow users with lower-level privileges to gain root access, according to Perception Point, which announced its discovery last week. The local privilege escalation vulnerability, which affects Linux Kernel v3.8 and higher, has existed since 2012, the firm said. However, SMEP (Supervisor Mode Execution Protection) and SMAP (Supervisor Mode Access Protection) will make it difficult to exploit Linux boxes, and Android devices are protected by SELinux, Perception Point noted. Possible Exploits. Email Self-Defense - a guide to fighting surveillance with GnuPG encryption.


Find the Wi-Fi Password for Your Current Network with the Command Line. The Father of Online Anonymity Has a Plan to End the Crypto War. It’s been more than 30 years since David Chaum launched the ideas that would serve as much of the groundwork for anonymity online.

The Father of Online Anonymity Has a Plan to End the Crypto War

A cheat-sheet for password crackers. In this article I am going to share some bash scripting commands and regular expressions which I find useful in password cracking.

A cheat-sheet for password crackers

Most of the time, we find hashes to crack via shared pastes websites (the most popular of them being Pastebin.) Isolating the hashes by hand can be a time consuming process; for that reason we are going to use regular expressions to make our life easier! Extract md5 hashes # egrep -oE '(^|[^a-fA-F0-9])[a-fA-F0-9]{32}([^a-fA-F0-9]|$)' *.txt | egrep -o '[a-fA-F0-9]{32}' > md5-hashes.txt An alternative could be with sed. Come To Hack: 100+ Free Hacking Tools To Become Powerful Hacker. Wondering which software is used for hacking? What is the best software for hacking password? We have created a list of useful hacking tools and software that will help you do you job much easier. The World of IT & Cyber Security:

Let’s Encrypt Brings Free HTTPS to the World: 2015 in Review. When we look back at 2015, we will remember this as the year we launched our most ambitious technology project to date. EFF, Mozilla, and our partners gave the world the Let's Encrypt certificate authority. Certificates became available to the public on December 3. Let's Encrypt makes getting a digital certificate for an Internet site fast, free, and easy, so sites can easily enable HTTPS encryption (and some other encrypted protocols).

We think this is a vital step in getting Web connections routinely encrypted, by reducing the cost and difficulty of getting a certificate that browsers require when making secure connections. Cryptaris. StumbleUpon.


Untitled. w00tsec: ARRIS Cable Modem has a Backdoor in the Backdoor. A couple of months ago, some friends invited me to give a talk at NullByte Security Conference. I started to study about some embedded device junk hacking hot topics and decided to talk about cable modem security. Braden Thomas keynoted at Infiltrate 2015 discussing about Practical Attacks on DOCSIS so, yeah, cable modem hacking is still mainstream. On November 21st I'll be at Salvador speaking on "Hacking cable modems: The Later Years". It's not a talk about theft of service and getting free Internet access. I'll focus on the security of the cable modems, the technology used to manage them, how the data is protected and how the ISPs upgrade the firmwares. Securing cable modems is more difficult than other embedded devices because, on most cases, you can’t choose your own device/firmware and software updates are almost entirely controlled by your ISP.

Jones & Bartlett Learning - Navigate - Intro to Info Systems Security_CM_Kim. The Jones & Bartlett Learning Information Systems Security & Assurance Cirriculum meets all standards put forth by CNSS 4011 & 4013A. Ensure your students are prepared for their future careers by using Jones & Bartlett Learning’s certified courseware. Introduction to Information Systems Security is the first course in the ISSA Series. This course provides an overview of security challenges and strategies of countermeasure in the information systems environment. Topics include definition of terms, concepts, elements, and goals incorporating industry standards and practices with a focus on availability, vulnerability, integrity and confidentiality aspects of information systems.

A (Terrifying) Traffic Analysis Of Windows 10.


10-more-hacking-and-security-software. Myscam. Easiest Way to Hack ! NETBIOS BASED HACKING TUTORIAL   BY Ethical Hacker GAURAV KUMAR. Kerberos: The Network Authentication Protocol. Recent News Old news is archived. MIT Formally Kicks Off Cybersecurity Work. Untangling the Web. SALT. Equation Group: Meet the NSA 'gods of cyber espionage'

Security War Games. Openwall - bringing security into open computing environments. Top 50 Hacking Tools That You Must Have. Norse - Live Attack Intelligence. Traditional signature- and policy-based network security systems are reactive and often rely on incomplete data that is not up to date. As the effectiveness of these solutions continues to decline, organizations are being exposed to increased risk of security breaches, data exfiltration, loss of reputation and revenue from today's advanced cyber threats. Norse DarkViking™ is a patented SaaS service that gathers "dark intelligence" from the parts of the Internet where bad actors operate and delivers an actionable risk score that enables organizations to drastically increase their overall security posture. Security_wk_3.docx - Microsoft Word Online. Shmoocon 2014 Closing Plenary Panel: Scanning on a massive scale.


The Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Hands On. Guide To (Mostly) Harmless Hacking. Validity: External, Internal, and Construct - On Security by Patrick Bass. In this paper, the author compares and contrasts external, internal, and construct validity. The author identifies potential threats to external and construct validity. Based on the envisioned research, the author discusses the impact of validity issues.

External, Internal, and Construct Validity. Passwords. Maldrone the First Backdoor for drones. - Blogs - Garage4hackers Forum.